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  1. > I know it sounds unbelievable but you have to have in mind few things: 1. You haven't followed my diary regularly where I mentioned he and dad Boss became very good friends who stayed in contact after Boss's return from the States and he wanted me to work for him since the first time he saw me. I also officially contacted him few times over the phone and he was always more friendly than official to me. 2. Every diary entry posted here on LL is "filtered". Therefore, I didn't mentioned many things that happened because I didn't see them relevant in that time. I mostly wrote about my Prince and the three of us and events about him and us. 3. He was here twice and he visited us at our home and was our guest. Both time he gave money to us and last time he gave a big sum of money to my baby when he heard I was pregnant. He became a family member although I'm not not in direct contact with him. I wrote about it and when the Hotel was in the big crises, dad Boss vouched for my Prince. He liked us for we stayed with Boss till the end. He was thrilled with my Prince since the beginning. 4. Even if all this didn't happen which it was, I don't see why he wouldn't do such things. There are still good people in the world who does amazing things for others. You said it once by yourself. Concrete example: when Prince's father passed away, his computer got broken and he mentioned it in one of his posts. Now CPU was good LL friend with his father and reading his post about broken computer and how he has no money to buy the parts, he offered him money to buy new components. And he did. Now, why would he do that. He didn't know my Prince who joined to LL after his father's death. If you don't believe it, ask CPU. 5. My Prince always helps others and I believe we are rewarded for his good heart. Mister XXX is a rich man and he wants to help. 6. No offense, but many people follow this idea: if it didn't happen to me, or if I didn't see it with my own eyes or heard with my own ears, most probably it is not true. I didn't believe in true love, but it happened to me. I didn't believe men are honest, but my Prince showed me I'm wrong and similar.
  2. > LOL. Indeed. Little Boss. Thank you, Jayomms.
  3. My Ivy came home very soon I posted my last diary yesterday and I couldn’t stop kissing her and telling her that I love her very much. Since I was very emotional she thought something happened and she was worried. I sobbed heavily and she asked Elena if something happened. Elena told her that nothing happened and that my hormones just wilding. My Ivy smiled and she “love youd” me back numerous times. I slept shortly I her arms. Then we both took a shower and we made love. When my Prince arrived home we plummeted on him making Elena chuckling. We didn’t let him under the shower until our hunger for his kisses and touches were satisfied. When he was done with the shower we sat in the living room and asked him how was the trip to capitol and back. He told us that he and dad Boss had great time talking about family matters and the Hotel. He also said that he enjoy in retirement now and are impatient to become grandparents. He told him that mom Boss doesn’t stop speaking about him happily emphasizing “my son” when talking about him. When they picked up Mister “XXX” he was so happy to see them that he “Ho-Ho’d” and “Ha-Ha’d” very loudly tapping their backs very hard. My Prince said that he gain some weight but Mister “XXX” commended my Prince’s sporty physiognomy. Anyway, on their way back they treated him with lunch in some nice restaurant. Mister "XXX" said that he was very happy when he heard my Prince became legal member of Boss family. When they were talking about business, dad Boss commended my Prince all the time that my Ivy and I laughed when he told us what he told him: - Dad, please stop praising me or I swear I will leave you two and get home hitchhiking. Although he and Boss regularly talk over video chat and he knows everything, he asked him countless question about my pregnancy and our marriage saying that he can’t wait to see me. He will come tomorrow on morning coffee with mom and dad Boss. My luvs did their trainings and after the sex under the shower they joined me in the bedroom. They both kissed me and my baby a lot, sung to him and cuddle him before we slept. This morning all family gathered for morning coffee. When mom and dad Boss arrived with Mister “XXX” the whole house echoed of his happy laughter when he saw me. After kissing me on the cheeks several times he held me in his arms and said: - Eva, you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I ever seen. My daughters were big as Empire state building, but you look fantastic! I thanked him for compliments and when I sat in my Prince’s lap. He asked me and my Prince for permission if he can bless my child. We let him do it and he placed his hands on my belly and blessed it. Then he made me giggle and everyone else laugh; he showered my belly with kisses saying “I love you” to my baby boy. Then we had a great family fellowship. He positively surprised all of us when he addressed to me with “my daughter” saying to us: - I hope you don’t mind me calling her “my daughter”. You are my second family ….. (whispering) – The one my wife, children and grandchildren doesn’t know about and it