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  1. This one's a little tricky as you're not actually looking for a priestess in Markarth. Go to the temple of Dibella in Markarth and speak to the hairdresser/beautician there (her name will begin with a Y just like all the other hairdressers). She'll be sitting on a chair near one of the four big pillars or walking from one chair to the other. She's the one you need to speak to. Congratulations. You're getting very near to the end of the playable portion of the quest that's been released so far.
  2. This one. Generally you'll want it set to 2 for most stages but there's a later stage where speed 3 would feel rather unrealistic. You definitely want it set to 3 for the current walk around town stages 'though.
  3. If they use the correct item slots then the mod will try to recognise them. If they have the right keywords or words in their item name then the mod will try to recognise them. For example I blieve the mod tries to detect items with piercing or piercings in the name. I can't remember the specifics but there's already a degree of piercing recognition going on. There's a small amount of piercings from a few mods that don't get detected but it seems to recognise most of them.
  4. I absolutely echo your sentiment. Of course we'd be even more glad if Emily would be able to come back and finish the Dibella quest (or at least update it with some more content). Given how it ended I'd say I've got a pretty good idea which sort of route she was taking with it (given the way the quest stages from the previous update played out). Unfortunately Emily's far too busy to update the mod but eventually it could happen if we wait long enough. In the meantime, 'though, we'll just have to enjoy ourselves with community made updates and add ons.
  5. It does. There's a stage about two thirds of the way through the current content where the character complains about wearing crude iron high heel training devices that are essentially tantamount to walking around barefoot in the chilly cold Skyrim weather. They are provided with some nylon stockings to wear to help keep their little feet warm. They have to wear stockings and not tights because they are wearing a big metal chastity belt to hide their manhood (as it's slowly withering away and becoming more feminine over time).
  6. My apologies, I was trying to make a point, the point being that it's a pretty archaic word that's not in common use these days. In fact you'd be lucky to find it used outside of The Wind in the Willows or a few Sherlock Holmes or Poirot stories. There's no shame in being unfamiliar with a rarely used word.
  7. You mean your parents never read you The Wind in the Willows as a bedtime story?
  8. There's actually a third possibility. At one point the game's developers went and redid a lot of the older skeletons to optimise them/make the game run more smoothly. A lot of the older skins never got updated so they don't display very well nowadays (in some cases some hero skins work perfectly apart from their virtue & affliction sprites).
  9. You probably meant to upload this in the Special Edition section. Legendary Edition refuses to launch with this mod installed.
  10. Using commas instead of parenthesis is more of an American grammatical thing. We Brits are painfully aware of Americans using commas instead of many punctuation signs that we would normally use in the same situation (even if we can't remember which ones we actually should be using at the time due to being overwhelmed with American literature). It's particularly noticeable in old rpg handbooks from the 80's. You can generally tell which side of the Atlantic they came from based on the amount of commas used (we're looking at you mr sea of commas Gygax :)).
  11. That's not mod specific. I've literally had that happen with Lydia before.
  12. Is that updated mcm released or only on github at the moment?
  13. I don't use Special Edition because it doesn't support some of my favourite mods (and because it requires me to create an account on a website to be able to choose which mods I want to use in a single player game).
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