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  1. Whoever is trying to hack my account... 

    Fuck off and leave me alone! 




    1. RitualClarity


      Interesting. Have you communicated this with moderator / Ashal? Might be something that can be done if it is an address or IP. Perhaps that one can be blocked? (or those ones) Likely if they can't get yours they will try another.

    2. R-Lo


      @RitualClarity Yes I have reported this to staff and its being looked into, 

      Just a short while ago I learned that this is also happening to other users too, from Sweden and China, I have also had a second notification straight after that one from Japan, 

      Hopefully the person responsible is caught soon, 

      Meanwhile its a good thing to have a strong password and not same one for everything ?


    3. RitualClarity


      Good to hear. I hope they are found or at least blocked.


      I agree it is best to have a good password and keep it special to this site alone.


      There are tools and password managers for this purpose that will assist in creating random passwords that are very difficult and you dn't have to remember them. You can use a single password to unlock the database. Then use the program to load them up. And.. yes, it is reasonably safe provided you use a proper complex password with proper combination. The tools a am talking about are open source and watched over carefully by those that understand these things. You can pay for a service as well that can help if you wish. It a bit of a learning curve to set it up and keep in in sync (safely) but correctly done. I wouldn't want to do it any other way.


      Use two factor authentication for the recovery emails and most sensitive stuff and you should be pretty good to go.


      It helps if you have a hacker friend that can verify you are secure as well .. lol. (or you are a hacker in this situation ;) )


  2. Hi everyone,
    I'm really sorry for the delay on my next upload,
    The truth is that I'm having serious trouble with my laptop and have been for some time,
    Last couple of weeks, crashes and blue screens have been a lot more frequent and this week I've been to a tech guy,

    I have had some damaged sectors on the hard drive remapped which he was confident would fix the problem, unfortunately there's no change so its gotta go back and its not going to be easy to diagnose,

    I've had the machine for +4 years now, it's done some serious grind and kept up with me though a lot of long, coffee fuelled nights,
    It's done well but it's been holding me back for a while now and I've gotta try replace it as soon as possible,

    Currently finance isn't an option while my credit is tied up with the rogue landlord drama and I have no access to a loan which sucks, it's been quite painful to be stuck like this ?

    So far I've saved some money towards a replacement but it's not enough at the moment ,
    I'm not good at asking for help and I hate to be appearing to look cheeky but if anyone is in a position to consider helping me to achieve this quicker I'd be eternally grateful and also able to work with less restrictions

    I'm not ready to be giving up yet and I'm desperately trying to overcome this nightmare,

    I sincerely apologise for the delay and please be rest assured that all pledges are going towards the continuation and evolution of my works

    Thanks for everything so far and I will be uploading again ASAP xx

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    2. jamofjars


      Sorry to hear about that. Hope you can get back up and running soon

    3. Blackout787


      A shame about the computer, but at least it was only a computer. Always look on the bright side of things.

  3. TS4_x64 2018-11-12 02-26-35.png


    Hi everyone!

    I just wanna apologize for my lack of activity over the last few months with my animations, 

    I'm not going AWOL or losing interest but going through a hard time with trying to escape from a very toxic situation,

    We moved not long ago which was supposed to be a fresh start but ended up being a jump from one frying pan into another as the property is far from suitable or safe for me and my child,


    I got keys yesterday to a new place, met the new neighbors etc and it's going to be a much better situation for us both!


    It's been very difficult for me as I still check in regularly and I've been massively feeling like I been locked out of heaven while not been able to make my animations and express my ideas but the things we've been suffering have made it hard to focus,


    I need to feel sexy while I create my animations and that's been difficult to achieve with the list of nightmares I've been fighting against!



    The van is on it's way and we're moving on up!

    Thanks to everyone for being patient and understanding and I'll be working hard to catch up as soon as possible xx =^•^= 

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    2. GreyMouse


      Glad that its going better for you! That was a pretty nasty environment you left. I know that feeling of soooo quiet. Like when i moved out into the country, so much better.