has to stay that way …. We blasted in laughter. Then we talked seriously. He looked compassionately at three of us and said sighing: - My dear children … I heard about the pregnancy complications and since the day I heard it I worked hard to help you …. Even Boss, my dear friend doesn’t know this but my whole family, business partners and my company collected the money to fully cover all your medical and hospital expenses …. (sharply to my Prince while we were in a great shock) – “Not a word, Prince! I mean it! You will remain silent and you will accept this gift because it is expression of our love for you and your wives and child.” We all (literally) started to cry thanking him and hugging him for such a wonderful gift. He cried too saying he loves us. When we all calmed he said he will stay only till Friday because he has to be home for weekend but he wants to meet with e.b., tell us about new business deals and take us all out for supper in Thursday night. Before they all went to work or after their private business, Mister “XXX” hugged me and kissed me on the cheek again placing his hand on my tummy saying gently: - Don’t worry, Eva, my daughter, you and child will be fine. We all love you and will be with you in your hardest moments. You family loves you very much and as I heard, your husband and wife worship you. Treasure their love for you, my dear child and every hardship will be easy to overcome. He made me cry and I hugged him too thanking him for his love, support and friendship. When they all left, Synetica was still in shock. She said she never seen such united family and great relationship we have in her whole life. She told me that I’m most happiest woman in the whole world and that she envy me. On my surprise, she hugged me wishing me easy baby delivery when the time comes. Then she did a complete check on me, wrote the report and was ready to go home when Elena arrives.
  4. Et tu Ivy? (You too, Ivy?) Compliments for knocking down that jerk. Loved the scene.
  5. > Yes, very true. That's why he said: "if people would spend less money on their pets..." Many things that pet owners buying for their pets are unnecessary. His philosophy is: "If you have are pet, take good care about it, but do not exaggerate." If you can't afford the pet don't ruin your life eagerly wanting to have one just to be like others. > Your Elena is much cutter. I printed the picture of her and you and her and I placed it in the wall in our children room. > Thanks for seeing a good qualities in my Prince. He has highly developed sense of justice and responsibility. Thanks to him he saved our Hotel from financila wrong investments and money losing few times for he can "smell" fraud.
  6. > I do not gang up with anyone. I noticed many comments from various people on LL about redheads and horses. You know I always defended you even from my Prince.
  7. Arilith is very beautiful. Now, is it me or I have a wrong feeling that only redheds in Skyrim have sexually tendencies toward horses I wonder if it is a reason why my Prince don't like redheads
  8. Poor Cass. Everyone misunderstand her. They need to improve their speech skill or she has to do it because there is always some kind of communication shortage. Compliments for excellent episode.
  9. EvalovesEP

    Adrea: Bad Bunny

    very nice poses and the story. I like the way you put the text in colored boxes. Excellent idea. Now, let me be little bit perverted: I expected to see she will stuck some eggs in her pussy and ass .. ahem .... well, we all heave our disappointments
  10. After the work in Friday, my luvs came home, kissed me and my baby, took a quick shower and were ready to go to dad Boss’s house for cooking. But, I asked my Ivy to make a short Skyrim story as birthday gift for my LL friend Resdayn. She did it and after posting it, we went to dad Boss’s house. Our parents were already there. My Prince asked moms if they are willing to make cakes and cookies for e.b. members and for the orphanage. After short counseling moms said they will have time to make cookies and cakes for e.b. but will have no time to do it for orphanage. So, my Prince called Lidija and told her to buy a lot of sweets and similar things for the orphanage on his account. Dad Boss and me exchanged looks and I knew what I have to do. I called all members of the e.b. and asked them if they agree to buy cookies, sweets and cakes for the orphanage on the Hotel account and book it as donation. They all agreed. So Lidija did it. Anyway, Elena took good care for me but after a while my Ivy and I missed my Prince and we went to the kitchen. We often kissed him or he kissed us and the baby. After some time, I felt I want to go home. Mom Boss said I can use our room if I need to rest, but I needed my bed. So, my Ivy drove Elena and me home. My Ivy gave me nice massage in hot tube and we had sex. My Prince arrived home much later. My mom and dad drove him home. He was tired, but he didn’t skip his jogging, exercise and martial arts training with Ivy. After their wild sex under the shower, they spent some time with my baby cuddling him, prattling and kissing him. Then we slept. Saturday was extremely busy day for my family. Moms and my Prince cooked so they don’t have to do it in Sunday. And again, my Ivy and I didn’t stay long. We returned home and she, Elena and me went to our beach