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  1. > You must be kidding me! Right? That cannot be shaver! Speakinf og girls in '60's and '70's '60's '70's
  2. > She looks gooood. There is only one problem: girls in that time didn't shave pubis. So, no oral sex for her
  3. > Say are you posting half naked guy or whoever is laying on the ground barely visible?
  4. > banned for being emotional masochist
  5. > these two girls are for my LL friends who loves curvy honeys But these two sugars are for MEEEEEEEE
  6. > banned for it won't since many members break the rules
  7. > Yeap, it looks good and the girl is hot
  8. > banned for LL is open minded site for all (perverts)
  9. > banned for I do not support that but if it is good for you, then enjoy it.
  10. > banned for I support my husband in this. I love them, but on distance, not inside the house.
  11. > banned for I like Thalmor race in Skyrim, and I like little puppies
  12. > banned for advocating unlikable creature
  13. > banned for I never liked Garfield
  14. > redhead is beautiful and hot. Just as I imagined I'll kiss her, she smiled and I was like
  15. > There are fallout 3 and 4, Sims 3 and 4 and some other games on this forum. Just browse it and you'll find it.
  16. > banned for I never eat more than I can and want.
  17. > I am like you and I wish my Prince would be able to talk to my Ivy and me about anything and everything, although there is something in theses that men can never fully understand women just as women would never fully understand men. There will always be gaps between sexes.
  18. > Thanks for nice pictures. My husband loves the pose from first picture and I loooove when he eats my pussy and ass like that.
  19. > It's not like that. For instance, Lidija, my mom, Fran and Zdenka would never speak about things they struggle or hate or like in sex and similar in the front of any man. It is natural. My Ivy and i have no problem with it for we are shameless. I see those meetings as something good and positive since we can encourage each other an help each other. We a family and we want to support each other. > In men's group, my Prince and Stipe are shyest men. They can't talk about intimate things even among same gender. So, having men bounding is good for them.
  20. > Have two questions: is there possibility to add more fonts to LL and what happened to "Undo" and "Redo" - can we have them back?
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