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  1. Skyrim Enhanced Camera and SSL

    Thanks! It seems that enabling bForceFirstPersonSitting fixed it for me (bFixSkyrimIntro is true by default). It may not be optimal, because I can’t move the cam during a scene, but at least the buggy torso is gone. Edit: Never mind. The value I changed had no effect on the problem. However I accidently discovered, that during a scene I can use the mouse wheel to activate “fake 1st person mode” and that’s kinda ok.
  2. Skyrim Enhanced Camera and SSL

    Thank you for the hint, but the head is not the problem. Maybe it was not good to see in the screen shots, but my character is the girl and in first person I can see myself and an additional torso. I don’t think this is supposed to happen.
  3. Ceraph the Succubus Follower

    I love CoC! I don’t know how many hours I spent playing it. Sadly I have a problem with your mod. The physics are not working, but HDT and FloppySOS work for other actors and the player. Do you know how to fix this?
  4. Skyrim Enhanced Camera and SSL

    There are graphic glitches during scenes while in first person mode.
  5. Skyrim Enhanced Camera and SSL

    Of course I know Immersive First Person and I used it for quite a while, but it simply isn’t convenient to play with this mod. I don’t like the third person movement combined with first person view . Enhanced Camera is the only mod I know which combines the best of both worlds.
  6. Hi. I really like the mod “Skyrim Enhanced Camera”. It offers a very good first person view and at the same time maintains the good usability of vanilla first person. The only downside is that it does not work with SexLab. Does anybody know how to get these two mods to work together?
  7. Hi BD. I have the same error and a bunch of warnings. It also causes a CTD. Do you know how to get rid of it?
  8. Nah, it’s fine. I like my game immersive ​.
  9. Skyrim Sexlab Toys

    Ok it seems you don't have the required animation enabled. Check in your sexlab menu under toggle animations if one of the animations isn't there.
  10. Skyrim Sexlab Toys

    Don't mean to sound so stupid but what do you mean by skyrim log? Pease follow this instructions to enable your log: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2791993
  11. Skyrim Sexlab Toys

    The first SexLab thread (flask) claims the actor for itself. The second thread (soul gem) can’t use the same actor. It’s not a bug, it’s just first in time, first in line. You have to wait until the current animation is over. And I don’t have the PSQ mod installed. Could you please post your papyrus log file so that I can understand what exactly is happening? Please downloade the new version. This should be fixed now.
  12. Skyrim Sexlab Toys

    Annexed to this post is a new version of the mod. It contains scripts with the function RegisterForModEvent and an AnimationEnd Event. They would be very useful for further mod development, but it is just not working with my Skyrim and I can’t find any errors in it. I wonder if the problem has something to do with my Skyrim installation, because other mods cause similar errors. If anyone could test the mod and post the log here that would be great. PS.: This error is bad: Skyrim SexLab Toys Test.rar
  13. Skyrim Sexlab Toys

    I also cleaned the mod with tes5edit. And as long as you use the wrye bash bashed patch the leveled list for the shops should not be a problem. I'm sorry, i should have been more specific about what i ment "cleaning". There's a worldspace edit at 0000003c tamriel which i think is unrelated to your current work. (unless the farmhouse door and the pine tree is somehow related.) Also edits to "abandonded shack" and a light source in pinewatch. And i proposed to clean it so u have an ok esp to work with. In my game the toys is craftable anyway, so that was just a proposal as that would solve both the world edits and the leveled lists.And i do use wrye bash anyway thats not the issue. Thanks again for the mod and the updated version...keep it up Oh. I actually never noticed this . Thank you for pointing this out. The fixed esp will be in the new update.
  14. Skyrim Sexlab Toys

    Ok now you can command your follower to use the toys. Select the dialogue option "I need you to do something." and take the item. After the animation the toy will be in your followers’ inventory. Tell me if you like this system. I also cleaned the mod with tes5edit. And as long as you use the wrye bash bashed patch the leveled list for the shops should not be a problem.