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  1. Only POP, the other two load fine. No MCM menu shows up, no notifications, no console log. The only indication that it's indeed in the game is 4 separate debug trace logs in the papyrus log. POP (seems) to load fine if I enable it on a save game, instead of a new game. If I cut down on the amount of ESPs I have (from 200+ to 50~) it will sometimes correctly start on a new game. Further lowering my ESP count seems to increase the chance that it will start. Like the previous poster, I've tried the SKI console command, Jaxonx MCM Kicker, and simply waiti
  2. Is there a way to stop MCG from hiding a follower's outfit from EFF? With MCG installed the default gear for many of my followers no longer show up in their inventory through EFF. I've tried disabling all of MCG's MCM options but none of them worked. Having to go through 4 separate dialogue menus, that MCG added, in order to access, change, or strip my follower's outfit is a step backwards. It was already working perfectly using EFF's inventory feature for followers. Is this a bug or what? Edit: Found the answer in the FAQ, as pointed out, I will t
  3. You should think about commenting on this related bug report, to give the developers more information, so they can attempt to fix it. https://github.com/ModOrganizer2/modorganizer/issues/709
  4. Any corrections to DDa are intended to be done through DDi, instead of making changes to DDa, that's why DDi overwrites DDa entries. It's by design. Since DDi added the missing keyword, those two devices will permit oral.
  5. If the DDe version changed but the UIE compatibility patch version did not, then assume it still works unless stated otherwise.
  6. Of the hundreds of mods and their versions I've had in my time playing Skyrim, POP is the only one I've had this issue with ...multiple times. It's always been when I start a new game. No log notifications show up for POP and entering that command in the console doesn't work to jump start POP. Oddly, it only started happening after I switched from Alternate Start to Skyrim Unbound. ...And It happens to me yet again. Edit: tune in tomorrow as I attempt to get to the bottom of which mod of mine is conflicting!
  7. Looks to be due to the ScriptName for iDDe_FalmerCuffsLegs_Inv "Falmer Cuffs (Legs)" [ARMO:09002DC4] being incorrect (the other leg cuffs use iDDeResLegCuffsScr.)
  8. The slider used to be a minimum of 0, but it was changed to a minimum of 5 because 'everyone should have a PC that's able to support it.' Here's the GitHub commit where it was changed, if you want to compile your own copy, without the limitation. Increased number of NPCs processed by DD
  9. Did some googling, 2 download locations exist of the same version of Chisami's Love Honey that's included in your CC. https://chisimi.tumblr.com/post/125399408407/okayyy-lol-im-done-with-this-stuff-for-now-have
  10. "Not Found The URL you requested could not be found." I have my doubts that this is correct.
  11. Suggestion: Error or Warning as the default log level or disable notifications by default. You shouldn't need to see 20+ notifications popping up every time you start a new game, unless they're to inform you that something has gone horribly wrong. This should also apply to the mods that depend on SUM (DDe, POP.)
  12. Whoa, that's an actual user account on this forum. Who would have thought.
  13. Could you clarify what you mean by this. Will it be dealing damage or receiving damage that increases your Magicka? Both? A combination of both, but one is more effective?
  14. Throw the entire file page into a spell checker to crush those typos in one go. 😎
  15. Will you include these xEdit scripts for modders with the DD + ZaZ integration?
  16. The barnacles are from nisetanaka's Falmer Bikini Armor / The Amazing World of Bikini Armor, of which CBBE and UUNP BodySlide conversions exist.
  17. Could you add a list of what this adds/changes/fixes for SD+. Seeing the improvements displayed on the page would be helpful for users wondering what changes encompass SD Patches.
  18. Since updating to the latest version these errors have been popping up in my papyrus log on new game/loading. Since SUM is the requirement for DDe and POP, I figured I'd post it once here rather than separately for each thread. No idea if they're new to 4.04 or what effect they could have but, I wanted to point it out.
  19. The MediaFire links no longer work. Are they required for 2.10 or is 2.10 a standalone update?
  20. These scripts that are included in patch 0.957 are scripts from Cumshot: CS2ConfigScript.pex CS2DropScript.pex CS2GameScript.pex CS2SexLabScript.pex
  21. Script files from Cumshot are included in the patch but no source files for them, what do yours change over the original Cumshot mod? Edit: since you're adding performance improvements to scripts you could also use Ordenador to apply mipmaps to your textures, for better performance. Unneeded .tga files could also be removed from FaceGenData to cut down on mod size.
  22. DDYokeOffset03 doesn't point to a valid entry in the ESP, so this error shows up in the papyrus log when shaving your armpits and the idle isn't played. Using Devious Devices 4.2 (I suppose this is relevant.)
  23. It's my (limited) understanding that texture seams have to do with mismatched textures. The seam is likely because the spot where the body and head textures meet do not match color wise. There is also an error in both downloads: the 'character assets' folder for both body types is misspelled, so the included femalebody nif will not be picked up by the game.
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