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  1. so I dont know what it is, but no npc is approaching my character anymore, be it in a crowded inn or anywhere really. It just doesnt happen anymore.
  2. Yeah Sexlab just didnt have my regular animations registered for some reason, thats what caused it ,had to reset sexlab animations.
  3. I dont know what it is, but this mod makes my character teleport to some other place, I take it the 0.0.0 coordinate of the cell.(mostly end up mid air), with my "partner". If I reset the Mod it doesnt happen if the partner is nearby and its about to happen, however if it has been a few minutes i get teleported once I either talk someone into sex or get defeated by an enemy, and its always when the sex animation is about to happen, also noteworthy when it says which animation its gonna play it just stays blank. Edit: Ok I was wrong, it happens without this mod too, when the NPC walks too far away before teleporting back, I dont get it.
  4. Hmm, Im confusion. TBH Ive always had this issue with this mod, ever since its first release, none of the creatures actually equip a shlong/swap models during or before animation. No matter how low I set the arousal threshold. Ive installed all the mods correctly and checked the troubleshoot list but I just cant get it to work, I usually change the filenames so the normal model is already the shlong version, but id also like to get to the bottom of this. PS; new game, new installation. Edit: Nevermind it works now, sheesh, I should have checked the files inside the zip, I use Wrye Bash for my mods and it only gave me issues with animation packs, turns out it never extracted the creatures.d folder.
  5. Hello! So Ive had VR for years now but I never ventured into SkyrimVR, I always thought it'd be kinda weird to play it in VR without being able to see your own character and having all these modded keyboard shortcuts. However Ive been wondering, is SkyrimVR with sexlab and all the other mods actually worth it? What is your experience with it?
  6. Hmm that doesnt seem to fix it sadly @.@ Realized draugr are t-posed too. Wolves werewolves etc are fine.
  7. Kind of having an issue here. Ive reinstalled Skyrim after a long time and installed a few mods. However Rieklings are T-posing for me and wont attack, humans are fine, wolves are fine. As soon as I delete MNC the Rieklings move n attack again. I am confusion.
  8. Im kinda baffled, whenever I try to install your animations my character will start to T Pose in anything she does, doesnt happen with any other mod and I have removed more animation mods to balance the count(actually below before yours) so i definetly didnt hit the maximum. oh and yes I did do the generate xyz thing. Does anyone have any Idea ? Im on LE. So after renaming the actual animation folders of this anim mod... the t pose is gone, idek.
  9. Hello! Ive been wondering where this armor is from, ive seen it in a discord but the user that posted it has been offline for days. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Im sure this is the most hated question, maybe, but Im not really getting smart out of the amount of content in Fallout 4. I originally played Skyrim ages ago(like 3?), and it had quite a bit of content in terms of creatures n animations, coupled with defeat it was a lot of fun. Whats the state on creatures right now? All I could make out from these posts is that for a lot of creatures only 1 animation exists. While theres a lot for the supermutant and humans. What about a mod like rape on combat defeat and all that?
  11. Wants me to log in : ( And I have no idea how to create an account there, any other links? Sorry for necro btw.
  12. Yes it could work for npcs but I fear that it would lead to a lot of ctd. Especially in huge fight. Follower support could also be added some day but I'm working on another mod right now that use combat arousal. My other mod is called Defeat Auto Surrender (done and working but still tested) which trigger defeat surrender when the player get too aroused (mcm option) or lose all health. It also has an breakable armor system where your armor will be broken during fight (which help raise arousal if pc is exhibitionist). I also use PSQ to simulate a magical girl playstyle. When the arousal reach a certain value, the player transform and is stronger. The downside is that the arousal could get the player to surrender so you have to manage it (if you surrender when transformed, your arousal will drop to 0 after rape and you will transform back to normal) . Plus, if you ever surrender when in mormal mode, you black out and awaken yourself in Whiterun Inn after the assault. Combat arousal is more or less a framework for magical girl playstyle. PSQ = Player Succubus Quest Any news on that Defeat Auto Surrender? Ive been hoping a mod like that would spawn at some point, would love to have that
  13. Im kind of having a few problems. I started a rescue quest and killed everyone in there, I didnt attack the victim, however I cant talk to her and she keeps doing the covering animation while looking at me. Kinda stuck there, any way to fix or end the quest via console command? Secondly if I get kidnapped by enemy npcs, after the first or even during the first scene one or more of the enemies will start attacking me, which at that point will also include the person from the first scene, also any way to boost the ratio of males? My character is female, and lesbian isnt really my thing <.< Thiiiird! Is it normal that after the first scene random ppl will start having sex? I dont have a random sex mod installed that would trigger that, but after waiting trough mine and then 2 more scenes that didnt include myself Im kind of feeling "left out".
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