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  1. hmnn, the events where a character becomes impregnated without your involvement don't have a limit, other than that it will weigh against characters that already have several children (iirc). If it's become a problem for anyone, I can pretty easily weigh more heavily against those with many children, or implement a cap. Hey, I'm not familiar with that mod, but I took a quick look, and it seems that conflicts are pretty likely on things both mods touch, potentially buildings and doctrines. Buildings are, as I understand it, an area that's a bit difficult for compatibility, as i
  2. Hmmnnn, "Embrace Corruption" isn't something from my mod - maybe it's from another of your mods? Oh, nice - let me know if it happens to you again. I don't think I changed anything that would have resolved it, so it could be something that only happens occasionally.
  3. Hmnn, I see - I'll look into it some, ty for the info!
  4. One more new version available, 1.11.1, resolves another compatibility issue with Carnalitas that I missed, and I think I finally sorted out the supported version thing. Somehow I missed that you need to set it it both the mod and the descriptor file. Can you describe your issue a bit more? If it's just the launcher telling you the mod is outdated, don't worry about that, that's inaccurate. Alternatively, I've just pushed a version that should finally suppress that error message. If your issue is something else, let me know
  5. Hopefully I've fixed this this time, but I'm growing suspicious that my encoding is off on my mod file or I'm just doing something plain wrong, if it still tells all of you the mod is outdated. I'll look into this more when I can. Sorry for missing this! If this is still happening to you, can you share a little more about your setup? Are you playing as a male or female? Who is the other parent - what is their title/relation to you? There's a good bit of variables in the handling for the inheritance there, but in my recent testing it _looked_ like it was working.
  6. I've posted a new version, 1.11, which is compatible with version 1.3.1 of Carnalitas. I've also trimmed down the birth events I'm overriding, hopefully to improve any future compatibility issues there. Make sure to do a clean install when updating!
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I will take a look at patching for the new carnalitas this weekend. And thanks Cheri for the specifics!
  8. Did you delete the .mod files too? That's what that check is based off of. If you're still getting the message, I may not have set the value correctly.
  9. EDIT: IMPORTANT! Delete the old version of AdroitReligion before loading the new one into your mods folder! This is necessary because I had to rename a file! Alright, I uploaded a new version which should be compatible with the latest version of Carnalitas. I hadn't been able to get individual event overrides to work for me when I originally wrote the mod, but I learned from Cheri's pregnancy override and got it working/compatible with the one in Carnalitas. As far as I can tell, things are working in full compatibility with Carn and the base game. For Carnalitas M
  10. Sorry, I've been busy with real life lately - and haven't had as much time/drive for ck3. Apparently I'm incompatible with Carnalitas now! That's a pretty big problem, looks like some pregnancy overrides were added to Carnalitas itself. I'll look into patching that incompatibility. For Carnalitas Mundi, I'm not certain, looking at it it seems like it's in a similar area as my mod, so I don't know how much compatibility is possible/needed, but I'll take a look.
  11. Hmnn, treatment for STDs might be nice at some point, I'm playing with them disabled atm, but otherwise it could be neat. I'm not sure about altering genetic traits, I was considering some way of encouraging beauty/large breasts/large dicks, but haven't settled on anything yet
  12. I've pushed an update to be compatible with Carnalitas 1.1.1, which I'm calling version 1.09b. You don't need to update to this version if you're still on 1.0.2 of Carnalitas. @Kohakusora try that new version, and let me know if you have any other issues
  13. Likely I'm incompatible with the carnalitas update, I'll take a look.
  14. Not yet - there's some minor things I've wanted to do, like the ability to invite potential priestesses to the court (like inviting knights), and hopefully making the "volunteer" status akin to knight in that it keeps them in the court. Potentially implement a trait like you suggested for tracking how much sex a character has had - in my case for this mod probably focused around how famous/exalted a priest(ess) has become working in the brothels. Maybe figure out priestess clothes - I like the combo of nude + habit.
  15. I was able to sort out my issues from yesterday pretty easily today, it always turns out that a problem is a lot simpler after you sleep on it. AdroitReligion 1.09 The main change in this version is adding a decision/event for the player to volunteer as a ritual prostitute, effectively a mirror of the decision/event to visit the church-brothel normally. "Start/Stop Volunteering at the [Temple Name]" Decision - give or remove the player character the "Ritual Prostitution Volunteer" character modifier to/from the player "Work at the [Temple Name]" Decision - i
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