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  1. The thing about "post" processing is that it's injected into each frame after the engine has rendered the frames. Reshade can read the depth buffer and add effects to the frame but it has no means of layering them properly the way the engine does, so depth effects like ambient occlusion will always appear in front of things like UI elements that're rendered separately from the depth buffer. Hence to say, the only way to fix character depth shadows appearing over the UI would be to disable the effect.
  2. Can someone with Honoka's old birthday suit 3Dmigoto or Ninjarip the mesh/texture data for me? This one:
  3. I did not "fund" the creation of Beach Paradise on Patreon. People liked and respected the work I've done and wanted to donate to me and in fact have did so. I have always fully credited everyone and everything involved. Despite this, Osiri did not want anything he's worked on being featured on Patreon or any other site where money changes hands and I fully respected his wishes and took down the Patreon and fully refunded every donation that was made, and this was within a week of the Patreon's creation. Blaming me as the cause for a great modder leaving the community is hurtful and unfair given I have done everything I can only to service the users and creators in this modding community.
  4. Regarding the foot thing, I have to be honest in that I haven't given it much thought. I understand that there are problems (low poly "webbed" feet, poor vertex weighting etc.) but I simply just haven't paid much attention to it and left them largely as is. As for the swimsuit thing you were talking about, I understand where you're coming from, and I've had many similar thoughts myself, like if it would have been a better idea to simply cut down on the overall amount of swimsuits in favor of modeling each one to the unique body mesh. The truth is that even cutting down the overall amount of swimsuits but modeling them uniquely would still take much more work, unless the swimsuit count went as low as 1 or 2 per character which frankly seems ridiculous to me, but with time I would have liked to go that route... but the fear is that modeling them to each mesh would make the mod very top heavy, meaning that if I were to update the nude meshes it would take an eternity as it would also mean remapping the swimsuits as well. All in all I thought the semi procedural method was satisfactory, and if anything I would favor making my tools more advanced and precise in achieving better results as opposed to going the separate mesh mapping strategy, but as you can probably tell work has largely stopped and I have stopped giving tasks to my team. The truth is I've been at a difficult crossroads with DOA. I wanted to move to DOAXVV, but unfortunately even after all this time the mod tools and modding capabilities haven't risen to the level of DOA5 yet, and I don't have the specific expertise to make modding tools. DOA6 is much the same way but it's possible they'll come in the future since it's still early. As far as I can tell, the key figures in making huge leaps for DOA5 modding have moved on, and not been replaced. Doutoko the amazing Japanese modder who built most of the tools and plugins for blender. FallingCat the Chinese modder who made the Autolink tool that added lots of modding functionality for the game. Costume Customizer is nice but the plethora of amazing DOA5 tools are hard to just walk away from. I can't edit lighting, animations, scenes, hardly anything but meshes in the following titles, and frankly I was looking forward to doing that at some point but it feels like the programming wizkids haven't diverted their attention to those games. This wouldn't be so painful if it weren't for the fact that DOA5 tool development has stopped as well. There's lots of things I'd like to see, like some better tools for modding stages (right now the tools are just painful, ill suited or outright non functioning for stage modding). I'd like to be able to implement paradise scenes with multiple characters (you can technically do this in a hacky way by swapping out tag cutscenes but it's obnoxious and not practical for casual viewing). I'd like to get a decent depth buffer for an SSAO style lighting effect and a better DOF effect. All in all it's sad to see the tools not progressing but ultimately unsurprising given the age of the game. I've done some work privately and I hope that I can motivate myself to come back to this and give it new and original ideas and features to make it worth coming back to, but ultimately I can't say for sure if I will.
  5. You would have to open the TMC model file for the model without the new breast motion and manually edit the breast bone parameters to match the models with BP style breast motion. A tedious but doable venture that would ultimately yield different results due to the vertex groups being mapped to the bones differently, but still produce a similar enough result if I were to imagine.
  6. The swimsuit bodies are a somewhat procedural method of being fitted to a generic higher quality model and run through a character transformer to better resemble the unique meshes of each nude body. The nude body of some costumes I left in simply because at some point I was going to make a malfunction version of them but never got around to it. The topless versions are frankensteined at the middle between the generic transformed body and the unique nude body. Aside from the topless morph this is not a whole lot different from what team ninja does with their "common" body types (IE everyone except marie, honoka, luna, whatever the demon girl character is etc) Basically the reason we did this is because it's way too much work for me to custom model every swimsuit to every fully unique body, but I still wanted the fully nude bodies to be completely unique. When the breasts and butt are covered I felt that a transformer would sufficiently create the illusion of sameness but of course there are some more keen eyes out there that notice the difference. It's not a perfect solution but it's the solution we created to create a large library of higher quality bodies and model swimwear to them. As for the "official" nude version, that would be the autolink version.
  7. Where do I even begin with this. First off that's my thread, second of all that's post processing with Z buffer detection which is not the same as changing the actual in game lighting.
  8. I have to wonder if anyone has, or is willing to investigate a method for modifying lighting parameters. This was the .mpm/scn files for DOA5, and at least in my case they were crucial for developing good scenes. Lighting is often overlooked despite being arguably one of the most important elements of taking a great shot and having a good scene, and I'd like to be able to do the same with this game.
  9. Hello , do you have Harry palmer tools pls? if yes may i have the honor to download them ?The mega links are dead ^^ 



  10. Perhaps if you read the OP post you'd have some insight into this problem.
  11. Looks great. The mesh seemed to transfer better for Honoka and Luna than it did for the other girls. Looking forward to more updates.
  12. The only thing that hooks reshade to the game is the DXGI.dll, if you rename or delete that then I'm afraid whatever is causing you problems is completely unrelated, either that or you were banned.
  13. The lighting in VV is vastly worse than in X3 for close to no good reason. Not because of better technology or anything. It has the same lighting features as X3. It's just that the configurations are way worse. In some of the character cutscenes from leveling you'll see the lighting looks very nice, and then in gravures it looks dreadful. Just laziness on KT's part.
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