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  1. Well what you say might all be true, honestly I'm having a hard time claiming otherwise! However I don't think we have many cycles in us as a species! In fact looking at the ungodly amount of smooth brains out there, I don't think we are a species at all! Humanity seems to be more of a code of conduct, but more complicated that this makes it sound! Recently.....I'm saying recently but it has been a few years maybe since I've heard this story! -A woman was out there shopping with her kid, and while leaving to get to the car they get ambushed by a bunch of....let's just call them "Outsiders", they attempt to do their usual thing with, threatening to do terrifying stuff to the woman I won't beat around the bush with that one! But before any of this even starts there are a couple of men (not outsiders) are passing by, the woman calls to them and they simply ignore her! That is not suppose to happen under any circumstances! Ever. Yet did! This happened in Britain BTW. What you are saying rings very true. But I think it's more than that. I honestly think it is not just men getting comfortable that has led to this, it's not even about alfa or beta males! THAT there is an absolute absence of masculinity and humanity, in the worst possible way too! There is absolutely no justification for it, a human being let alone a male does not behave like this! If we did, we would not be here arguing about it! The bear that has been harassing our camp would have been already shitting us out! But no instead we went to that fucking bears hideout, and turned the fucker into a rug. The so called "Toxic Masculinity" did that, men being worth nothing is a sign of failing civilization of animals that forgot who they are! Not the rule of humanity. As far as I'm concerned men are worth their weight in gold, platinum and uranium combined!
  2. While I agree with you almost completely, I have to say that this sort of mindset seems to tell only part of the story. If you look at humans as just animals you'll always get blindsided quickly, a mistake that gets repeated through history so many times over it, becomes nauseating! Every time a civilization starts questioning, devaluing, belittling even, the worth and status of men, it always ends the same way. Civilization disappears! You can say that women are the prized possessions of humanity, that they are then end goal of any men! But tell that the overwhelming numbers of over 30 somethings that keep seemingly appearing out of nowhere, or tell that to the Hollywood actresses that all the sudden seem to have problems finding dates, and keeping relationships going for more than week! Toxic masculinity is a term invented by people who don't know they are doing, saying or why they are even there anymore! It's comes from people who don't have a clue of their responsibilities or even their own nature. As far as I'm concerned anyone using the term "Toxic Masculinity" or similar terms has branded themselves an as evolutionary dead end. All their seeming biological advantages be they physical or mental in nature are for nothing at that point, and worst of all deep down they know it.
  3. Welcome to clown world! Take anything seriously at your own risk, don't take anything seriously and your still fucked! So beautiful!
  4. Re-Captcha The worst thing to be invented by another human being.....you know what! I actually doubt that whoever made that crap is even human begin with. Hopefully this site will see reason and switch to something better soon, ANYTHING!
  5. https://www.mediafire.com/file/6pq7nekaxsrvpw4/Umbra_Divided_older_versions.7z/file
  6. Buxom Wench Yuriana has had a recent update that let's her use sexlab animations via a toggle in the MCM!
  7. Hello! Ever had a person that seems to wanna keep you down even though they barely realize it themselves? I have to say that there is nothing more infuriating than those people! I get being a realist, even a pessimist! A person who knows where it's at, someone who realizes how cruel of a place the world can really be. I've seen my share as well, though not as much as the person in question that's for sure! What I don't get is the apathetic and almost completely devoid of life statement of "Well it's not up to you" or "us"......hell I even get where that statement comes from! I'd say the majority of things in this universe are way beyond our control! But than the most glorious of all questions arises "What the hell is up to us anyway?" What the hell are we even doing here anyway? Eating, shitting, occasionally fucking so we can bring someone else into an apparently worthless existence too? Is that it! As far as I'm concerned, living a life where you do as you're told until the day you die is not a life worth living! I get not wanting to endanger oneself and others, but my God safety and security can't be worth your God damn soul! And who Hell can guarantee these things anyway.
