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  1. I managed to edit the textures (only for the ammo count, could not find .DDS files for targeted npc types), but I cannot figure out how to change the color or the size of the image that shows up. I tried to increase the size of the texture from the original 1024x1024 to 2048x2048, but the texture remained the same size in-game (I want it to be bigger, for better visibility). My attempts at using creationkit and FO4Edit to find something that dictates how large the displayed image may be have been unsuccessful so far, despite all the supposed guides and tutorials...
  2. I saw this Korean mod that displays hentai images with ammo count and enemy type, modified from (a small) Gun HUD at Fallout 4 Nexus, with adjustable image location and transparency, but the link(s) provided on the Korean website were all down. I looked around (even in some Chinese and Japanese modding sites), but I cannot find any suitable/similar mod anywhere. Does anyone here know of similar mod, or at least able to provide the mod (if you somehow have it) or a basic guide on how to change around with the original Gun HUD mod to make my own? My modding skills are basically non-e
  3. I'm sorry if something similar has already been discussed, but I do not dare search through 237 pages just to see if my particular question has been asked and answered. I used bodyslide with Outfit/Body=Unified UNP Special and Preset=UUNP-UNP Special (with FairSkinComplexionForUNP, LiFE UNP, and Baka Haeun UNP mods (this mod provides better vagina textures) above the all-in-one for their textures), and things seemed to work initially in-game. However, I noticed that my character's breasts do not particularly bounce around much, while NPC breasts bounced around naturally. Can someo
  4. Waited several minutes, still blank page...Other mods are working fine. ScreenShot4.bmp ScreenShot5.bmp
  5. The shoulder and bag parts of the milker dissapears whenever a body suit is worn with it. For example, the Angeli Fight Milker appears complete and fine when it is worn by itself, but as soon as it is equipped with Angeli Fight Suit, the bag and shoulder bits of the milker dissapears and only returns when the suit is de-equipped... ScreenShot3.bmp ScreenShot2.bmp
  6. When I enable rape, the MCM menu becomes unresponsive (just like when you enable/install something within the MCM menu and have to close and reopen the MCM menu). When I reopen the MCM menu and click on the Cursed Loots, it shows blank page...Otherwise, the game itself works fine. ScreenShot0.bmp modlist.txt loadorder.txt
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