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  1. No idea if this has been touched on yet. Considering how many different rope types there are in DD (over 33 unique meshes,) a cool feature would be to add more randomization to make use of all of them. To go even deeper, the chances for more complicated/difficult to escape restraints could be influenced by the time the player takes to complete the meter mini-game and what spider caused it. For example, larger sized or named spiders, higher levels, the level difference between the player, maybe even something like the stamina of the spider could raise the chances of more e
  2. DAR has a strict animation limit of 16384 that cannot be circumvented. All animations count towards this limit, regardless of context, including DAR's own animations and SexLab animations. Due to how DAR counts animations, each characters HKX has it's own separate 16384 limit. Ex: This means SexLab, or any animation that can be used in a male/female context, count toward two of those limits. defaultmale.hkx and defaultfemale.hkx This limit can easily be reached for male and female. Once you go over the limit DAR animations no longer pla
  3. Release your CBBE SE textures. 👅
  4. Where is the High Poly Head compatible version.
  5. Error: Property Hours on script vkjGagged attached to vkjGagged (6B02AFD0) cannot be initialized because the value is the incorrect type This error has been showing up since (around) the re-release. Hours is set as a float in the script but an Int32 in the plugin. It should be set as a float in the plugin as well. Edit: Considering it's not used elsewhere and if you have no future plans with the property: setting it as a private variable or AutoReadOnly Hidden in the script as well as removing the property in the esp/plugin would be even better.
  6. The only addiction which shows up in the MCM menu is "Alcoholism" Enabling all addictions doesn't change this. Edit: The test results are back, I'm stupid.
  7. It's meant to be used along side MME. The body armor is named such that MME will recognize it as milking armor, allowing you to use it as you would a milking pump. If you have notifications enabled in MME one should show up when you equip it. You still have to manually initiate player milking by holding down the default notification key or using shift + notification key.
  8. SOS- Addon - Futanari by EvilReflex is built for FSC SOS schlong for females by b3lisario has several FSC texture patches Textures for "SOS schlong for females" and "SOS - Equipable Schlong" UNP and CBBE Support by EvilReflex
  9. Are there Fair Skin Complexion compatible textures available of the BD Hoodie Female schlongs? Or will swapping the schlong textures for FSC versions work?
  10. Have you thought of implementing an MCM feature that allows players to input their own name to be used? This would be a good way to allow name customization without having to go through a lengthy process everytime there's an update or desire to frequently change names.
  11. Is this a straight port of the LE version or were additional changes made for the SE release? Asking because I followed the beta development closely and already converted the LE 5.0 release to SE for personal use, so I'm interested in knowing if there are any extra changes here.
  12. The gift menu doesn't work because the TIJF__CorePresent script is incorrect. In order for the player to open the container it must be Chest.Activate(Player), not the other way around. Correct: PresentChest.Activate(PlayerRef)
  13. Some bug reports (I haven't read the 9 pages to see if these are known issues): - The "It's time for us to part ways." dialogue option appears twice. (I'm using RDO + EFF. This could actually be because I'm using a custom voice follower....) - Gag dialogue from the "Shut! Up!" consequences game prevents interacting with your horse in Convenient Horses. No dialogue shows after saying "Mmph." (Various options, including riding your hose, are accessed through a dialogue menu in Convenient Horses, which the gag dialogue refuses to allow.) - When the "Dog Collar" con
  14. @m4mk203 Instead of the TRX_Milker_Controer script being a ReferenceAlias quest script, I reworked it to be an ObjectReference script attached to the armor. This should be faster. The main advantage here is that the script only fires when the Milker Base armor (and only this) is unequipped. Otherwise, OnObjectUnequipped fires everytime the player unequips something. I've also converted it to an ESPFE. COW Girl EPSFE + Alternate Script.7z
  15. Actor IaRef = Target.CrosshairTarget is None, which causes these errors to occur. (Papyrus debug logging turned is off in my ini, which is why the line numbers aren't shown.) Error: Cannot call GetWornForm() on a None object, aborting function call stack: [ABBA_MainScript (FE040865)].abba_mainscript.CheckSlots() - "ABBA_MainScript.psc" Line ? [ABBA_MainScript (FE040865)].abba_mainscript.IncreaseArousal() - "ABBA_MainScript.psc" Line ? [ABBA_MainScript (FE040865)].abba_mainscript.OnKeyDown() - "ABBA_MainScript.psc" Line ? Error: Cannot call GetFactionRank() on a None object, abortin
  16. iSUmConfig.psc lines 2104-2105. sDebForm = NEW STRING[12] sDebFormHelp = NEW STRING[12] Array size too small. sDebForm and sDebFormHelp go up to [12] NEW STRING array size should be set to 13. 2 Papyrus errors point it out. I don't have the log of it anymore (I fixed it locally awhile back, take my word for it.)
  17. You're probably going to want the ownerTitle to use the original GetSex() check, otherwise Master and Mistress will be flipped. In the case of Futa owners, you'll end up with a Master where Mistress is still appropriate. I had already been changing the code to use SexLab gender, so that context appropriate animations and dialogue would be used, when I noticed that. Better yet, just give players an MCM option to designate their owner's title.
  18. Suggestion: MCM option to only apply lights to scenes involving the player.
  19. @Yinkle Suggestion: An option to ignore Armor Adjustment when wearing armor that has the EroticArmor keyword, as this is often used on armor that has no breast support. Another idea is to apply it to light and heavy armor, but not clothing.
  20. This answers nothing, raising only more questions.
  21. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem, since updating to the latest version of XPMSSE (4.72) the player character suffers from 'torpedo' boobs. I'm using the full SMP option of CBBE 3BBB by Acro and it doesn't matter what I wear. Disabling the animated parasites' skeleton_female.nif fixes it, but I know the skeleton is required for the mod to work correctly.
  22. You're right, the GetFormFromFile calls would need to be changed to reference the new Form Ids of the compacted ESP. I've been doing this myself but, it's tedious to do everytime there's an update.
  23. @Yinkle Any reason you haven't released an ESPFE version of ABBA and ABBA-Outfit, since ABMM is?
  24. @emily1673 Suggestion: reduce the amount of dialogue menus required for Tris Shadowrunner's special piercings. It's rather time consuming and redunant to go through the same 3 dialogue menus each time you want a piercing from her. Maybe change the dialogue to have the detailed conversation the first time the player asks, then shorten it after that? Shortened to something like "what piercings do you offer?" -> list of piercings.
  25. Could you please release the plugin source code, so that a SSE compatible version can be made.
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