  8. Hi! Sorry for delay in reporting, but I guess it's better this way because I've had time to play the game and see If anything happens! As I said last time I had loaded a save where the problem was not present yet, this of course solved the problem well enough! I also took the risk and just moved the mod "Functional Post Game Ending" a few slots down and so far no problems what so ever! Also before I did any of this I finally decided to use "LOOT" (a software that I really do not like) to rearrange some of my mods, it also reported that my DLC files weren't cleaned, a thing that I could swear I had already done! So I used FNVEdit to clean the DLCs one at a time and finally look for any major conflicts of which I could find none....guess LOOT is useful for something....let's just say I've had problems with this thing before and it left a bitter taste in my mouth! For now I'll use it sparingly. This however by itself did not solve the problem, again I had to switch to an earlier save for that. However this might have contributed to the problem at the very least not reappearing after I loaded an earlier save, because I actually went through a custom campaign with Willow in tow, who I suspected was at least partially responsible for the problem due to the way her dialogue is structured, and the fact that I use a mod that actually allows her to be dismissed like a regular follower, this I suspect might bug her out sometime, but nothing like that has happened at least not to me! Now so far everything seems to work fine! This might change of course, but before I took these actions I suspect that the problem would have reappeared by now because before this even when I did switch to an older save the problem kept coming back relatively shortly there after, might have been under specific circumstances but really I dunno! So yeah, the bug has not appeared....yet!
  9. Alright! Might be a good idea, the problem is that the plugin in question is actually an esm file, which as I've heard is not advisable to actually move in the load order on an active playthrew! Of course seeing as I don't really care about my current playthrew I'll try this anyway, I'd be nice If this actually works! Thanks in any case!
  10. As the title says, this certainly is a weird one! I have played this game many times over throughout the years, and I have never encountered this exact problem before! As a matter of fact the only conversation relating to this particular bug that matches all descriptions is the one discussed here: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1752244-missing-goodbye-options/ What is also weird is that I only have 3 mods that match that setup: Sortomatic, Afterschool Special, and The Weapons Mod Menu! And I have never had any problems what so ever that I could trace to those mods! Currently the only way to "Fix" the problem is either to load a previous save file where the problem hasn't occurred, and sometimes firing all followers seems to work for some reason, but only sometimes.....yeah it's one of those! Also yes it keeps reoccurring. Also I have finished a big chunk of the ingame missions, and with the help of this mod here.... https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/66726 ....I can keep playing after finishing the main quest FO3 style....a mod that might have something to do with the bug, but I don't think it should, even though the problem started occurring after me finishing the main quest! As things stand, I really don't care all that much about the current save, but it would be nice for me not unknowingly replicate this bug in the future on a save that I actually care about! So what I'm asking are questions like: -Has anyone had this or any similar bug occur on their game? -Are there any console commands that make the "Goodbye" dialogue reappear? -Is there an effective way for me to trace this problem in my setup, and does it have anything to do with me having close to 100 plugins in my load order?
  11. Alright, thank you! Bit of strange encounter to see FNV adult mods outside of LL, not that I was planning to use anything that says "Modpack" on it, I've learned to avoid those like the plague!
  12. Huh! For some reason I am actually remembering seeing this on some game shop shelves in what seems like an eternity ago! Never really thought to buy it, too focused on Crysis at the time.....might actually buy this thing for shits and giggles.....or just play all three Crysis games instead!
  13. Alright! Blender it is then....although I might have given that one a try before, not sure! Probably couldn't make heads or tails of the thing. Thanks BTW!
  14. Hello there folks! Just a few questions regarding on how to add bounce to armors. Unsure If this topic is in the right section, sorry in case I'm wrong! I've been using Nifscope on and off for a while now, I'm very much an amateur and have only been using it in a very basic sense! Mostly to correct texture paths in order add unique bodies and armors for certain companions, Veronica, Cass, etc! I do this because I really like the idea of unique looks and bodies for certain NPCs. I've been using Type3M for Veronica because it's one of my favorites shapes and the creator was nice enough to make a non replacer versions of his armor conversions, so it is also very convenient for me to use! The thing however is that the body in question rarely has any armor with bounce for it, while I did thankfully find a bouncy version of the body itself that someone had posted somewhere (don't even remember where), the majority of the armors themselves were left untouched! I have been attempting to copy the breast branches from the version of bounce body onto a non bounce armor, without much success so far! Basically what I'm asking is If someone could point me towards a guide somewhere that I can follow on how to do this properly, either with Nifscope or something else? Or give me few pointers right here, either way it works for me. Thank you in advance!
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