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  1. EvalovesEP

    Whiterun Blues

    Niiiiiice work. I had to adopt my sigh vision because I couldn't believe Gwynolda has bush. I thought it is some stain She need to shave it.
  2. EvalovesEP

    Skyrim lesson number 86.

    If you believe me, I never tried rabbit's stew in my life. It's not that we don't have it on menus in our restaurant in the region we live, I just never had desire to it them. My Prince ate them twice and he wasn't impressed. He also said he had numerous times to see them in live, but Ivy and I didn't. He said that they stink badly, like every animal and he can't stand animal smell at all. The area we are living is mainly based on sea fish and sea products dishes. When he told me that he ate snails and frogs too I almost puke. Since we grew up in different regions, he needed adoption to our clime and dishes. My Ivy and I died laughing when he told us that he vomit when ate cattle fish first time.
  3. EvalovesEP

    Skyrim lesson number 86.

    Hahahahahahahaha. If my Prince would let Ivy to use bestiality mod, she would do much worse to poor wood elf. My Prince doesn't like her homosexual stories with his wood elf but he tolerate it and endure for he let her use his character. I can tell you one thing for sure: if Stranger would represent him in her stories, he wouldn't let her use it in any gay scene. Only beating, misfortune and similar stuff.
  4. EvalovesEP

    Skyrim lesson number 86.

    He didn't lie but he wasn't honest neither. He should tell Stranger that she is released earlier but he wanted gold and a pleasure. Veeeery bad prison guard.


    I am at the work, teaching my Fran 'bout hotel management. Suddenly I started to feel baby's kicks. I asked my Fran to lay his hand on my tummy and he felt it too. He was so happy that he said he will tease my Prince for he had honor to be the first one who felt my baby's kicking. :) I finally waited for this moment: to feel the live life with me. :) 





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    2. worik


      Rock & Roll has started 🎶 Say "good night" to your nights. Next night of un-interrupted sleep in about 12 months from now. :classic_angel: IF you take rotating shifts and start with the bottle soon 🍼

    3. EvalovesEP


      @worik > Yeap, my baby boy already started his own show. He doesn't care if his mom is sleeping or working or having sex with his dad and second mom. ;)

    4. Jayomms


      It must be confusing to the baby when you guys do ah... hem... certain activities and he must be thinking HEY...what's going on here?. 🤭😅;)

  6. But I love my Ivy too  (damn there are no mouth to mouth kiss in Witcher 3 with Ciri and Yen) ;):P




  7. Love the poses you used. So natural. The dialogues are also very well made. You have talent. Compliments.
  8. nqkbusQv1a1qfpe3mo1_500.gif.001570782702734df02cd32d0b92cd7c.gif


    YES! I love my witcher/Prince :)

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    2. EvalovesEP


      LOL, Trilog ( @Tirloque)

      Thank you for Malicija avatar offering. Are you sure about it, because if I do it then you can expect Ivy doing this ;)



    3. Jayomms
    4. Tirloque


      Malicia : « I hadn't thought about this, no. Then maybe it's better you get a Lidja avatar, uh. million_dollar_baby.gif »

  9. EvalovesEP

    Our weekend and Sunday lunch with Executive board

    Thanks Trilog. No, I'm 100% sure my Ivy wouldn't go so far. She only teasing her with kissing and occasional touching. She wouldn't have sex with her because Lidija said she is straight and she wants to remain straight. But, must admit that if she exaggerate Lidija might fall in love in her. My Ivy has to be very careful.
  10. Last night we were under hacker attack again. This time the target was my Ivy. Thanks to the hardware firewall my Prince bought and Antonio's guy for Internet security installed, all attacks were blocked. The attacker couldn't get any access to any data on our computers but somehow he/she managed to install 3 malware programs for tracking which is pointless because our firewall doesn't let any data out of our computer without our permission. My Prince successfully uninstalled them and deleted them. The tracker on the firewall couldn't find the attacker because he or she used several servers in different countries. Anyway, no damage done. I talked to my luvs this morning and we decided that although I already used fake names for all people named in my diaries, I will stop writing about events that contains our or their personal data such as: birthdays, living locations, the names of the cities we and them are living and similar. Hacking became most concerned problem in our country in last several months and no one is spared. My Ivy's credit card was hacked and money stolen several months ago when she bought cosmetic articles for us online, and after her, my Google accounts (private and business) were hacked too. After the last night attack we all checked our net activities and shot down or deleted every social account the remained except LL although we did it before. The purpose of this post is to warn you to be alert for you never know when YOU will be hackers' next target. Stay safe LL.
  11. EvalovesEP

    Skyrim lesson number 84.

    > Stranger worship Dibella because she has attractive and beautiful followers such as Gwynolda.
  12. EvalovesEP

    Skyrim lesson number 84.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (I'm using my Prince's way of expression how funny your comment is because sometimes emojis are too weak to show how hard I'm laughing )
  13. EvalovesEP

    Skyrim lesson number 84.

