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  1. I enjoy watching women try to lift the weights. I wish there was an MCM for the speed of the pommel horse. It's way too fast. I also with there was a yoga mat where we could watch a series of erotic yoga poses Or a routine on the uneven bars or parallel bars, which can be slowed down through MCM Or a high chin up bar. Or a Matt with an aerobic routine like the 20 minute workout with lots of bouncing.
  2. Thank-you for both those patches.... Not sure what your saying above. Will this mod, "AAF Morning Sex With Lover", work with ILER? (immersive Lovers Embrace Remastered) I thought they were very similar...no? I'm confused. I just want ILER with the visual and audio show, but the author wants to blackout the "Mature" part and only provide audio for your imagination. That Is why I disabled "ILER" and loaded "AAF Morning Sex With Lover." I just wanted the sex scenes.
  3. Hello...Iust disable the nexus Immersive Lovers Embrace.. It's too PG13 for me. Thanks for making a simple implementation into a vanilla game mechanic Downloaded mod your and I am running Amazing Follower Tweaks. I have Heather Casdin Thanks for the pillow talk plugin. I have Companion Ivy 4. Vortex says the plugin "mswL_syntheticlove_patch.esp" depends on "p865_syntheticlove.esp" Is there a way you could please update this plugin? I have Ellen the Cartogrpaher. Would you please consider making a plugin for this? Ivy 4 is very well done and I'
  4. My favourite two mods in Skyrim Seklene Kate with a voice Remodeled Armour by Chronotrigger to bodyslide 2 had promises of updates. I waited and waited for months. Never played any DLC's LOL. Then Fallout 4 came out and I think I gave up waiting. I do not know your abilities or willingnees to learn. I went throught a Nightasy tutorial in Skyrim days and downloaded a few programs to mod my own outfits. I gave up after about 20 hours LOL. He made about 60 videos on youtube. What I did learn was how much effort and talent these guys have. All the modders are amazing imho. Bu
  5. Is the OP's Slooty Jumpsuit a WIP or is it a request?
  6. It hurts...... Someone please make this happen. I'm reliving my puberty frustrations of only being able to watch Colonel Deering once a week. I don't want to go through with that again. Such a nasty, nasty tease if this does not come out. I miss Colonel Wilma Deering. Google her, you might get some more ideas. White suit is classy and revealing
  7. Mysterious stranger down the Luck line. Can she be a flasher in a trench coat? Or at least something more sexy?
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!! 9.5 out of 10 Add a bit of camel toe it would be perfect!!
  9. I am using EFF for multiple followers. I have 3 followers plus myself. When the follower NPC's reach the trigger point for rape, they do not. I need to dismiss them for them to rape me. Nor will they rape each other. Is this by design. It would nice if the rape were to be more spontaneous and not under my control. Not sure if there is a work around or something I did not check off on the MCM. Please advise.
  10. What alternate animations? The fluids plugin? Try disabling zzEstrus.esp Thanks for getting back so quickly!! No, not the fluids plugin. None of the animations for this mod work for me. I get the MCM menu, a note on how to work the animations. I can shout out the red squiggly lines, but no animations start. Then I noticed all the posts and how is no longer supporting it. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33102/? The I remembered seeing your mod. You also need Cotyounoyume's mod to work. I was hoping maybe you were updating his work. http://www.loverslab.com/
  11. I'm gald it's working for you. I have the brand new FNIS out this week. No animation on any Esrtus. I can shout and red lines shoot to the ground. But nothing happens. So I tried this mod with the alternate animations in the download section. Still no animations....(sigh)
  12. Hello Tomcat, I'm not sure if you've ever tried Chronotriggers Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide and BBP. You can find it on the Nexus. It's really amazing. However, I do like the Tera Armours and clothes an aweful lot. It would be absolutley amazing if you would consider making the bra and panties removable, or as Chronotrigger's term is "zappable" in the bodyslde. Would you please consider doing something like this. Only a handful of Tera armour sets would be feasable. The dresses would not of course. Thanks in advance.
  13. I don't want to discourage you but vilja is incompatible with sex animations period all will break her ai This is stated by emma somewhere in the description and tested repeatedly by me with bad results. I am about level 26 and had Vilja since the beggining being added to the sex fuction via console as sudgested in the op.No errors have occured consearning Vilja either on her AI or quest related behaviour! Oh...no. First Selene and now Vilja?? Ack!! Only Vanilla PC's can work on Sexlab? Uh-oh....tad disappointed.
  14. Planned Features NO DIALOGUES and/or ACTIONS in/by the mod, it is utility/framework mod Add sexual preferences to all NPCs Assign random sexual preferences to NPCs I hope you have plan for these Redneck!! I like what you're thinking!!
  15. I will also post it on the head of the thread: As long as I work on the mod it is going to be WIP, the next status will be "no longer supported". It is mostly stable, though it is WIP I don't do/plan major changes and do my best to keep updates continuous (no need for clean save, just copy over new files). It is heavly scripted and SLAroused has cloacking effect. Meaning if you have many other mods with a lot of scripts they all together might overload papyrus and cause trouble. For example if you have problems with SoS, Footprints, Duel, Headtraking mods you might have problems with SL
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