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  1. I've noticed for awhile now in your scripts that you'll write a check like this: if !kActor || kActor == none Could you explain the logic behind this statement. They both evaluate to the same thing in Papyrus, do they not?
  2. The file size and file count of 1.1 is the exact same as 1.0, was there a mistake?
  3. The uncompressed textures could be saved using BC7 compression, this would cut down on file size (similar file size to DXT5,) improve performance with them in game, and keep the quality comparable to uncompressed. Anyone can do this using Cathedral Assets Optimizer. Textures already saved using DXT compression don't benefit from this conversion, the originals/uncompressed would need to be used instead. The downside to this is that BC7 textures are not compatible with LE.
  4. This xEdit error only occurs when a plugin with WEAP entries hasn't been converted from Form 43 to 44. Expect to continue seeing it, since development is so active. In the SE conversion I gave, I didn't convert the BodySlide files from LE to SE. This is likely why there are triangles on the UUNP outfits.
  5. @Prime66 @Racoonity, Serah You should remove underscores from CELL and WorldSpace Editor IDs so that the ESP can be used interchangeably with SE. Underscores in those confuse the game when it reads save file names in the loading menu, due to how save files are named. That's the only thing preventing the mod from being compatible without issue on both LE and SE. The scripts, sounds, and SEQ files already work on both as SE handles them the same way. Meshes have already been converted and the textures work as-is. Beyond that the only time a conversion
  6. - Converted to Form 44 - Converted meshes using SSE NIF Optimizer - Converted animations - Cleaned in xEdit - Forwarded USSEP records - Removed playable flag from Head Parts and nameless armor - Removed underscores in Worldspace/editor IDs (to prevent save file naming issues) Textures are included as a separate download, they are not required. Although, any uncompressed textures have been converted to BC7 using CAO, so I recommend them as it will cut down on memory/disk usage. This plugin cannot be turned into an ESL, even if it was below the
  7. Check the Changelogs of version 2.00, the body mesh was drastically changed along with 48 new sliders being added.
  8. These look to be based off CBBE 3BBB version 1.55 and not the newer 2.0x, for anyone wondering.
  9. The 'full set on spider sex' option interferes with the Arvel rape scene in Deviously Vanilla When the option is on a full set of cobweb restraints are equipped after the sex scene with Arvel, due to him being in the spider faction. Deviously Vanilla normally equips rope restraints after this scene, but it's unable to do so because cobweb restraints are also equipped.
  10. Everything in the meshes\actors\character\animations\DD3 folder. Behavior file is FNIS_DD3_Behavior.hkx They're used in zadBoundCombatScript.psc, search "pon" Edit: My mistake, I hastily checked before posting this. As stated in the next post, these are the ponygirl animations.
  11. Bug: One of the loading screens still plays even when the MCM option is set to 0. The condition for vkjLorePaddle2 [LSCR:08060380] is incorrectly set to 'Equal to / Use global' instead of 'Less than / Use global' Bug: The MCM slider dialogue for setting the chance of loading screens cannot be set to 0 because the slider range only allows 1 to 100. Although, it can still be set to 0 with the 'default value' key.
  12. Suggestion: DestroyOnRemoval as an MCM option. Not sure if there's a way to toggle that through a script. Creating two sets of devices, one with it on, one with it off doesn't seem like the best either.
  13. Could you include the source files used in gimp as well?
  14. This is due to the way saves are named in SSE. Underscores should be removed from the Editor ID of CELLs. Here's a reddit post talking about it: Underscores in Cell Editor IDs break save sorting in SkyrimSE
  15. I use Animated Parasites for the face huggers. These are all taken from already existing BodySlide conversions that I know of. I didn't create any of these conversions, I only set them up to output to the correct location for Parasites. I don't know anything about where the face hugger meshes come from, or even if BodySlide conversions of it exist.
  16. They require the textures from the original mods, of which I am currently too lazy to fix them to use the ones included in Parasites/include them in the download. I included a Credits text file with the original mods, I'll repeat it here for convenience. The textures needed can be obtained here: Aradia Living Armor Tentacle Armor The Amazing World of Bikini Armors REMASTERED (or any version found on NexusMods)
  17. 1.1.1 ESP with esl flag Audstuff Devices ESPFE Without esl flag (for use in LE) Audstuff Devices ESP Update: fixed Arm Cuffs not showing up when equipped.
  18. CBBE SE BodySlide data for Parasites. Requires CBBE SE. Some outfits (marked accordingly) require CBBE 3BA. BodySlide for: - Female priest outfits - Barnacle parasite - Living armor parasite - Tentacle monster parasite I have only tested it to correctly build in BodySlide. Requires textures from the original mods (which can be found in the included Credits.txt) This will be the case until I get around to fixing them to use textures included in Parasites or someone else does so before me. Update: no longer requires downloading extr
  19. Using states for the simplest of MCM options such as text and toggles is a waste of states if your mod is feature heavy. Milk Mod Economy has this "problem" because of that. There's a limit on states but that doesn't stop you from adding MCM options, instead you have to use the older non-state methods. The closest thing I know of is Papyrus Speed Test but that only covers common functions. Writing custom tests is supported but, of course, you wouldn't be able to do mod specific tests without adding it as a dependency. A script framework for modders that allows you to time the
  20. I'm interested, from a general scripting perspective, on the difference between using a Mutex vs a State. In ToysHandler and ToysPlayerAlias you used a Mutex but a State would have (to my understanding) worked as well and would likely be faster. Is this not the case? Is there benefit to using one over the other or is using a Mutex for everything done for the sake of simplicity? (When I speak of 'States' I mean:)
  21. Devious Devices based ESL-Flagged ESP (ESPFE) for Audstuff 1.0.4. Requires Devious Devices. ESP is basic - items are based off pre-existing Devious Devices. Escape difficulty, item descriptions, inventory/ground meshes are unchanged. - The dildo is included as the regular set piece (anal + vaginal single item) as well as separated (anal or vaginal items.) - Goggles were changed to use slot 55, instead of 32. - Includes a quick and simple BodySlide of the Ankle Cuffs based on CBBE SE. No idea if it's compatible with non-CBBE body types. I'm not interested in maki
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