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  1. Sexout Soliciting

    The mod use assets from SCR listed first page requirements.
  2. Go here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/13789-sexout-common-resources-scr/?page=1 Find this line: Assets used in SCR you should install before reporting red diamonds and invisible bodies and other stuff not showing... Click reveal hidden contents, follow the links there for the following mods & download only the meshes and textures for: Mantis Zero Suit Samus and More - Type 3 for NV Reflex Armor S-07 for TYPE 3 a Mantis Retexture Bunny Suit for Dimonized Type3 T6M Competition Swimsuit NV Ghost Armor Conversion FNV Revamp You don't need the .esp's delete them. If an armor is invisible your missing the mesh. If the texture is flickering/changing your missing the texture.
  3. Sexout Tryout

    Its patches Violet to use Sexout AI Packages and allows her to have both PN and Sexout Inventories. If your loading PN equipment.esm after Tryout.esm that is. You could load Tryout after PN Equipment without the patch and Violet would just not have the infiltrator rifle IIRC.
  4. Power Armor replacer?

    Looks like one of the daejones XV replacers on the nexus. Not sure which though. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/441758/?tb=mods&pUp=1
  5. Help with Sexual Inuendo for FNV?

    Not sure that mod even functions properly now without using the WSEX override that replaces the sex animations and call functions with Sexout's.
  6. GG_Naughty_Trading

    I tested this with SexoutNG 98 BETA 2 & during the lab entertainment quest the player character's body goes invisible during sex acts. Which I am going to assume is from a script disabling togglePOV and forcing 1st person?, conflicting with when initiating sex acts their use of 3rd person camera and tfc. The sex act's work fine themselves and the the player's body will return if entering tfc in the console.
  7. Willow Sex patch for Sexual Innuendo Help

    Are your running GECK Powerup with NVSE?
  8. Not sure it's exactly what your looking for with out making color/blending edits but there is a resource here http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/835-skintextures/
  9. Sexout Soliciting

    Soliciting does use some misc item tokens but they don't appear to be for the actual sex acts themselves. Did any show up in your PC inventory if you used the showinventory command on yourself?
  10. If your capable of blending two separate textures together to at least pass the eye test I'd search for scarred or wounded skins from Skyrim, although they may have some alpha ready .psd resources available that you can readily position and paste without the need of cutting around the wounds and blending the layers together in PS or Gimp.
  11. Neck Seam

    There is a mod SexoutClothingEval.esp that allows you to set clothes to remain on when nude. If you use it's MCM menu to set a necklace to remain on for your character that necklace should also stay on for all npc's.
  12. Maybe try using these to equip the ZAZ device. player.additem ItemEditorID 1 player.equipitem ItemEditorID 1
  13. I use the Enhanced Camera mod with Solid Project and have NVSE_EnhancedCamera.ini set to bUseThirdPersonArms=0 & I get solid project 1st person animations. I haven't used Animated Chems so I don't know if they will work together if you turn the third person arms off.
  14. SexoutPositioner ?

    Maybe you have the older one? The latest one SexoutPosNew.esp should be in Sexout 97 there is a MCM menu to configure the keys. You should be able to start a sex act then manipulate the actors without having to enable it in the MCM.