for it was very warm sunshine day. My Ivy brought her gun in the case seagulls attack me again. She swam few times but pretty soon she hugged me and said with tears in her eyes: - I miss Prince a lot. I don’t enjoy doing anything without him. She made me sobbing too and I told her I feel the same. Elena watched us all the time and then she commented our relationship for the first time saying: - Mrs Eva, Mrs Ivy, I have to admit that seeing how much three of you love each other, I started to believe that one can love more than one person. I admit I admire you. We thanked her for nice words. We called him quite often via Viber video chat just to see him, hear his voice to say we love him and to her him saying he loves us. He arrived home late again, but he was happy that they made all planned meals. My Ivy and I were all over him crying happily that he is home with us. He and Ivy jogged, exercised, practiced martial arts and spent the time with me and the baby. Than he slept dead tired. Sunday. Busy day again. I had no will to do anything because I missed my Prince a lot. Lidija and her team held the Easter party for the children of our guests and our workers. Every child received a gift and our workers large bonuses as my Prince promised. We had excellent time at dad Boss’s house during Easter traditional family lunch. I was allowed only to taste their meals because I had to eat what Elena prepared for me. My body needs more vitamins and minerals since my baby boy is bigger now. Our dads and Ivy were thrilled with the meals and they commended it all the time. After the lunch we went home. My luvs took a quick shower and went to the orphanage for Easter program. Fran, Lidija and her team were already there with sweets, candies, cookies and cakes for the children. They performed short program with songs and play. My Prince told me afterwards that kids loved it and Ena was sitting in his lap while Luka was sitting in Ivy’s lap all the time. They also loved the gifts we bought for them. The lady principal was very satisfied and she said to my luvs they can visit the kids whenever they want, but still aren’t allowed to take them to our home. My luvs went to work this morning. Our Hotel is fully booked and it is very crowded. Every e.b. member brought something to the meeting just as my luvs. After short feast, they had meeting. After discussing about several topics, my Fran read the report that we earned more money for this Easter then the last year and it’s not over yet. Then he opened new topic saying that we have received several applications for donations and sponsorship. (Every once a while we are getting such letters). Among those applications, there were two that my Prince didn’t like at all. One was from local dog shelter and the second one was from the association for animal rights. They asked us for money donations. I want you to know this: as ultimate Hotel manager and Hotel guardian responsible for Hotel business and investments, he had indisputable right to decline those two applications without discussion, but since he is a team player and he respect e.b. members, he let them vote on this matter. They don’t have to be unanimous about decision, but they have to have consensus. Before voting my Prince said: I want you to know that I do not support animal torturing in any form, but I also do not support today's’ animal treating and their status. Let me tell you something you might not know … Pet industry is sly rotten money making machine. Did you know that it earned 60 billions dollars every year in last decade in the States? European community spent over 28 billions Euros last year and Croatian pet lovers spent almost 1 billion of Euros and that number is increasing. For a small and poor country as ours, this sum of money is way too much. Many other countries does same: insanely spend unbelievable sum of money on pets. Croatia is on the top of the list along with few Latin America counties that have one or more pets per households, mostly dogs. 61% of our households have dogs and 28% have cats and dogs or two dogs. That's too much for their house budget. No wonder why veterinary became very successful and profitable business thanks to pet industry for they know people will pay whatever it takes to save their pets …. And you know why? Freaking pet industry forcing us to accept pets, primarily dogs as members of our family. By doing it, they turned our focus from helping other human beings on spending fortune on our new family members. Now, this says only one thing: “Who cares if people are hungry, who cares if they are sick, poor, needy and homeless! Dogs are the ones who needs our love, not humans!" People became way less compassionate for other people, and extremely sensitive about dogs’ treatment. Just check webs sites and you will find out that sites with dogs are more visited than sites with people in need. I can’t accept this and I never will. I don’t give a shit about dogs, but I do care about people ….. What do you think: why do we see dogs in every freaking commercial? I guess you know what is subliminar message. Pet industry pays certain amount of money to companies to advertise their products with dog in the commercial. Seeing cute puppies and friendly dogs most people get desire to get one. But what pet industry doesn’t tell you is how much it will cost you. If you don’t