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  1. I use Project Nevada plus that mod to have 3 perks every level up. Pretty sure there are other mods which enable perks per every level up since most people don't use PN. This mod might also help, https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/59629 Think it has script patches to prevent crashes when resetting with more perks not sure.
  2. Limitless stats allows more than one perk per level through it's MCM menu.
  3. I'm not familiar with NMM and how it uses it's virtual environment but you do have SKSE, SKSE Engine fixes and maybe SKSE Fixes if you want installed? I see you have racemenu SOS installed but are using ECE?, Don't think you need that if you don't have racemenu installed. Start a bare bones game only these assets loaded USSEP Altstart XMPSE SOS FNIS (run the patcher) and SkyUi and see if it works after creating a character in the altstart prison. If it does maybe one of the mods you have isn't installed right or ported properly if from LE.
  4. aghjax

    Sexout Spunk

    That is the SpunkQuEnjoy script or maybe but unlikely one of the scripts referencing SpunkEnjoy "Spunk enjoy perk eval" quest if it calls something from it I guess. Can't speak to what it's doing as to how serious it would affect a save. It does look to be tied to SpunkFuRemoveFromTracking & SpunkFuEnjoyCleanup though so it' no wonder it's stopping until toggling them in the MCM.
  5. aghjax

    Show us your character!

    Think there are some custom head meshes floating around that can help some should be in FCO maybe NVR3 and I think ZZjay has a mod too not sure.
  6. aghjax

    Sexout Tryout

    Player.removespell XX0594C0 should work replace the XX with the load number of Tryout.
  7. aghjax

    Sexout Tryout

    He should be in the Bison Steve.
  8. FOMM is pretty the standard for New Vegas I think the guides aren't written for MO (can't recall). I would definitely use MO1 for TTW though since it can make a separate TTW profile. I don't know about using MO2 for FNV since I only hear people use it for Skyrim SE but if you familiar with using MO I'm sure it can be done. And No Hitman animation overhaul won't conflict nor should Ashurah's. Only thing that that might would be Wasteland Sex mods without the Sexout patch.
  9. No the scripting is beyond my level of expertise. In all likely hood it could have been something else but I couldn't track down any thing else that would allow it to progress.
  10. Sexout uses nude body meshes to simulate erections for the males. If they're vanishing during sex acts your missing the nude erection &/or flaccid meshes which should be in a .bsa file in Sexout - Breezes.bsa from the main Sexout mod 97 IIRC. They also might be in the Breeze AIO on Nexus not sure. If you are using Roberts male body I'm not sure about it however as I don't use it. For the Type N it sounds like either you need a compatible texture for the type N meshes UV map or you need to use archive invalidation. Type 3 skins should work with Type N. Beware of Girl skin is a good one to test with. You can check skins in Nifskope without needing to load the entire game up.
  11. Is that not from this mod? https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62744
  12. aghjax

    Boone didnt spawned

    Selecting him in console and using the resurrect command should* fix any AI problem. If not look in Xedit and use the setstage command to advance his dialogue manually.
  13. aghjax

    Skimpy armor and outfit replacer

    Type 3 has the most skimpy armors available they woun't be a mod that will show in your load armor they will be mesh re placers most if not all of which should be on the nexus.
  14. aghjax


    If your talking about MPOmetalarmor_#.nif I'm not sure those were ever done. You can copy the default female metal armor.nif and rename it 3 times as a place holder for the early stages.