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  1. Nothing could be evaluated from the log at all. Conflict between SIM - Skyrim Interface makeover / Floating Health Bars Anything that adjusts font will conflict with calls that rely on default font which causes CTD. Floating healthbars called the missing font and crashes once the healthbar pops up.
  2. Explanation of situation So my skyrim should be working fine, I have the load order sorted. Everything boots and runs fine besides having to new game load everytime I reopen skyrim. All the of armor and mods work as they should as far as I can tell within city limits. Problem When I go attack something inside or outside of a city the game automatically CTD's. I've narrowed this down to a possible error of functionality of defeat or Violens because those would be the two mods being activated during combat situations. CTD Im having could be a possible sort order issue but I dont think so at this point but open to the possibility. Solution Disable Skyrim Interface Mod and addons Sim causes more problems than it fixes anyway. Spoiler is of my Papyrus Log. Is there a way quick way to get a list of enabled mods in txt from Mod Organizer? If so Ill post my mods if that would help
  3. I'm glad you enjoyed them Mod: More Nasty Critter / All in one Animated pussy 3.3 / Quite the Sperm Replacer
  4. How about dismemberment, does that have anything to do with glitches or normal dead bug out too?
  5. Depending the mods and what they do, so if an armor is sculpted a certain way and the body does something else, bugs happen. That's my guess atm. I want to say it has something to do with dismemberment. Do all the characters you loot bug our or certain ones?
  6. Sounds like conflicting meshes or missing meshes. Maybe you have two of the same type of mod activated and its overriding something or conflicting to null
  7. Album: Little Vivian Visits Malice Let me know if you like this or if it makes you cum
  8. So amazing thank you, hope to see your next post soon omg lol. Maybe with a horse or creampied
  9. This is my favorite post, thank you! What outfit is she in?
  10. thank you for answering my questions Yes I was refering to the schlong addon, I'm glad I am not missing anything but if there is anyone that would like to help me rig the horse addon for collision that would be great!
  11. I figured their height was just part of their charm but ya my woman is relatively a foot taller or so usually than your followers xD
  12. Thank you! Was curious about how the functionality occurred. Is there any particular animal penis mod that has the desired affect/collision pre-attached besides Sos-horse penis, that mod doesnt have the length or collisions I am looking for to produce this effect.
  13. I think both had fun. She won't take no for an answer after she's started.
  14. Lol yes I was! You do awesome work and I want you to feel inspired and useful! One way to show that is to show how useful your followers are or how much fun or well designed they are! thank you so much for her and your other followers!
  15. Here are some shots of Erinna and my character having some fun together Hope you like these mfeile1974 Glad to be able to share with everyone! Enjoy! I find Erinna to be very pleasing and enjoy her a lot. Can't wait for your next surprise for us mfeile1974!
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