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  1. Thank u for taking the time to actually address the issue at hand DoctaSax.


    As I stated in My post it's not the fact that My content was taken down that I found abusive, it was the tag "No reason given".


    I was & am fully aware of rule 14 & I personally disagree with CPU that Debby is braking that rule, however I understand how others may feel the same as him.


    Again I have no problem with My content being removed for this reason as u guys are entitled to ur opinions & I stand by this course of action that u DoctaSax have taken.


    It's the removal of My content with NO explanation that I find to be an abuse of power...


    In My personal opinion the "No reason given" tag should not exist as it gives u (the devs) a shield to hide behind when u see a mod u don't like but follows the rules.


    I'm not saying that I'm right & ur wrong or that My mod didn't break ur rules because that's ur call, & with this being ur site u guys are ultimately right...


    I'm just showing why The "No reason given" tag should not be used willy nilly, if u don't want or don't feel like looking up the rule its breaking, that's just being lazy.


    Again under these conditions I have no issue with the removal of My content & I thank YOU DoctaSax for actually taking the time to address the issue unlike CPU.

    1. Hylysi


      You should send a private message to them to, hopefully, sort this out as I doubt they're going to come across this on your profile feed.


      I also feel that when administrative power is exercised against a user/their content that they should be contacted by staff (through a private message, for example) with an explanation as to why.

      Doing so reduces misunderstandings between users and staff, which could otherwise escalate into problems for the site as a whole.

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