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  1. {#O u O#} Thanks mates its working fine now - Happy spooky month by the by!
  2. {#O O O#} AH - I'll sort my load order more then. I thought I just had to move those two mods to the bottom to make it good - I'll follow the pinned example then. As for the settings with lovers rapers, ingame I can only set who my character can rape, males, females, or both, and whether I can be raped by both or not. Then there's the settings for when a female is raping a male she's in the female (or I guess the defender position) position of the animation. But nothing specifically saying "females are always in the defender position". I could try changing the "can rape males and fem
  3. I brought the two mods to the lowest in my order LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp but I can't find the setting to change females to defending, and the same for males to offending ingame. are these options in the ini settings? my futa option was toggled off as well.
  4. My female character keeps going into the male position whenever male npcs ask for sex - I've got LAPF and Lovers Hooker, the latter being what brings npcs to ask my character at times. My Load Order is fine and the mods have been cleaned, and everything was working fine until I played today and made it back to Bruma - the npcs asked for sex as i walked around but every time I was asked, my character kept being put in the giving position and the males npcs were put in the receiving. Then I tried with Ongar the World Weary who've I've befriended to test it out there and he too was put into the r
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