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  1. Heya Same issue here. Nothing happens with the cum addiction, beside messages of "thoughts" in the console. And the Toll Collector strip you from everything even if the yare not supposed to, when you disabled Armor or weapon for example. Beside that, two notes of importance : 1- If you start with a male character (I totally did it unintentionnally!) the Mod still treats you as a woman LOL . So, it might be nice to check the character gender at First 😛 2- The Mod works in excellent synergie with Beastess and Sexlab Separated Orgasms.
  2. hmm I tried to convert it using CK, but it doesn't want to do it. It aborts saying it's related to other files. Can you share your converted files here please ?
  3. Heya Is that mod supoorted or ported for SE ? Or can anyone make the necessary rebuilds to make it works with SE ? Warm regards
  4. I did it. It changes nothing alas. So ?
  5. heya I installed Estrus for SEE and it works fine. But as soon as I install Estrus Chaurus, all characters are locked in T-pose. What can I do please ? Warm regards
  6. Woot ! this makes the mod usable by me ! No more crashes ! thank you alot ! However, when I ask for a hair makeover, nothing happens. Do I need to do anything in order to make that work ?
  7. I happen to be able to meet Ybella in the DIbella's temple. But her different menu of discussion triggers nothing, except when I ask her to look at my body. And the brush, shampoo, and so on seem to be broken. WHen I click shave knife, it tells something about my piercing (which I don't have); shampoo says something about another thing... Can someone help please ?
  8. Here is what I have in the YPS folder. So point by point : 1 - I only use the SSE v5. 2- I will contact this person, hoping she's still around, and can help 3 - I'll be happy to help testing this mod to make it work with you ! 4- I use the CBBE Hands and HN66 Nails v1.4 for SE, and HN66 Mage Nails for Mage v1.5 for SE also.
  9. Ok I have SSE. So where do I find the meshes folder I need to be sure the game doesn't crash from a bad texture on this mod ? I only found two files available to install. A version for SSE on version 5.4.1 and the other Full version named 6.00 but for Regular or LE. I also found this file but I don't know if it is for SSE or the other versions ??? In clear, where can I find the files I need to try solve this issue please ? yps-ImmersiveFashion v6.0 Patch (2019_6_4).7z yps-ImmersiveFashion-SSE.7z
  10. thanks ! Found one page 45 (pwew) but for 5.4 version. Btw, I keep crashing after entering the Radiant Raiment in SOlitude or Grey Pine Goods in Falkheath, and approching the vendor. Any idea why ? I suspect some bad texture issue. What can I do to check this crash issue origin ?
  11. I run SE I don't run more than 255 plugins The game seems to launch when I couble click on SKSE loader but stops immediately I use Vortex because I found out it was easier for downloading mods
  12. Heya! oddly when I enable this mod on Vortex, the game doesn't launch anymore. As soon as I discable it, the game works fine. I have the dependencies working fine. Any idea why it crashes the game ? Warm regards
  13. Hi ! The bondage items equiped on me are no fitting my character. I tried to apply a CBBE preset on my character but I don't see how to in racemenu. I hope I batched it all correctly, since I choose CBBE body, my preset, and checked everything in Groups (except unaligned), before Batch building. What am I missing please ?
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