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    And newbie animator :)

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  1. Hola muy buenos días, en realidad me gustaría hablar contigo por un largo tiempo, dado a que mi duda lo amerita. En tus videos he visto un estilo más de anime de "Los Sims 4", me gustaría obtener el mismo estilo. No se que MODS has usado para conseguir aquello, y la verdad, ante tan diseño, me gustaría el poder tenerlo también. 


    Admiro tu trabajo y tu dedicación, si algún día podemos ponernos en contacto sería muy genial para mi.

  2. Hi Rlo! love your WW animations, but I somehow cannot get the plaything animations to work? My Sim never uses any Dildo or anything and I am not sure where to or how to put it?? I already installed the new version (prop) and I would be thankful for any help or instructions!



  3. Hello R-Lo! I've downloaded your WW animations and I need some help locating some additional cc needed for some. Particularly Azmodan double dildo. I checked their loverslab account but I could not find a any files that said it contained the object. Does the animation work with any other double sided dildos?

    1. MUFFINboo


      Following because im having the same issue lol

  4. Animations recently added.. Azmodan and Noir Stripper Pole > Teasing > Attention Seeking Tease : F Soundtastic Fantastic Royale (Large Juke-Box) > Oraljob > Music Lovers Cunnilingus : FF/FM Floor > Handjob > Female Couple Tease : FF Floor, Bath, Double Bed > Handjob > Female Couple Tease - Kneeling : FF Floor & Double Bed > Handjob > Female Couple Fingering : FF Double Bed > Vaginal > Waiting Her Turn - FFM Double Bed > Vaginal > Happy Cowgirl : FM/FF Vibrating Heart Bed > Teasing > Vibe Bed Tease : F/FF Vibrating Heart Bed > Teasing > Vibe Bed Pillow Hump : F Soundtastic Fantastic Royale (Large Juke-Box) > Handjob > Finger F**k From Behind : F Floor & Double Bed > Handjob > Finger F**k From Behind : F Floor & Double Bed > Handjob > Spread And Tease : FF Double Bed > Teasing > Tickle Torture : FF Counter, Shower, Sofa/Loveseat & Floor > Vaginal > Solo Toy Play : F Double Bed > Vaginal > Solo Toy Play 1,2,3 : F Floor > Teasing > Back Scrub Tease : FF Slippy Slide > Teasing > Using It For Something Else : FF Teasing > Loving Kisses : FF Handjob > Female Couple Fingering : FF Vaginal > Double Dildo : FF Vaginal > Suction Cup Dildo : F Vaginal > DoggyStyle : FM/FF Anal > Submissive Anal : FM/FF Sofa/Loveseat > Vaginal > Taken From Behind : FFM Double Bed > Vaginal > F**k Machine : F Sofa/Loveseat > Vaginal > Plushie Lover : F Double Bed > Teasing > Trying Out Hitachi : F Shower & Floor > Teasing > Shower-Head Solo Pleasure : F preview.webm
  5. Hi Everyone! Apologies for the silence here 🙃 Especially huge apology to dear friends I've made here too, been a weird time with lockdown dragging out 😅 We're ok but cabin fever is taking it's toll and my personal space has been a massive casualty of war while I try not to lose myself 🤪 Had a few technical problems and obstacles which took some time to fix which didn't help but I think I'm through the worst, hope you're all safe and thanks for downloading, I hope you enjoy using them and I'll be sharing some more content soon, Sorry to those that have sent PM, sending love and I'll be catching up over next few days! 💞
  6. Thank you! So many ideas and hardest part is to organise my chaos 😅 more to come!
  7. Made this vid on a mobile app 😄 had to make a few cc edits and the skin is a work in progress 🤯 Her name is Kayda llo_20201028_161918.mp4
  8. Hi and thanks! thanks everyone for your contributions 💖 been catching up but ran out of thumbs for now 😅 been a tough month but surviving, didnt realise it'd been that long as things are stll a blur with the covid restrictions and everything else 🙃 still working on things but hard to find a schedule while feeling like everything I'm doing is not enough and hate to half ass things , Thanks to all for keeping the thread active and interesting 💕 I got some pics to share shortly and hope you like and a look at some animation, been quite anxiouus about the hold up on my updates and sorry to keep you all waiting but thanks for the patience and encouragements and I pray its worth the wait 😽
  9. Few more pics of the odd couple 😸 thanks for the feedback! I'm quite happy with how they turned out and look forward to getting them out some more 😋
  10. Thanks everyone for the concern and sorry for the worry 💖 its been a weird time and being a lone parent through the restrictions is kinda like being a captive in a mental prison or something like that 😅 having so much time indoors but zero space or privacy made me a bit crazy 😵 my brain is constantly thinking of things to do and organise, on and offline 😂 My game needs to go online and patch a few versions so I need to hunt for the script updates *yawn* and find out whether cc Windows are fixed yet? 😆 It's been nice to have a bit of freedom again and being spoilt for ideas thanks to everyone's content 😋💕 I got a lot of things to work on but I been agonising over the old stuff too, like the stiffer or weirdly bent ones and also thinking about making things in stages where I can 🤔 From pic 5 onwards is a re-imagining of the first ever animation I did which was a sitting masturbation but as a 4 stage thing 😽
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