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  1. Ok maybe I will give it a try then, even if it will be hard to overcome the shame :x Thank you for the feed back The DoF effect was intended, however messing up the monster wasn't ^^'
  2. Glad you like it ! Don't know either but surely one of its parent is pig related Be warned, if you guys keep asking for bad written stories you shall have bad written stories ! XD
  3. You are right, but I don't want to make public my poor written stories I feel like it may be disrespectful for the reader What do you think about the blur on this one, by the way ?
  4. Hey guys, as I'm not good enough in English to write a story, feel free to write your own in the comments ! Hope you'll like it ! Software used : Krita
  5. Yes I wanted to start from the beginning It will be my pleasure to see you PS skill improve while reading your stories !
  6. I didn't know you had a blog, I've read the first chapter of "Malicia's chronicle", nice work so far !
  7. ok. It's because I don't use the same size of brush for the head and for the body. It's one of my most recurrent mistakes I will pay more attention to that ! You seem to have sharp eyes, do you draw too?
  8. Hey interesting ! I think I understand what you mean, but do you have the same blurry feeling about the characters faces ? Thank you for your feedback anyway, that means a lot !
  9. Software used: Krita
  10. Thank you ! I'm glad you like the Egyptian theme too, I definitely draw more about it ! Thank you ! LL aniversary are the best to celebrate ! A drawing with 500 characters, my brain is melting and my hand is shaking. As would have said Reggie Fils-Aimé: "my body isn't ready !" :'o Where is the Loverslab Daedra Prince Shrine??? I'm sure I'll like his reward artifact ! Thank you very much ! Yes, it's pretty neat 😛
  11. Hey today it's my sixth loverslab anniversary, so I decided to celebrate it with you by sharing an old drawing I've made. Ok the drawing is way older than six years, but intention is everything right ? 😛 I hope you'll like it. If not, you're allowed to mock me in the comments Don't forget to vote for the poll in my previous entry if you like my drawings/paintings. ^^ I will check the results and close the poll this Sunday.
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