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  1. MINDBREAK COVERT AGENTS AND TURN THEM INTO DOUBLE AGENTS! sorry, been playing evil genius..
  2. This intrigues me. Maybe make it so it's a party of of only light calvary, with the idea of quickly chasing you down . Not sure how you'd make it hostile with just a character. I believe hostility is tied together at a faction level
  3. Tory shared a gif on page 261 showing how to add a part with the specific size.
  4. What happens if it's a minor faction? Looking back, I forgot to add that 'husband' was from an Aserai minor faction. Sorry for the inconvenience [edit]Gonna assume you added a check or somthing. Tried an auto save before the marriage, and so far my MC has consistently been sold at the next city and then sold for public use not long after. One thing though, one time the party wandered around for ages but no events ever occur. I'll probably start a new save and see what happens [edit]Just got an error message when I got to the mod options, something about unable to parse se
  5. The requirements are quite restricting if i'm reading it right. First off both clans must be in the same culture. Second, both must be in the same kingdom or target is not in any kingdom. Third, target must not be a minor faction. Second and third point alone ensures that if you're in a forced marriage you can't annex, since it's highly unlikely you'll be enslaved by your own kingdom. Gonna install it anyway, sounds cool
  6. Looked up the mod as a possible mod to use beside this mod. Not sure if you can use it to annex the captor's clan since you definitely can't annex your own
  7. Is it possible to have the whole clan join the captor's clan? or maybe limit the marriage event to just non-faction leaders, then they can take over the MC's clan? Not sure if the game's modding API will allow it, just a suggestion
  8. Not sure if a bug, but in one of my playthroughs my MC was enslaved and eventually forced to marry her captor. At that point, she became the captor's clan member( which was cool ) but was also her own clan's leader( odd but not a problem ). Problem is her clan was part of the Southern Empire was at war with the West, which her new clan was not. And armies of the Western Empire would chase her, which would start a regular conversation instead of the usual parley the do when they attack. Another side effect is that her companions can't be ask to join her party again and must be hired,
  9. I was using SEH2 and the patch, but also stupidly left SEH- modest and SEH - Plus on as well. Gonna test it in a bit without it. If it still happens i'll add the load order in this post [edit] yeah, it was those 2 mods cuasing the issue. SO, if anyone has SEH2, they must not the other Human mods activated at the same time.
  10. @glanducra Does it matter if i'm using SE Human 2? Just wondering cause male humans seem to be fucked with half their faces stretched along their body
  11. @glanducra launcher is saying the path in the mod descriptiors are incorrect. [edit]Looks like they're pointing to the mod folder of the author's PC. Deleting the whole file path before 'mod' seems to fix it. So you'll end up with this for example path="mod/LVPortraitPatchSEDLC"
  12. Thank you! After a big update, you deserve to rest
  13. Thank you sooo much for this update. Something to wake up to.
  14. I am having a problem with the Cursed collar quest. At the end of the quest none of the cursed stuff gets removed, and sheograth later tries to add a high security collar and bra that failed to equip. Is there suppose to another way to remove the cursed equipment?
  15. try reload. i used to close game rearrange my mods and try again, but it seems to be a bug. reloading is suppose to solve, sometimes
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