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  1. > I'm so fucking tired of fucking stupid and lame ignore LL system. It really pisses me off. because fucking stupid idiotic trolls have very open hands to do whatever they want because they can. This forum program is chip shit of shits. 🤬

  2. > I wish our modern world wouldn't be so depending about digital devices. Would you believe me that our parents still rather use paper and pen? Ivy's mother, Zdenka using the books to keep her villa tourism business while people she hired using computers for her business because she has to. My husband using his senses to tune his guitar although he has digital tuner. He said that he almost lost his ability to tune the guitar by listening since the tuner does it for him. I like it.
  3. > You did a good job. Jokes aside, it looks very interesting. Thanks
  4. > True. We also agreed that we'll keep them away from digital devices as much as we can. That's why we always do some sport activities, drawing and similar mental 2excercisis" with them. You, see, I used to have very nice handwriting but since last 10 years 95% of writing I am using electronic devices, I almost forgot to write. 😬
  5. > banned for wishing something that is hard to get
  6. > You know, I wasn't that much busy, but I couldn't do the stuff I should when they were with me. I simply had no concentration. Later on I realized that how lucky mother I am when my children loves to be with me. I heard many stories in which didn't like to be with their parents for they were cold and uninterested in them. I think that my heart will broken if that happens to me. So, it took me much longer to accomplish what I have to do, but being with my children is priceless.
  7. > banned for I didn't understand you the first time
  8. > banned for it is not Vodka but wine with which I celebrated good parenting
  9. > My Prince has fetish for uniforms. The nurse uniforms in stockings turns him on very much. I'm sure he'd like this one too. She is my sex desire for today.
  10. We were very proud at Lidija, especially my Prince when she told us that she invited Gabriela in the Hotel bar and treating her with juice, she told her why she was hostile toward her. She also apologized to her for being rude and she promised to her she’d be much nicer to her. She started with inviting her to have a lunch with her and Ivan in Sunday. Gabriela gladly accept it and she apologized for sending wrong signals that she tried to push her away from my Prince. It wasn’t her intention especially because she highly respect my Prince and because she saw how much she loves him as her friend. My Prince warmly hugged Lidija and kissed her on her forehead as the sign of his love and approval. Yesterday morning started cold and rainy. I wasn’t feeling sick but I didn’t feel going to work. I stayed home. My children were around me all the time and they always returned to me in the house office whenever our moms took them away telling them that their mommy is working and they should let me alone. Although I love my children very much I have no my Prince’s patience with them, so, when they started to bother me I locked the office telling them to go play somewhere else or to bother their grandparents. It wasn’t nice of me. Very soon I remembered my Prince who was dead tired many times and in the need for sleep, but he was never angry at them when they woke him up or climbed all over him letting him no sleep. He joyfully played with them. I felt guilty and sorry. I let them in the office and placing her into my lap I listened to my daughter’s “important things” she MUST to tell me and Mikey’s often: “Mom, this” and “Mom, that” and similar stuff. My time with them means a lot to them and I have to respect that as a parent. My luvs worked for the major yesterday as his bodyguards. Before the meeting the major asked the journalists to sustain from taking pictures and from asking certain type of questions. As it is always, there are those who break the rules. There were two journalists that asked the major forbidden questions and often interrupting the other journalists. After two warnings, the major told them to leave the room. They didn’t want to demanding answers. My Prince and Ivy took them out by force ignoring their insults and swear. But, when the female journalist said to them: “I heard about you two! You think you are something, but I’ll prove to everyone you aren’t!” my luvs decided to talk to her boss after the bodyguarding job. So, they visited him. He received them and they told him that she threatened to them. They wanted him to talk to her for she obviously doesn’t know whom she threatened. The boss was very cooperative. He knows Antonio and the chief of the police. After short talk to them, he said to her that she forgot herself thinking that she is big shot and irreplaceable because she works long time in the newspaper agency. He told her that they are very respectful members of our community who are helping the law in their free time and that she has no right to question their way of doing things based on the rumors and unchecked stories. He also told her that she crossed the line by threatening them that she will expose them. She had to apologize to them or she will be fired. He warned her that if she ever publish anything about them or against them, she will harvest heavily consequences. After that, they thanked to director and left the office. Anyway, coming home they kissed me and our children and ran to the beach to swim since it was windy and rainy. Knowing that we long to be with them, they didn’t stay long. They joined us after quick shower. Since I missed my “dose” I fucked them good in our bedroom when our children took the nap. Then we had great time playing with our children when they woke up. Oh my, they joyfully screamed aloud when he was playing the hungry lion chasing us around on all four and roaring. They also loved to ride on his back and they laughed a lot. After the evening routine, we watched “Kate” movie online. We didn’t like it. It was one in the serious of female assassins movies, but badly done. Since we weren’t in the mood to search for new movie we kept watching it. At the end of the movie my Prince said: - Her legs were only worthy thing to see in the movie. Everything else is shit! My Ivy and I blasted in laughter and we were all over him making him very aroused. Then we fucked him good and having two orgasms, we slept very content.
  11. > banned for she also knows it's Friday and she doesn't care
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