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  1. > Yes, they are, my friend. > If I recall, you like
  2. The death of 5 years old boy hit my Prince very hard. Every time he is with our children he spends it maximally like he wouldn’t’ see them again. Here is one of many examples. Recent days were very hot. One day he came home exhausted after the work that he didn’t have enough strength to take a shower. He didn’t see our children because they were on our beach with my mom and Silvano. My Ivy told me that she helped him to undress. Then he just dropped on our bed and slept. She started to prepare cold towels to cool him. When my mom and Silvano returned to the house with children, my Ivy kissed t
  3. > You might be right about him but as my Prince says: "Children aren't things like cell phone or sun glasses or keys that you forgot them. He has no excuse because he put his job before his son! " > Of course he has medicine: my Ivy and me.
  4. @worik > I tried to upload the link my web translator translated into English, but as soon I do that, it returns to Croatian. The reason why I tried that was you to see that his father claimed: "I forgot on my son in the car because I received urgent call from the military (he works for them) and I simply forgot on him!" Can you believe it?! It happened in the city that is about 700 km from us but I assure you, his fellow soldiers wouldn't help him if my Prince had a chance to catch him. On one hand, it is better he didn't because our children will lose their father for some period of time.
  5. Just like our children when they are with their daddy :)



  6. Just like in 99% of cases, parents always do something important that last "5 minutes". Those 5 minutes turns to hours and every time they say: "I simply forgot." Every summer my Prince held the same meeting with our hotel workers about this issue. (except last summer when we have been in Spain due to corona virus). He was always extremely causes about other children because he cares for them. Now, when he has his own, you can only imagine how hard the death of the 5 years old hit him.
  7. High temperatures became very common in our city this week. My Prince wouldn’t endure them if he didn’t get anti sweating injections two weeks ago. But just as it is every summer, high temperatures are his “kryptonite”. He is weaker, slower, he easily gets tired and is nervous. Mikey also can’t stand the heat and he doesn’t like to be exposed to sun. He likes to be naked and most of the time our children run naked around the house. As ultimate Hotel supervisor with the highest power of making decisions in the Hotel, (My Prince kept this position because dad Boss requested hi
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