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  1. For now just delete \Data\Meshes\Actors\Canine\ (possibly just dogCUTEHORNY.nif, or dogVEINYBIG.nif.) every time the mod updates.
  2. Press Escape to get to the game menu. Go to mod management and find the YPS MCM. Go to the Hair section. Look at the first option in the left hand column. It should be called something like Enable Hair Control. If it's turned on then turn it off. Close the MCM and wait for 8-20 seconds. Then go back into the MCM and turn it on Enable Hair Control again. Close the MCM and the hair menu pop up should appear after a few seconds. It's much easier than uninstalling and reinstalling the mod.
  3. I had to eye the side rings carefully to make sure they were in matching positions and not staggered to interlock as a zip would. While that's a lot of men, would there be an option for a lesbian bimbo? Obviously a true bimbo is probably too dumb to discriminate or actually say no to anyone but, if that is the case, why exclude women and make it men only in the first place? I imagine having YPS as a hard dependency would make it easy to use Tris Shadowrunner for the clit shield installation without having to factor in another npc. You might even be able to use parts of her labia piercing quest for the 8 labia rings as well (although Tris currently installs all 8 rings in 16 holes at once for the chastity piercing. It's such a hardcore piercing session that she "has" to use restraints).
  4. Ironically the large silver clit shield makes the whole arrangement look like a zip. I'm not sure if that's intended.
  5. Nice to see someone use the word fiduciary for possibly the first time since Charles Dickens. Oh wait, no, didn't Groucho Marx use it once in an episode of Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel? I think he might have done so that's later. Also hooray, Aegis posted again!
  6. Interestingly it does now require sleep with Aegis' version. Prior to Aegis version I could shag Honey about 6 or 7 times (preferably over the course of a couple of days) then simply wait with T instead of actually finding a bed to sleep in. Aegis' version seems to need an actual bed to trigger the initial transformation (but the T key menu works for stages after that).
  7. I'd presume for a female player character. If male then that's going to be confusing for the poor Sister. Perhaps making the sister look similar would only be possible if they're both women.
  8. It might be SkyUI that displays these. I use SkyUI so much these days I can barely remember how painful the menus were to navigate without it.
  9. That's alright. I wasn't telling you to go somewhere else. Just checking you hadn't accidentally posted in the wrong thread :D.
  10. Erm, this is YPS. Dominant partner's is more of a Devious Followers thing. I can see why you might post about it here 'though.
  11. KS Hairdos updated again today. Time to go find some new favourite hairstyles and decide what length they should be.
  12. When you try to speak to the same npc 3 times in a row and the Devious Follower puts their hands on your shoulder every time and all you're trying to do is sell Belethor some stuff so you won't be over-encumbered any more (and might be able to pay off a little more debt) it starts to get annoying. I believe I've occasionally seen it happen 4-6 times in a row on older builds.
  13. In that case go to the hair menu. Turn off hair control. Close the MCM. Go back into the mcm. Go to the hair menu. Turn on hair control. Close the MCM. You should get the same initial startup pop up asking you which hair and/or body hair controls you want turned on. That might help reset things for you.
  14. Open the MCM and go to the body hair page. You should find the options you're looking for there.
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