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  1. yes something in your setup is broken - there is a spell that puts a john for 30 minutes into a satisfied faction and there is a flag that signals that you are busy. Retry with a clean save.
  2. I switched from LE to SE because there are significant improvements that really matters and changes gameplay: With havok fix you can run the engine above 60FPS which improves the story manager a lot. The whole atmosphere becomes more dense and immersive. As far as we know today AE does not change anything - it's just compiled with a new compiler which breaks SKSE completely, you just gain some few additional FPS - which you can also gain by configuration optimization. So these are the bad news for adult players - very likely no NSFW Skyrim for AE, we reached a dead end of Skyrim.
  3. I will very likely stay with the old Skyrim SE version - unless a fully compatible SKSE is out I didn't heard about a single must have feature
  4. You have a "NPC cheater" spell to perform actions on a specific NPC MariaEden was build against SKSE 2.0.19 - next version will use 2.0.20 Automated outfit update is triggered in Game load, not at startup, and it takes some time depending on your machine.
  5. Caused by moving the Player - dunno why but it was always like that. I am just much more affected because I am now playing more in pampas with a lot of flora
  6. It is possible to decouple the Havok engine from Framerate - this allows me to run with 144 FPS (the engine is running in sync with framerate so this speeds up scripts very much), so slow scripts are not the point - it is the cell reload. This is really expensive in regions with grass
  7. After disabling opparco mfg command and MfgFix everything gets worse - neither Sexlab- nor MariaEden, nor ZAP expressions are working any longer. I still think that there is something broken here. Regarding blackout during alignment - nice, but blur is to light, needs to be stronger, it is still flickering a lot Update: it was MfgFix, now expressions works but mouth expressions changes are far to fast - looks like the chin is synced with a machine gun
  8. BTW - I checked my Steam installation and it seems that it is no longer possible to prevent Steam from Game updates - that could still mean a lot of fun for us 😞
  9. Any engine change will break SKSE and therefore a majority of NSFW content. I don't expect so much changes that switching to it provides anything else then troubles to NSWF players. It took ages of reverse engineering to push SKSE for SE to an almost similar level as the LE version and I think most of the SKSE grandpas has left the playground.
  10. I really want to find a hook in SKSE that allows me to react in Papyrus conditions. One possibility seems to hook into ActorValue processing of Papyrus - but maybe somebody knows a more easy solution? I want my own SKSE code called in Papyrus condition checks.
  11. Two issues: Issue 1 - facial expressions broken I have installed (latest versions - not updated since years) mfg command https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12919 mfg fix https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/11669 In the new Sexlab version facial expressions will not work any longer (no issue in previous version). In my own mod MariaEden I use MfgConsoleFunc.SetPhoneme() and MfgConsoleFunc.SetModifier() pretty much for facial expressions without any issue so something was broken in the latest SexLab. Issue 2 - placement amok This was already an issue with previous versions: Actor re-positioning leads to multiple cell reloads. This leads to heavy flickering and really bad visual impression in large cells like typical exterior cells. In highly modded outdoor environments this could take more than 10 seconds on my turbo machine (>100 FPS) - I will not imaging how long it takes on normal average machines. If this multiple repositioning is not avoidable I would recommend to black out the screen for this phase because really nobody want to see this NPC placement dojo.
  12. Another - I think more clean solution would be to add an enchantment to SkimpyHorseSaddle with an effect that catches the activate event (Player or NPC mounts the horse)...
  13. Regarding arousal integration: add a quest with a player alias create a magic effect (Ability, Script) with this script: Scriptname SkimpyRidingEffect extends activemagiceffect event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster) OnUpdate() RegisterForSingleUpdate(Utility.RandomInt(10,30)) endevent event OnUpdate() Actor akTarget = GetTargetActor() int eid = ModEvent.Create("slaUpdateExposure") ModEvent.PushForm(eid, akTarget) ModEvent.PushFloat(eid, 3.5) ModEvent.Send(eid) RegisterForSingleUpdate(Utility.RandomInt(10,30)) endevent create an ability spell containing this effect with the condition IsRidingMount add this spell to the player alias Result: arousal will be increased whenever the player rides any horse. To restrict the effect to horses with this saddle you can add this to the EffectStart: Actor theHorse = Game.GetPlayersLastRiddenHorse() if theHorse.IsEquipped(SkimpyHorseSaddle) ... The script is part from MariaEden where the player gets aroused when riding a horse under certain conditions... I think there is also the possibility to catch riding audio events and increase the arousal on horse footsteps only - RegisterForAnimationEvent(...) - OnAnimationEvent(...), I use it in MariaEden for certain audio effects when the player is moving.
  14. Since saddles are equipped to horses via outfit why not simply creating a special horse outfit: clone HorseSaddleAA to HorseSaddleSkimpyAA change the mesh to your mesh clone armor HorseSaddle to SkimpyHorseSaddle replace HorseSaddleAA in SkimpyHorseSaddle with HorseSaddleSkimpyAA clone outfit HorseSaddleOutfit to SkimpyHorseSaddleOutfit replace HorseSaddle in SkimpyHorseSaddleOutfit with SkimpyHorseSaddle the "stables" quest has a quest alias PlayerHorse, you can equip the new outfit when the player buys the horse, or you can instrument all horses in this quest because it contains all potential player horses which will likely never been ridden by anyone else (except in Maria Eden where the players master take over the horse)
  15. There is a crawl hotkey. <skyrimfolder>\Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\MariaHotkeys.json It is actually the kneel key + shift
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