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  1. Download first the original fair skin mod on nexus, and then overwrite it with the Cosio fair-skin patch, and delete the default textures that came with clams of Skyrim, since you wont need them, when using fair-skin textures, with the Cosio patch.
  2. Do you use "Netimmerse Override", and "hdt highheels system", and "NiOverride High Heels - NIOVHH Fixes". everything should normally work if you have those mods, and i don't change any values in game. I believe the highed, from luxury is being applied thru the nif's. I didn't change anything tho, i only applied CosioHD physics to the heels, and made the slider compatible with the body. the Highheels itself are still the same. @ragnam
  3. don't worry im glad its working now, and interesting that your using vortex i'm still one of the old school guys that uses mod-organizer ^^.
  4. also maybe i do each day a outfit or two from the gwelda collection these will take maybe some time till i'm done with converting it but that way it dosen't get exhausting. The ancient outfit is complete 11 more to go so it should be complete in a few days if i hold to my word.
  5. did you check out the updated version, and they still float afterwards in the air ? since i changed the highed to 13 in nifscope which should be the highed its supposed to be.
  6. Are people interested in me converting the Gwelda DX collection into CosioHD ? If not leave i it as it is, since its a big project, and if people are not really that interested in it in the first place have i no real motivation to work on it.
  7. high-heels should be fixed now hopefully. I don't know why those high-heels making me so much trouble. I actually thought about publishing my conversion as in a mod but turns out i'm way to lazy for that, and i'm fine with only people seeing these that actually visit the forum, since i'm not really looking for attention. Also big issues with me merging outfits is that most author are probably not okay with me doing that at least not publishing it since i imagine most author want the people to visit the original files. And i'm gonna look into the big gewlda collection you just linked . Also thanks for the kind words it's always a nice feeling seeing people enjoy some of the conversions. -------------------------- @Little Moon you request is complete if you notice anything weird in particular message me and i fix it.
  8. I use the XXL version with the plugins if you refer to these in specific (Animation Limit Crash Fix LE) and (animation loading fix version 1.0) but the problem seems to be that the sexlab framework only can load a certain amount of animation when i reach over 16,658 sex animation in fnis or something among that number get i a error message from sexlab when i start my safe file since the framework can only handle 16,2k registered animations you can push a little above that limit but not much it seems. The only additional information i found from fnis is these i quote: "4. SexLab limit - the maximum amount of animations the framework can store in its registry. This limit related only to the framework. ZaZ, DD, TKDodge and other non-sexlab animations has no affection on the limit. Can be expanded with a tweak shared somewhere on LL." but these refers only about the store limit not the registration limit overall but i geese i just don't add more sex animation, since i have anyways for each creature and humans around 800 animations. Anyways thanks for the kind reply, since no body replied to me anywhere, where i asked these specific question. ^^ @osmelmc
  9. Druid Armor is done if you notice anything weird message me, and i fix it, and i take a look at the other outfit tomorrow.
  10. I actually have a patreon but i use it mainly just to support other creators like for example BakaFactory, and so on. I never really considered using it as such as for myself, since i never believed that i deserve any money for converting outfits, and i can take a look at those two request you just made.
  11. I don't feel like working on such a big project at the moment, but maybe in the future. At least not now since its quite a large file, and it covers like 40 outfits which would take me quite a while to complete.
  12. re download my patch for melodic heavy, and re-create the highheels thru bodyslide again. It should work now hopefully since i set up for the high-heels the value to low. And good to hear that luxury works now for you.
  13. I have a question if i get a warning message that that says when i start my save file something among the lines "to many hkx male animation installed" can i safely ignore it ? since It seems like i exceeded the 16,2k animation limit from sexlab, but i didn't reach the 1k animation limit that you patch basically provides for humans and creatures. @osmelmc
  14. Done, also if you notice issues message me.
  15. Just some random question so i finally exceeded the 16,2k animation limit, since i use a patch/mod that increases the animations to 1000 for creature and humans, but now get i when i start the game a warning pop off that says basically that i have to many animations installed. Can i just ignore it, and move on? Since the game seems to work fine as do the animations also.
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