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  1. Added an MCM option to disable blacksmiths from assisting with locked devices ("Do you think you can help me with these locks?") There are other NPC and device types that a toggle option could be added to, but this was something I quickly threw together. No requirements, doesn't require a new or clean save. Devious Lore - Blacksmith toggle.7z
  2. I've been manually flagging Armor/Misc Items/Perks that have a blank name, including devious devices, with the Non-Playable flag in xEdit for over a year now. There's no issue in doing so. My (limited) understanding is that it removes the player's ability to interact with or access the object, but the game/scripts still use it as normal. Like how some surfaces have generic clutter, but you can't interact with/pick them up. As for if there's a benefit in doing so, I don't know. Even in the base plugins the flag is not always set on Armor with a blank name. I do know
  3. I installed 0.3.0 and noticed my papyrus log spammed with missing file errors, were these forgotten or intentionally removed?
  4. Any idea if a Special Edition version of the Automatic Main Menu SKSE plugin was ever released?
  5. Plugins included in the archive are SOS - ERF - Horse Penis Redux Addon.esp and SOS - ERF - Horse Penis Redux Addon (No Balls).esp, that don't look right.
  6. The CTD issue with the new Collygon meshes (bellCollar, boneGag, kittenCollar, petCollar, puppyCollar) is due to a texture error, specifically collyCube_metal.dds and collyCube_rubber.dds SSE Nif Optimizer gives the following error regarding them: Doing a quick Run of Cathedral Assets Optimizer with 'Compress textures' checked, on only those 2 textures, fixes the CTD and displays the meshes normally in-game. They should probably be re-exported with the necessary alpha channel in photoshop/a photo software program instead of simply compressing them. Until th
  7. Been using the SSE version and noticed that attempting to equip the Vaginal Chaurus Worm causes an instant CTD. Equipping it through the inventory or infecting through the MCM is no different and no crash log is written by .Net Script Framework. It looks to be something to do with the mesh itself (maybe) as the CTD is instantaneous with the moment the item is clicked to equip it in the inventory. It happens with both the scripted and non-scripted item. I tried running the aa_worm_vag.nif through Nif Optimizer for SSE as well as tried the original LE nif to no avail. Has anyone
  8. What was changed with this recent update? The latest version is still 1.06 but the files in the archive are different than the previous version I have.
  9. When attempting to talk to female NPCs their dialogue is sometimes blocked with dialogue to turn them into a milk maid, is there a way to disable this? Skimming through the last page MME comments were mentioned, I have these set to 0% (if it's matters.) Could NPC dialog also be reworked to be more clear what each initial greeting is for, as well as trimming it down so that only one can show up at a time? Having several "Hello," "Hey there" options on one NPC without knowing what they do is rather confusing.
  10. If you could also please include the RaceMenu face sculpt export for Zenthia and Dorkana. This ensures your preset is always an exact match for others, preventing any possible irregularities in how it looks (due to other mods.)
  11. I can't troubleshoot this myself because you don't offer previous versions to download, which I could use to compare changes that may have caused the issue for me.
  12. Since upgrading from 1.2 (maybe earlier?) to 1.3 the following appears in my Papyrus log, regardless of whether I load or start a new game. It goes away when I disable the Dwemermatron mod, and yes, I do have SlaveTats SE 1.30 Is Dwemermatron interfering with SlaveTats? A surface search of the scripts and plugin shows no reference to it. This papyrus log snap shot is immediately after loading or starting a new game, unrelated errors are omitted. Unrelated to my question, I also see these errors when loading a save/new game beginning since 1.2
  13. Made several optimizations to MilkQUEST: - Replaced a couple Game.GetPlayer() calls with the internal PlayerREF property - Added check for if EggFactory is installed - Added Hidden flag to all Plugin_* properties - Reworked DLCcheck() to use a while loop when checking for soft dependencies, instead of many individual GetModByName calls MilkQUEST.psc
  14. Just to ease my mind, you're saying this based off personal knowledge and contact with Fore of what went into that article? The FNIS animation list files that come with DDi have said "Version V4.0.0" since the beta development of DDi 4.0, the version header text hasn't been updated since. The most recent GitHub version of DDi 4.2 - May 7th 2018 The last time the version header text was updated - Nov 22nd 2017
  15. DD and DD2 animations are listed in the article, but the changes from 4.2 were for DD2 and DD3. The article is also from May of this year. Is this not a different thing altogether?
  16. @MrEsturk The reason dialogue to recruit a dom and sub follower doesn't appear looks to be due to two things: There is no generated SEQ file, needed for quests with the 'Start Game Enabled' flag. The XDFF_Dom alias on est_XDFF_MCM needs to have the 'optional' alias flag set, otherwise the quest won't start properly if it fails to fill this alias. It's possible that the other dialogue issues also stem from this. Quest Data Tab Quest Alias Tab I know you've stopped modding, but I figured I'd provide closure on it since it gave you such a headache.
  17. When will the optimizations to FNIS AASet definitions of DD and DD2, pointed out in this article, be implemented into Devious Devices Integration? Skyrim Animation Load CTD: Understand the background of this unpleasant restriction. And how FNIS can help you.
  18. I was talking about the official SexLab beta, I didn't think people still use SL light.
  19. When starting SexLab on a new game or existing save it doesn't finish loading on it's own. It stops at "RegisterSlots()" in the console and the only way to get it to continue is to open and close the console for every "Thread[number] Setup" message. If I don't open and close the console for every "Thread[number] Setup message it won't continue to the next thread message. I've tried using the most minimal load order with Mod Organizer: SexLab, SkyUI, FNIS, Skyrim Unbound and nothing else. I've also tried SSE versions 1.5.62, 1.6.73, and 1.5.80 with the correct SKSE,
  20. Could a version of this be released with the visuals, breathing, and heartbeat disabled by default. It's somewhat annoying to be met with them at the start of a new game.
  21. This was briefly brought up before by another user, what plans are there for adding SexLab Inflation Framework support and why has SexLab Inflation Framework support not been added yet? Not having to worry about mods wrestling for control over body shapes by allowing them to work in tandem is a paramount feature. I'm surprised it isn't universal by now.
  22. Started using this today, shrineofazura01.nif causes the game to CTD after loading a save/starting a new game. SSE 1.5.62, SKSE 2.0.12 Edit: From the NetScriptFramework crash log and looking at the nif in NifSkope, it looks like collarPosture002_geo:2 and collarPosture002_geo:1 are missing BSDismemberSkinInstance. This is just a guess and where to go from there to fix it is way over my head.
  23. Here's my mod list and plugin order, if anything stands out. (No one in their right mind should wade through this anyway.) The mods in modlist.txt are listed in reverse. modlist.txt plugins.txt
  24. Yes. Did nothing, no change. Papyrus log shows no further POP messages as well. Looks to be the only thing that's worked thus far. Despite all my other mods loading fine, I'll have to start waiting to enable POP in my load order until after I've loaded the others and restarted the game.
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