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  1. So my PC got petted in random raider location in downtown boston via Violate, on top of random building. Shortly after I got mission to meet the boss and boss turned out to be a ghoul across the map. I reckon THAT ain't supposed to happen. Anyone encountered such bug before? Edit: yep, on page 45. Group was too small, I'll reload earlier save. Guess PC get's easy way this time.
  2. Leito's running fine with Violate, must be something on your end, maybe mod order.
  3. Does anyone know if I can manually with console command apply "frustration" debuff and if yes, what command would it be? edit: 27007A68 for item itself and 2700820C for perk with description. The item only seems to add -2 though, don't know how to make it work the way it should, with 3 different strength levels. Posting since it might come in handy for those who have same problem as me with Violate and this mod, where it doesn't for some reason apply this debuff, while applying all else.
  4. I just did test and it seems perversion didn't in fact trigger despite having "desperate for sex" debuff, it did apply after set ammount of rounds untill perversion in MCM menu. It also for some reason didn't apply "frustrated" debuff yet did apply trauma, which is weird because I thought 2 would go hand in hand if PC is dominant. Testing it with assault from Raider Pet mod did apply the "frustrated" debuff.
  5. What about "frustration"? My PC gained trauma level after assault, yet I don't see frustration debuf in pipboy and neither in icon as stated in one of changelogs("Frustration is now in "disease" category. Orange disease icon if you have the frustration debuff"). My PC is dominant. Also, I understand that "sex level" attribute is actually a "sex addiction", right? Edit: nvm, I did initiate assault from Raider Pet mod to test and it did add "frustration" debuff. I wonder thought why there was no debuff from assault initiated by Violate mod. I'm guessing because of "desperate for sex" debuff?
  6. How quickly does "perversion" is supposed to kick in when low spirit/desperate for sex? I had two animations happen while under this status, but there was no notification or change to pc behaviour and facial expression happen. Any way to see if it works with SexAttributes fine? It did initialize on start of the game and I think I remember seeing regain of self-esteem after "retrieval" quest, but now I have my doubts.
  7. That's what I thought, but wanted to make sure in case something borked up. Thanks!
  8. Yeah, pretty sure I did install some pack with scaling, that might be it. Thanks for help, thought I just went around way edited few animations to fit my character.
  9. Anyone knows what could cause problem with missaligned animations? Actor 1 is ever so slightly lower than Actor 2. Is this just engine failing to do morph or something in time? I do have Hardship 1.5.9E so while MO2 shows there are overwritten filles in this fix, it shouldn't be a conflict.
  10. Anyone knows what could cause problem with missaligned animations? Actor 1 is ever so slightly lower than Actor 2. I understand that AAF now is supposed to handle it(?) and there can't be manual offset fix? I do have Staged Leito Plus Erection Fix installed. edit: nvm that's probably question for ^ mod page
  11. That bugged missionary position seems to be working in bed, so I guess for some reason it's applying bed position setting even when not using one? Tried to change the offset in "anims_animationData.xml" but it seems to be ignoring the value. Are those now handled by AAF or something? I don't know how it works, but if it doesn't then I don't know why it would ignore the edits. MO2 doesn't show any files being overwritten here.
  12. Found fix at least for my case, the issue was mod "Animated Fannies", it had it's own famalebody.nif that was replacing the one I was editing. After removing or reinstalling with "no bounce" option the breast issue was gone.
  13. Really, no one knows the answer to this one? I have the same problem, CBP, OCBP physics work fine with outfits but naked body is broken. Even after removing them naked body has the same issue as in OP, which lead me to answers that recommend removing breast/butt bones, which I did and replaced .nif file in "ShapeData" folder but there was no difference. Went ahead and deleted more chest area bones just to check, but after that again, same issue. It's like this file doesn't even do anything? Why is there even baked in physics in CBBE, it's not an installation option, or some additional file, there's nothing on nexus mod page that even says that there are physics right in the body.
  14. I guess I'll instal AE then, hope it won't mess with my current save. Seeing as it's seems to be your first time seeing this problem I take everyone just uses AE. Thanks for help.
  15. Weird though because it was blocking vanilla clothes. I was trying to put vault suit back on and it was put on and then immediately taken off as the prompt for "struggle/open lock/do nothing" kicked in. Neither 38 nor 54 slot should interfere with that. I installed lite version with AWKCR and DD compatibility. I checked "ArmorKeywords" esm and found that(picture) it's assigned to these 6 slots? And I see it's the case for all the other vault suits or things like prewar dresses, yet some other clothes seems to have properly take up armor slots yet not slots 37, 38, 39, 40, like this vault suit does. Are those vanilla vault suit slots, or it's just this awkcr thing being a mess that it seems to be?
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