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  1. It's the weighting on the gloves apparently.
  2. Could be a preset issue or wrong version of base fusion girl. You need proper version of FG --> original outfit --> matching FG version conversion of outfit.
  3. Try renaming the mesh and changing the reflecting name in FO4edit. I've had an issue with mesh not showing changes in game after overwriting and using the same name.
  4. Remove clothing and body type to vanilla temporarily, load save test will tell if mesh/bodyslide issue.
  5. I had the issue once before I redid my mod list from vanilla MO2 profile, a temporary work around was to save the game and either load the save from the menu (or restart and load) and immediately ASAP use the perk chart. It would work but waiting longer than maybe a min or two after loading the save would cause a crash. I never found out the cause I think it was a mod as I don't VISG and use simple sorting but my new mod list has no issue with buffout + high fps fix. I could plays a few hours without any crash issues unless I tried to use the perk chart as well. So I just worked ar
  6. Buffout sometimes help with this. I think it's from maxing out the flash resources ex AAF + VISG.
  7. Do you have a version of high heel mod that is updated for for the 3b bones? If you are using FG you need the FG conversion, unsure for other bodies, I don't see any other reason why they shouldn't work.
  8. We don't even have a proper 1st person camera mod like Skyrim has so doubtful one exist at least on this site.
  9. I don't have any classy chassis outfits installed to test but that would mean the issue with those said outfits is the 1stperson arms/gloves mesh and the 3rd person outfit I'd assume are fine. This might* be physics related. Do you have OCPBC installed the collision one? Your the only other person I found with the same issue.
  10. I just had that happen to me a few days ago & couldn't for the life of me figure out why and searches turned up zilch. I am using the latest FG 1.8 and I only saw it on Piper's outfit gloves myself. Her nude body was fine I immediately checked. I downloaded the Kite's scoop digger outfit nabbed the old fusion girl files and built only that outfit with them. And loaded up my save and changed her clothes & had zero hand issues with Piper's hand after that. Maybe it's an issue with the gloves from FG/bodyslide files, no idea. Curious what other clothes/armors did y
  11. OCBPC is for Collison, OCBP is just jiggle. And 3BBB bodies need their own ocbp.ini file to work with either. Grab one from MTM presets.
  12. Yes that should force it to use the male 1st person instead of the female 1st person (if the female version is borked). Or you can right click in that field & just delete that entry so it's empty and using nothing. One of those should fix the issue if it indeed a problem with the 1st person mesh. If not I generally have no idea what is happening unfortunately outside maybe try a 'skimpy' version from clothing replacer.
  13. Should be the right place, but FOutfit.nif is the 3rd person model and should* not be the culprit. You can disable them in MO2 change the .nif to .mohidden and test in game to see. IDK what body replacer you are using but if it uses a .BA2 archive the model could be in there instead of a loose file. You could also try this in FO4edit type in this form ID 001c2214 Look under models and see if there are changes from vanilla. Should only be AA_MinutemanGeneral [ARMA:001C2213] & AAPrestonGloves [ARMA:000316C7] and they should not be overwritten CTRL click the 1st (no
  14. If it only happens in first person I'm gonna assume something is fucked with the first person mesh of the outfit (different from the 3rd person mesh). Looks like a giant nipple stretched out to the gates of oblivion. Anyway it's doesn't look to be an object effect, imod, & likely not a script issue with what I glanced over with your load order. Look to see if you are overwriting the vanilla 1st person mesh Armor\Minuteman\FOutfit1stperson.nif (or M if male char) and disable it so it uses the vanilla one. Only other thing I can think of might be the hat (which I think is separat
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