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  1. The penis dont have a collision detection with hands?
  2. Is there a futa version of this for VR? sos seems to be working in VR but I dont see any options in the ski ui mod menu thing.
  3. No taking breaks! You're the only animator that makes slower realistic animations! Just wish they were longer and not loop so fast (problem with all animations) Not bashing animators but I cant stand 95% of the animations out there. They look crazy, weird angles, awkward slamming of bodies, too hardcore, no romantic connections.... I wish I could make my own
  4. I been trying to get HDT Bounce and Jiggles CBBE Edition working and collision working today. It says I need the HDT Havok Object but I cannot find the download anywhere? I cant find info on what the latest version is either. Thanks for any help!
  5. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure how to help. - Are you using a mod manager? - Did you manually install the files yourself? - Are you using the Bodyslide built for Skyrim: Special Edition instead? I use NMM, but it installs fine, I always double check to see if everything went as planned. I can get HTD working with the havok object but I installed this mod and nothing happened. Do I need to have clams of skyrim installed for this? It wasnt in the requirements. I use nothing for the new skyrim
  6. I dont have COS body in the list in body slide?
  7. I cant get it to work, I have hdt and collision in my body, but no floppy schlong lol. I tried to use the spell's didnt work. It installed and the options are there. Tried it with havok object on and off.
  8. Do I need HDT installed before I install this mod? This mod installed without errors but its not doing anything. Do I have to install hdt havok object or something? I figured this mod included everything? *Edit I installed the latest HDT extension in the skse folder and havok object and now my girls body bounces, and getting collisions but the pussy doesnt move at all tho. The all in one installer didnt ask me to replace my body or anything?
  9. I cant get my schlong color to match my body color at all!! I have CBBE and tried the SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Navetsea's CBBE patch but it made its worse actually. Any ideas what I should try?
  10. lol this thread is still going after I started it 2 years ago... I still use CBBE
  11. Im sick of waiting for a cbbe schlong....
  12. loving how people are saying oh this topic again dont realize it was posted about a year ago... haha
  13. This mod has come a long way Is there a way for the NPC to have the cumshot? My char is a female without a schlong and it comes out of her and not the NPC. I use sos for females so the females have schlongs. I do make them trangender but it still comes out of me and not them Thanks.
  14. Good job, its been so long since I messed with skyrim I forgot how it all works haha.
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