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  1. Thank youu! It's the preset yeah but not the leaked version.
  2. Heeey guys, finally back ~ Hope you enjoy SOLO PICS SEX GIFS PART 1 SEX GIFS PART 2
  3. If you have suggestions on what free programs i can use for gifs or vids i'm all ears ^-^ Thanks for the support~
  4. Happy Easter ! Screenshots GIFS BONUS Close-Ups
  5. TT i tried but didn't work for me either i think i'm gonna have to give up on my hotkey.
  6. Wahhh that's really pretty. Her face ~drool~
  7. Whaaaat... That's so confusing! Where can i send the guy that makes the ENB menu a message?
  8. Thank you and Seijin8 for all your help.
  9. Yeah i actually found that mod and felt it'd be perfeeect. I too am afraid there is no way to get the hotkey unless i use another ENB or find out where i have to put another line for it to show up in my ENB menu. Anyway if you ever do find out before me please let me know, it's not a huge issue but it is a slight inconvinience when making screenshots. I have an extremely heavy DoF that drops about 30 fps so i turn it off when picking another pose. The hotkey would have been extremely convinient.
  10. I think my issue is the fact it does not show up in my ENB menu in game at all. In your screenshot i can see it in your INPUT. This is what my enblocal.ini looks like [INPUT] KeyCombination=0 KeyUseEffect=122 KeyFPSLimit=0 KeyShowFPS=106 KeyScreenshot=0 KeyEditor=123 KeyFreeVRAM=0 KeyBruteForce=0 KeyDepthOfField=103 (Yeah i use QWERTY) Thanks for all the help so far btw
  11. PraedythXVI mentioned above that it should show up in the input tab in the ENB menu in game. Either way i've tried Shift + f7, ctrl, alt, fn etc but nothing seems to work. Just to clarify KeyDepthOfField=118, 118 being F7 right?
  12. I noticed that afterwards aswell, but that did not show up in my ENB menu in game either. So then i tried some other ENB's enblocal.ini and copy pasted it in mine but that did not make it show up either. Is there something else i must do to make it show up in game?
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