    Maybe, but I don't see it that way. Those two girls were sent by Hircine and Auriel to punish Stranger for accepting a new god. I think Malicija is jealous for she wasn't involved in pee-pee pleasure
  14. very funny and entertaining. Thank you. I started to like Vul-Vul and your protagonist. They are awesome duo.
  15. My Prince called me from the work in Friday before going to another quest and he told me to make no plans for Sunday because he and Boss just organized a lunch in nice tavern with domestic dishes for executive board on Hotel expenses. The purpose of it is getting to know each other better outside the working area. I loved the idea. When my mom called me later inviting us for family lunch I told her why we can’t come. She interrupted me saying: - Nonsense, my dear. Your father and I would love to meet your e.b. members. Tell your husband that we will have a lunch at our house and that I expect him to cook with me tomorrow afternoon. I wanted to explain that all is set up already but she didn’t let me. She ended our conversation with verbal kiss, hug and “love you”. I called my Prince and passed him my mom’s message. He laughed saying he loves my mom and that he will gladly cook with her. My Ivy cancelled the reservation and informed e.b. members about new address. She also told me that Lidija wants to have a word with me. Since my luvs were with her in the office, she put me on the speaker and she complained to me that my Ivy stack her tongue into her mouth and deep kissed her when she didn’t expect it. I blasted in laughter. Than I asked her why is she telling me that when my Prince is their boss and she should tell him. She said that my Prince saw when she did it and that he laughed hard instead of rebuking Ivy. Then I heard my Ivy giggling and saying: - Lidija, my cherry pie, tell us, but honestly: does my kissing truly bothers you? … If it does, I promise right now, I will never do it again! (short silence) Lidija: No, it doesn’t. Ivy: Good. Now, one more thing …. did you enjoyed in my last kiss? Lidija: I won’t answer that question. I heard my Prince and Ivy laughing hard and than she said to Lidija: - So, you did enjoyed. However, honey, if you want, you can always move to another office… I heard Lidija’s loud: NOOOooOOO! I love to be with Boss and I would never leave unless he tells me to leave. My Ivy continued to tease her and I hanged up. My precious Lidija. Such innocent unspoiled soul, the “tasty” teasing bait whom my Ivy cannot resist. After talking to her I smiled for I remembered my first kiss with my Ivy. We were both teens. She was in love with me. When she seduced me and made love to me, I fall in love with her. When she deep kissed me first time I thought my soul separated from my body and that I had orgasm. No boy or a girl ever kissed me the way she did. She exactly knew what to do with her lips and tongue. As I said earlier, my Ivy is a master of seduction and she equally can seduce men and women. As for Lidija, she doesn’t try to seduce her. She just enjoy teasing her. Anyway, beside this events, we had great Friday afternoon and evening together. My luvs kissed, sang to and cuddled my baby and me before we slept. Yesterday, Saturday morning started as usual: our morning routine and coffee with our folks. The only difference in our morning routine is that I do not jog with my luvs. I’m pregnant and I’m quite sure my little one wouldn’t love to be shaken early in the morning while he is sleeping. LOL. This time my mom went to the grocery shopping with my Prince while my Ivy stayed at home and participated in cleaning the house. Since my Fran is a part of our family too he was in charge of dusting and polishing furniture. I saw no man so good in this job as good he is. He is better then Ivy and me. When my Prince and mom returned from shopping we had refreshments and she told us that my Prince was real gentlemen in everything and he couldn’t stop talking about me, our baby and Ivy and how much he loves us. When they left, we had excellent sex; I’m talking about 3 rounds and 4 orgasms. My Prince had to take a nap afterwards for he was tired and he needed to go to my parents’ house to cook with my mom. After the nap we went to my parents' house and my Ivy and I helped them in the kitchen while they were main cooks. I melted seeing how well my mom and Prince are getting along. When my dad had enough of watching sport alone he was very naughty. Namely, seeing three of us kissing often and slightly slapping each other’s butt, he sneaked behind my mom and slapped her butt, then he shouted at my Prince: - Shame on you, son! Why did you do that?! My Prince got red in face, but my mom knew my Prince wouldn’t do it and she already “knows” my dad’s hand. She smiled, wiped her hands with the kitchen cloth, grabbed him for his hand and said: - I see you are in the mood for marital obligations, Livio. Let’s go to the bedroom. When my dad said: “My back is hurt and I have a headache”, we all blasted in laughter and he ran to the garage. But, my Ivy and I took my Prince under arms and lead him to the bedroom for we needed our “dose”. My mom shortly commented: “You have 30 minutes, girls. I need him in the kitchen.” We laughed and said he’ll be back in time. We fucked him good and after short sex we took quick shower and returned to the kitchen. Anyway, the main meals and cakes were done and we had not much to do tomorrow morning. After our morning routine today, our folks gathered for morning coffee with us. I was sitting in my Prince’s lap and he held his hand on my tummy cuddling our little one. Then we all went to my parents’ home bringing extra chairs for we gonna have full house. My mom and Prince were finishing making the rest of the meals, we played cards with my dad: females vs males. My dad, tried to cheat, of course but he was always caught and we won. He made us laugh hard blaming Boss and Fran for lousy playing. Anyway, when Lidija, Nenad, and Guy 3 arrived, we had excellent time with them. They brought the flowers for us, ladies. Everyone complimented my mom’s cooking who unselfishly shared the credit with my Prince saying that he cooked too. We spoke about various things during the lunch, but business. We kept it for the e.b. meeting tomorrow. After the cakes, coffee and beverages, Guy 3 thanked my parents for inviting them over and he gave her the envelope. My mom asked him what it is for and when he said for the groceries and cooking, she refused to take it saying that she organized the lunch with pleasure. He didn’t want to take it back. My mom made us all laugh. She lightly pulled his ear saying: - I can be your mother by age. You don’t argue with your mother. You listen. He had no other option but to take the money back. When they left, we all helped in cleaning and washing the dishes. Then we came home, took shower and my luvs went to the children room to make another Skyrim lesson for my Ivy feels inspired and I wrote this diary.