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  1. Matt's not a virgin anymore: a good news to announce to his twisted mother (who pretends to discover it). Matt feels full of confidence and has never been happier. He has sex whenever he wants with Rose (who didn't expect to be asking for more). Matt gains sex experiment and never leaves Rose house without letting her fulfilled in cum. One day, as Matt chills around the beach, Ashley notices him and asks him why they don't see each other anymore. Matt, phlegmatic, answers that he's too busy with his g
  2. Matt lets himself go in front of his mother after his unpleasant discover. With Leonel's discretion, she has an idea to 'help' Matt with his sexual frustration. The idea is to call her recent friend Rose. Rose in a 33 y.o. anarchist and also a weed addict. She lives in Caldera Camp and has a lot of interests in common with Weissman couple, such as sexual freedom... So this day, as Matt regain joy with fishing, Rose shows up. Talking a lot with Matt and ostensibly showing her boobs, Rose ge
  3. MC CoKane lives with his family in a great mansion since his second album inexplicably made an incredible buzz and pushed him at the top of the rap game, winning two Simmy Awards. However, CoKane indeed got this nickname after his drugs addiction; cocaine, amphetamine, weed... He seemed to behave better after his daughter birth but he felt down into it again, some years after. And this eager for sex and drugs would increase after his divorce. Well, why did he divorce? It implies an affair with his best friend's wife: Sugar Bijou. And would imply a very violent feud with Tom Word
  4. We're in Sulani, Matt is 17. He lives with his mother Mary-Jane, his stepfather Leonel and his sister Britta. Even if Matt suffers not knowing his father, he has an happy childhood with his loving weird family. He plays a lot with his little sister, has two very good friends, and really nice parents. But honestly, he wish he he hadn't seen his stepfather's dick and his mother's pussy so often in his life. Well, the story is about Matt's love affairs. So let's start with his first love: Ashley. As
  5. This fucker right here's named Matt. He lives in a good appartment in San Myshuno and has become a mad serial fucker. What's his secret? You'll get to know. Now let's introduce main characters around him. First of all, his hippie mother, Mary-Jane Weissman. Mary-Jane got pregnant with rapper MC CoKane. They didn't have a lot in common but eager for sex and drugs. They had a passionnate week of love (without condom) together and Mary-Jane only found out she was pregnant way too late so decided to keep the baby. Without having any contact with CoKane.
  6. My Sims 4 game story : Ballin' Matt to be found here.
  7. My Sims 4 game story : Ballin' Matt to be found here.
  8. A quite developed story involving self made sims, many other ones made by mrrakkon, and some randomly downloaded on EA galleries. Every Sims 4 city will host an episode. [Update] You can find the episodes right here!
  9. Hi everyone! This is a common glitch some of you have might already experienced, but I'm pissed of with it. As I recently installed all extensions and packs of Sims, I expected to avoid losing time in modifying them when I download some new ones. But then the "????" glitch appeared for more and more of my sims, even most common Maxis' ones. I have to modify 1/2 sims cause there's always an accessory, a shoes model, an haircut that would create this glitch, but it doesn't concern CCs. It concerns elements that were already in the base game. Sometimes I only have to ch
  10. Hi guys! Just downloaded some sim that already had 'sexually abstinent' trait... And I don't know how to remove it. Does someone know? Thanks!
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