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  1. I think it's Aneartalin's reskin too. I know it's not one of the official ones and it's not one of the really obscure unofficial ones either. That reminds me - I might seriously rework her combat, idle & walk art and animations at some point to be closer to the original concept of her dragging the heavy sword along the floor behind her as she walks. I'll need to see how it would flow into the attack sprites 'though. If it doesn't fit well then it won't get done.
  2. I'm trying to decide if I should write his dialogue in English or Khazalid. He's technically been in development since about two or three months before I released the Twilight Knight but he got put on hold because, at the time, the game didn't have an armour piercing mechanic or a blocking mechanic. Once those got added everyone started using them and I was busy with the Librarian and Senua. I just hope that I'll be really satisfied with the dwarf when he's finally ready for release.
  3. You probably shouldn't ask me that right now. Apparently I'm hard at work avoiding doing any actual work on my next mod. Nothing naughty. Just good solid traditional fantasy hero stuff.
  4. You find your Skyrim install folder and put it in SKSE/plugins/ypsFashion (the default install path would be C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/data/SKSE/plugins/ypsFashion). I've literally only added 4 or 5 styles that I wanted to use at the time. I was going to go and add some more later but haven't done it yet.
  5. And yet I have it calling for "weakening_curse" in the current release version of the mod. Either I fixed it at some point or someone messed it up making their version. Looks like I fixed it last November at the latest (and quite possibly before that). Sadly this is what happens when spin offs use outdated versions of the mod.
  6. Because when I upgraded the mod I didn't go out of my way to tell the people who made 3rd party reskins without asking my permission :P. I honestly don't mind most of them and some are pretty good but it would still be polite of people to ask. Good work keeping the Leper reskin version up to date 'though.
  7. So bumping up the growth rates also increases the decrease rates? That could explain why setting them to very low causes them to never seem to grow but also never decrease very much either.
  8. I really need to update her sound effects at some point 'though. I might try to do her original walk & combat pose concepts justice too as they were potentially going to be quite different to her Leper based current versions (dragging the heavy sword along the floor behind her instead of half swording it or resting it against her shoulder). I should also get around to finishing off her remaining dialogue lines at some point too.
  9. Wait, wait, wait. Original original or updated original? I can give you the original files (from before the incident when the devs went and updated a lot of animation files for the idle, walk & combat sprites and thus updated those animated poses as well). The combat, walk & idle sprites will likely display incorrectly in game because those have been updated. If you want the updated version that's up to date and playable I can give you that too. You're so lucky I made backup copies of all the core classes' original files when I was originally working on the twil
  10. If you're using 6.2 then you probably want to update to 6.2.1. There are a few unofficial patches that replace pubic hair textures or makeup textures to make the eyeshadow more subtle etc. One replaces the growing pubic hair textures but doesn't change anything else. One adjusts the shaving system so that you can shave the hair down gradually. Reducing it instead of removing it completely. There's also one by Osmelmc or someone else who does a lot of mod patches. Looks like Osmelmc beat me to it. Found it. It's in Monoman's mod tweaks.
  11. There are multiple endings for the quest. Currently one is finished. The one where you give up and turn back into a man (with most settings unlocked). The other ends have not been completed or released yet but we live in hope.
  12. With a brand new save I was able to get a devious follower to offer a legs and cuffs deal when a legs and cuffs deal had already been agreed to.
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