    3. Bisexual Bitch

      Bisexual Bitch

      All my love is going out to you and your daughter! ? 

    4. deelingDragon


      I'm glad you guys were able to make it away from the toxicity and that you're doing better. Congrats on the move and onward into a new chapter!

  4. Hi Everyone!

    New update is coming up,

    I had a Halloween inspired urge and did a new vid!

    I hope you enjoy xx 

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    2. B10HAZARD.


      Nice work/editing R-Lo. The hallway at the beginning reminded me of Silent Hill.


      In my restless dreams, i see that town...Silent Hill.

      You promised you'd take me there again some day...but you never did.

      Well, I'm alone there now, in our special place... waiting for you. [Queue eerie music]... 

    3. R-Lo


      Thanks dude!

      I've not been to silent hill myself but saw the brochure!

      Maybe I'll visit one day! 

    4. Vulturis


      Omg, it started out Silent Hill-esque, then became cute with a few choppier animations, and at the end it became sexy and spectacular with seamless animations and I just loved it. And yeah, the music was fantastic. Great job!

  5. Happy Easter Everyone!

    5abe81ccb533f_TS4_x642018-03-2301-54-35.thumb.png.007260419b33b5fc930d9c90dd7a247a.pngHope you enjoy our new vid! x




    Wishing All A Great Weekend :classic_biggrin:

    1. Stuzy44


      very nice.

    2. Kiiiro


      wow <3 


    3. R-Lo


      Hi All!




      Some have mentioned problems with the video link so it's also available to view here!



  6. Loving your content! Xxx :heart::love:

    It's very interesting one and works beautifully for my 2B inspired sim!


    Thanks! :heart:




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    2. R-Lo


      Thanks! :heart: 

      I browse around for cute cc for my characters and MTS is one of my go-to sites! Saw some useful things you've made and this blew me away as knew exactly where it was going!!

      I really love the way it travels through the clothing and hair too :open_mouth: I've used it for the other ladies too and now they couldn't possibly be anymore cyber!

      Keep up the great work Rei'! I think some people here may like to try this too!

    3. Reitanna


      hmm, maybe i'll post it here too with pictures of my sex bot :smiley:

    4. R-Lo


      Yes!! You totally should!:smiley:

      If you post pics here of your new stuff I'll get an update as your follower! New site is much more fun :heart: would love to see some more of your poses sometime too :love:

  7. Omg I'm totally stoked finding your work on TSR!!


    Fifi loves it :heart: and treated herself to one!


    1. unipatronus


      HAHAH! I LOVE IT!! Fifi looks ADORABLE! Well, more adorable than usual! ♥ Thank you!! 


    2. R-Lo


      Thank you!!! :heart: I really hope you do more and feel free to let me know if you see any poses and facial expressions that you would like to have recreated for your future previews! It's the least I can do for your encouragement and support! :blush:

    3. unipatronus


      haha! I will keep that in mind! Thank you sooo much! :D


  8. Hands off my Pussy!5a0b208ca30da_TS4_x642017-11-1414-42-45.thumb.png.79c3d25d1ad942e433831732128e156c.png

    1. Cataclysimz


      Adorable.. Not sure if i'm tripping or i'm really seeing heart shaped clouds in the background...  Lol

    2. R-Lo


      I wish you were tripping! It's always nice to have good weed :blush: it's a mod I found a while back... https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-mods/title/clouds-and-hearts-sky-mod/id/1340696/


      There are others too! Moon replacement etc

  9. Happy Kitty :heart:




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    2. R-Lo


      Thank you:blush::heart:

      She's been having a great day!5a0a274691a53_TS4_x642017-11-1304-11-39.thumb.png.2218012e79ebd176ecb3d986b6372e1f.png

    3. sophiextime


      Tickles her lil kitty sis :candy:

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