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  1. What exactly do you mean by that? If you mean that you want a BNB version of the Type3 Cali body that she uses, that one should be relatively easy to find and install! Just a mesh replacement, as for her clothes! Her "Classic Outfit" is basically the same as the Vegas Girl Outfit which does in fact have a BNB version somewhere on Nexus, as for her less sexy clothes....I'm not sure those ever had a BNB version, could be wrong though.
  2. Sound like some sort of skeleton incompatibility, but I can't be sure! Check if your are using the right presets for the right body, it could very well be that you are made a mistake somewhere in that process. Happens!
  3. Hello! Let me begin by stating that what I'm about to say is in no way meant as a request of any sort or even a direct criticism of the mod itself due to the fact that at the time of writing this down I don't even have the game installed! This nothing more and nothing less but mere suggestion from this nobody on the internet! So here goes: From reading the description I can already tell that this mod, while possibly simple in execution and light on performance....still appears rather huge in scope, affecting multiple vanilla NPCs some of which are known to be tied to main in-g
  4. Thank you champ! I did not expect such an extensive answer, much appreciated. As I said before, while it is great to know why those other mods should be avoided I really didn't care that much about most of what is on that list in the first place, except number 11, which turned out to be one of my favorite mods out there. I've always liked the idea of giving certain NPCs/Followers their own unique bodies to add to their.....uniqueness! Hell I myself have made a quite a few modifications to the gals in New Vegas, but I never bothered with publishing them because of permissions
  5. Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good one out there! I had a few question to whoever is willing to answer them! But first I have to say that this is probably is one of the most comprehensive AFF....or as I like to think of it "SexLab for FO4" installation guides I have ever seen out there! Certainly the most up to date one. I still cannot claim of it's final success rate as I still am in the process of setting up my game after quite a bit of an absence from it all! But as for the ease of understanding, especially for someone like me who likes my setups relatively simp
  6. Interesting response there! Don't know why that would tick you off, either way.....
  7. Well what you say might all be true, honestly I'm having a hard time claiming otherwise! However I don't think we have many cycles in us as a species! In fact looking at the ungodly amount of smooth brains out there, I don't think we are a species at all! Humanity seems to be more of a code of conduct, but more complicated that this makes it sound! Recently.....I'm saying recently but it has been a few years maybe since I've heard this story! -A woman was out there shopping with her kid, and while leaving to get to the car they get ambushed by a bunch of....let's j
  8. While I agree with you almost completely, I have to say that this sort of mindset seems to tell only part of the story. If you look at humans as just animals you'll always get blindsided quickly, a mistake that gets repeated through history so many times over it, becomes nauseating! Every time a civilization starts questioning, devaluing, belittling even, the worth and status of men, it always ends the same way. Civilization disappears! You can say that women are the prized possessions of humanity, that they are then end goal of any men! But tell that the overwhelming num
  9. Welcome to clown world! Take anything seriously at your own risk, don't take anything seriously and your still fucked! So beautiful!
  10. Re-Captcha The worst thing to be invented by another human being.....you know what! I actually doubt that whoever made that crap is even human begin with. Hopefully this site will see reason and switch to something better soon, ANYTHING!
  11. https://www.mediafire.com/file/6pq7nekaxsrvpw4/Umbra_Divided_older_versions.7z/file
  12. Buxom Wench Yuriana has had a recent update that let's her use sexlab animations via a toggle in the MCM!
  13. Hello! Ever had a person that seems to wanna keep you down even though they barely realize it themselves? I have to say that there is nothing more infuriating than those people! I get being a realist, even a pessimist! A person who knows where it's at, someone who realizes how cruel of a place the world can really be. I've seen my share as well, though not as much as the person in question that's for sure! What I don't get is the apathetic and almost completely devoid of life statement of "Well it's not up to you" or "us"......hell I even get where that statement c
  14. Hi! Sorry for delay in reporting, but I guess it's better this way because I've had time to play the game and see If anything happens! As I said last time I had loaded a save where the problem was not present yet, this of course solved the problem well enough! I also took the risk and just moved the mod "Functional Post Game Ending" a few slots down and so far no problems what so ever! Also before I did any of this I finally decided to use "LOOT" (a software that I really do not like) to rearrange some of my mods, it also reported that my DLC files weren't cleaned, a thing that I could swear I
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