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  1. that's just how Loverslab works, each time you edit the front page it notifies everyone just like it does when you actually update the files, I don't get why, but this is why I basically stopped to update mod pages
  2. sorry, its just extremely obvious to me that i assumed its not hard to find all you need to do is to scroll down the basic settings I dont see any obvious error in the log, I guess its broken in the mod itself, still make sure you are on the latest version of all your mods
  3. look again Source: https://highlander.fandom.com/wiki/Immortal#Physical_Appearance please read the big red text on the RJW page, and post your hugslog, we cant read minds/hack into your systems and see whats wrong (yet)
  4. thanks for your log, I can't tell what the problem exactly is so here my more general fix tips: did you override mod folders last time you updated a mod? completely delete the mod and reinstall fresh there are many errors about missing missing genitals, try rjw race support maybe the warhammer races have a RJW patch built in which got broken by the RJW 4.8 update, try without these races other then that there is only removing mods until it works no orgy ritual is from the sexperience addon (which is a little buggy)
  5. please post your modlist or hugslog
  6. thanks, for letting me know! if you have the menstruation addon crank the rjw pregnancy up to 100% or you will almost never see a pregnancy, check the menstruation settings too its gotten better, I haven't heart of any VE - RJW issues yet
  7. I recommend to read the instructions i provided in a few places: (following any of these will take you to further instructions), good luck! probably, but that has to be added on rimnudes side, not in RJW sounds like a bug, if that doesnt work, it needs a fix
  8. Great stuff! Just a quick notice how you could make this into a simple mod, so people don't need to replace the RJW textures after each RJW update put the textures into a folder with the path like RJW textures have, and an "About" folder with the about.xml & manifest.xml and a preview image You could also look how @EnRomous did it: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/18695-rimjobworld-rjw-fresh-textures/
  9. In theory you "just" need to edit your savegame to make every pawn match the new body part order just start a new game or stay with the older RJW version until you are finished with your campaign and prevent the headache (and whatever else broken stuff you might need to fix) the animation addons are maintained by a different modder as the framework is, I don't think they will need to be updated for RJW 4.8 but I don't mark them as compatible just to be sure (to hopefully prevent various bug reports), same with everything else in the list
  10. to remove "sex, cum, pegging..." from conversations delete everything inside "RJW\1.3\Languages\English\Strings\Words\Nouns\TalkTopics_Sexual.txt" with any text editor, if you don't play with English delete stuff in your language start a new game to be safe make sure you use compatible mod combinations alright thanks for the feedback, I just dont know much more then you which addons will/will not work
  11. dont use RJW addons with 4.8.0+ RJW versions until they are updated dont use RJW addons with 4.8.0+ RJW versions until they are updated dont use RJW addons with 4.8.0+ RJW versions until they are updated dont use RJW addons with 4.8.0+ RJW versions until they are updated, I cant say if you are really running or any conflicting mods without you showing your hugslog please sort your mods, why are all RJW related mods at the top of your load order? Also dont use RJW addons with 4.8.0+ RJW versions until they are updated Dont use RJW addons with 4.8.0+ RJW versions until they are updated I havent tried, but I didnt see anyone complaining lately, they wont get preggers tho (by design) dont use RJW addons with 4.8.0+ versions until they are updated And to all of you: I dont put these messages on the top of the downloadpage for fun, please tell me what i should do so you actually read these sorry for this massive pile of salt
  12. I've been using the RJW version just fine with rocketman my 3 ingame year old colony, cant say whats wrong with your install without a hugslog post hugslog post hugslog I have no issues with Animal variety coats and RJW (with the RJW version)
  13. The breast, penis and vagina hediffs are functionally similar to bionics, which dev mode doesnt restore either, either use the add hediff command or character editor to give your pawns their parts back The latest stable version is on the download page, Ed86 posted the test version, if you use RJW addons better not use the unstable one
  14. Rimnude location is not terribly important, just load after any bodytexture changing mods & alien races and before RJW animations, if you have issues with rjw animations make sure you have a clean install of the latest versions for RJW, RJW Animation Framework and Rimworld itself (never override folders when you update mods)
  15. by downloads & views Rimjobworld is in the lead in the Rimworld lewd modding scene, last updated yesterday, the best advice you can get for lewd Rimworld gameplay is on the RimJobworld Discord
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