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  1. Try removing all items out of the workshop workbench and your inventory (that are junk/scrap/components) and see if it improves. If so it's checking everything stored and slowing down as you have a ton of items in there and it's basically calculating a list of crafting comments from junk/scrap. You might try a mod that just breaks things down into base components and it may help. But having a ton items that can be broken down into other items like hammers, screwdrivers, etc etc is probably bogging down resources.
  2. [General] sStartingConsoleCommand=bat ap ap.txt needs to go in the game folder
  3. You could add something like sStartingConsoleCommand=bat startup to your falloutcustom.ini and in the startup.txt place the console command to manually set your action points so it would automatically do it for each game start.
  4. XML patch issue I think. Provided you have a FMM animation pack installed.
  5. Not sure which setplayerav variable will work there are actionpoints & actionpointsrate but you might try player.dispelallspells and see if it's a magic affect affecting your character first. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Fallout_4_console_commands#Character_variables if you need the form id.
  6. I never really used that mod or looked at it in detail, but it might be set up that way so that robot workbench functions to customize the servitron. IE the game might not allow any other mod added race to work with the robot work bench. If that's not true, then from what you said spawning in servitron NPC working with AAF I am sure their could like be a fix. I also don't know why modders would release a patch for servitrons to work with AAF and it not actually work. Maybe something is overwriting the servitron race so that the patch fails work. Otherwise you could just have a func
  7. I think Ego & kziitd are collaborating on something along those lines.
  8. Download a vanilla unmodded save from nexus and test.
  9. Does the same happen if you change the hotkey to enable the ENB settings to something else?
  10. Mutilated dead bodies on nexus might* have something the workshop version anyway.
  11. I cannot make a slave follow me either, they stand but will not follow. It did work when I first installed the mod and tried it out, just not on my new playthrough. Something is causing a conflict I am sure. All other dialogue options work like accessing inventory, sex & to kneel waiting. I use a teleport gun that places them inside synth relay grenades to circumvent the issue currently. I think slaves have to be assigned through the terminal for the beacon for customers to pay for sex. I am not sure if they need to be submissive to work as a breeder but they do to
  12. Which version of BodyTalk are you using 2.75 or 3.0? And what XML patch are you using? This is could be caused by the male body being built in outfit studio with the erection slider set wrong for the XML patch. It needs be Zero % for new xml patches but some older ones want 100%.
  13. No idea about other issue. But the slaves inside the market initially are props. The useable slaves need to be generated from the terminal.
  14. There are only like a handful of Futa mods and they are probably best only for screenshots and not an actual AAF playthrough. FUTAFEV, a Skyrim bag of dick's port, A strap-on mod Futa style replacer in Vidoe IIRC, a walk replacer floating around somewhere that has breast & dick jiggle animation for Futa (no idea where it at on this site), & a I think Zex bone compatible Futa penis in one of the Futa threads.
  15. Not exactly what your asking for but there is a MCM menu entry that allows any newly captured slave to be commanded like a standard settler. Will not work on those already captured however.
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