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  1. That did the trick, thanks. Now if I can only eat an ice cone without smacking it into my fore head. Man we are luck to have people like you who are willing to help us dumb dumbs out. That's again.
  2. I've installed deadly pleasure and seem to work correctly however when at first capture and in the jail and waiting for what happens next, doing happens, the watcher never talks to me. I am thinking that if I had the quest ID and stag ID I cloud use them to progress the mod.

  3. Well, about that Solitairetheme8 file, one fellow said it was a Microsoft thing so I google it found out it was a Microsoft thing a sapfu of Microsoft in which they haven't corrected so I tried downloading using Google Chrome, and there it downloaded with the rar extent file. Just to check I downloaded it with Microsoft IE and low behold there was that Solitairetheme8 file extent, Dam you Microsoft, I don't even watch commercial TV because of all the bull they try to push, you would think they wouldn't push that street pusher mentality into our home. I was a fan of Microsoft once but they are
  4. After I down load Paradise Halls - Home Sweet Home, It has an ext. file called Solitairetheme8. Now Thank you guys. who are wonderfully bright gifted minds, who are kind to share your wonderful imagination with us not so bright or imaginative. I understand that making these mods to the scope you all do take them takes a lot of hours, days, months and I imagine some years of hard work and I believe mostly you just want to share your work with the world, if someone wants or can contribute the more the better, but the fact that you all mostly just want to share your hard work, your creations, m
  5. What is this Solitairetheme8 stuff. So thought maybe there might be some kind of key which one is to donate, and I thought, yea I'll try that, but then I found I had to go thorugh Patheon inwhich I needed a cell phone number. Will, don't have a cell phone for a lot of reasons, had one once but the novelity wore off. Will it would be kind of nice if you let one know about that thing before reading and prepare with other downloads for your mod. Please forgive me but DAM.
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