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  1. Face beauty is essential to me, if that's covered, then I have some preferences, - Skinny/petite small body - straight hair - style. extra points if she got it, rock, gothic, barbie, cute, grunge, fashion are my most preferable. - Make up, revealing/daring clothes - personality. I don't like girls that are beautiful and nothing more. It just don't sustain by itself. - extra points if she is trans
  2. very good! what animations are these?
  3. I could say a lot of bull crap to make a positive post, but I'd never be as perfect as this 2 musics in a row listen it loud
  4. she'll make you live her crazy life, but she'll take away your pain like a bullet to your brain!
  5. am I becoming that predictable?? this is actually a coincidence took lots of pics but only one satisfied me. But rest assure I'll be back to this same setting to make a proper photoset and/or movie Opening another one to your honor, smartfon, first of his name, number one fan of Lara and lover of sexy babes of Tamriel. Cheers!
  6. video https://www.xvideos.com/video64428755/fluidic_space
  7. my genius was finally recognized! some ppl love cactus many thanks for the compliments
  8. thank you! you encouraged me to take more pics Got a few more pics from that set if you interested. didn't post back then because I'm too picky
  9. it really looks like disonored, even the same powers. I'd take it. Even tho I like the choice to go without powers, or at least, supernatural powers.
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