want to get any of 20 diseases you have to vaccinate your dog. And that cost a money. There are other expenses beside food and veterinary which people realize after they buy one. Once you get the dog, no turning back. In our country you can’t even return it to the shelter. You see what I’m talking about: pet industry are deluding people … We are sick nation. Can’t pay monthly bills but must have dog ….. If pet lovers wouldn’t spend so much money on their living toys we wouldn’t have hungry, homeless, low educated and similar type of people … Let me tell you something that shocked me …. The president of Croatian association for animal rights didn't say: " We want world without homeless" but he said: “We want the world without abounded dogs.” They are collecting money and fighting for the right to bring their pets on the beach for humans. ….. As long as I’m in charge of this Hotel, no dog will EVER get on our beach. It was allowed in the past before we had several serious incidents. You may disagree with me in this, but I tell you: I have learned that if you aren’t dog lover in our country, people hates you, judge you and attack you. I participated in some forums’ discussion about pets. Every time when I said something they didn’t like to hear, they insulted me, swore at me and rejected me. I was even banned from certain forums. All of this just proved my theory: great majority of dog lovers hates those who aren’t like them and saying: “He who doesn’t like animals, doesn’t like people” is wrong. On contrary, many dog lovers doesn’t like humans …. You decide what you want and support those two shameful applications but I say: we should support associations and institutions like: blind, deaf, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s decease, orphanages and similar …. Let’s support those who are smart, want to study but have no money for college ... let’s support human shelters instead of dog shelters. If your heart doesn’t “bleed” seeing people digging through the trash in search for food, but it “bleeds” when you hear dogs whining because they feel neglected and demands your full attention, then something is seriously wrong with you …… I said what was on my heart …. it’s up to you now. I watched the meeting over web camera and I was in owe. (I recorded the whole meeting). My Prince studied this subject in detail and he stressed out only major things. I said I support him. My Ivy, Guy 3 and Fran supported him too. Lidija and Nenad looked each other and Lidija said that she supported the applications, but, after hearing Prince’s report and speech, she changed her mind. Vinko was present on the meeting too, but as a manager associate on probation, he had no right to vote. Nenad kept his vote for those two applications. Well, they didn’t pass. My Prince said to Fran to write back to “dogs” applicants and tell them to stop sending us requests for they are not on our list of priorities. He said to Guy 3 and Lidija to check three applicants we accepted to sponsor and help and if they are telling the truth Fran will invite them to come so we meet them in person and make much concrete deal. Anyway, after the meeting, my luvs went after their obligations and I decided to post my diary now since it is already too long. Before I close this diary let me tell you something: Before I met him, I never looked at these things as he does. On contrary, I was among those who didn’t care about people’s needs. But, my Prince is right and thanks to him I see things differently. I started to value humans’ life and help those in needs. I purposely posted most of his speech to e.b. so you may see that he defend his standpoint on the facts and personal experience studied a lot. Again, he is not against dogs as dogs, but the way people treat them giving them advantage before other human beings. I also have a feeling that many readers will stop respect my Prince after this diary. But, we love him. That’s who he is and we accept him. He always cared for people first and he will continue to do it even if the whole world turns against him. Mister “XXX” is coming from the States today, and dad Boss and my Prince are going to the capitol airport to welcome him. I already miss my witcher, but I’m comforted that my Ivy will come home soon and that I will see him in few hours.
  11. > His Hulk syndrom is fully under his control now. > I'm surprised that you are surprised If he killed two dogs )one that attacked me and the second one that attacked Ivy) he will kill hundreds of seagulls if he have to because he HATES them. > 😂 That's the version for LL. We don't want to reveal his new last name publicly. And, sorry, I didn't get the joke again. I'm not saying it's bad rather that I don't understand it.
  12. > Your name sounds like a male name in our country. If you don't want your gender to be mistaken (as my luvs did in Resdayn case) you should declare it regardless of playing Skyrim as female character. OR I will start to call you Worika (just kidding)
  13. > Uh, my apologies for that. It was my mistake. I didn't emphasis to my luvs about your gender to address you as female. I didn't use "he" when talking about you, but your avatar name. I hope you don't resent them ... and me.
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    From us: Prince, Ivy and me :)

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