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  1. NisaK, could we have a cheat for the sim that got kissed by the black widow to keep the hypnotic eyes until sexual encounter has ended?
  2. I was referring to more of the buffs like a venom primed buff that i can stick onto a sim to keep the green eyes longer. Would also be cool to have a cheat to make it that the venom buff on a victim stays on until sex is over option please.
  3. Hey Nisa, I tried to apply the black widow buff through a cheat but I think i might be doing it wrong. Do you have any suggestions?
  4. Not so much the venom lips but the victim that gets kissed and gets the infatuation buff with the black widow: could there be a cheat or something that makes it stay on indefinitely until say like when the black widow shares her venom with the victim? The glowing eyes and the yellow lips is a cool graphical add-on. Think of it like enslaving someone.
  5. Is there any way to set the venom duration to indefinitely until the sex interaction ends or Share Venom?
  6. tried both... did not work. Do you have any expansion packs or anything?
  7. Yes i made sure i turned it on for both my deepclean save and old save and it still did not show up. Also to note: I also moved all my mods out except wickedwhims and the menu was still missing.
  8. Anyone able to get the STD menu to come up? I cannot seem to forcibly make someone have crabs or a sleeper agent. I was told that if I shift+click on a sim then click on Wicked, there should be an option for STD.
  9. Just to follow up on the missing STD menu: I also tried deepcleaning my game save and also tried Embedded & Backup Save Data Cleaning. None of it worked. STD menu still missing. Am I missing something here?
  10. Thanks but that's so strange.. the option is not there for me. the STD option. Is it because I am not a patreon?
  11. Is there any way or cheat to check if a Sim has crabs? Would've been better if there is a command to give a sim crabs so you know where to start with the disease.
  12. Anyone having problem of getting autonomy to work? it seems like none of my sims want to do anything lately.
  13. Im having some problems where my female and male sims are not given an option to change penis settings. I have also noticed that the ww mod is not really doing any autonomous sexual activity anymore even when it is set to high.
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