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  1. > Woooow, I would gladly hire her to be maid in my house
  2. So, will you make a stories too or this thread is only informational?
  3. Banned in the name of worik who didn't bun anyone recently.
  4. >Thank you for nice words, my dear. I wasn't offended reading his insults about me. But I was deeply hurt when he called my son a bastard and our moms, whores. That's unforgivable. It is good that my Fran sent a copy of his post to me so we stopped it before it escalated. I'm that son of a bitch will never do something like that again. I was deeply hurt, but I'm fine now. My luvs are great support and comforters.
  5. Wonderful Saturday afternoon spoiled Fran’s mail to me. I was shocked reading the content he sent me in screenshots from Facebook. He told me that he contacted him via messenger to delete the post because he might be in a big trouble, but the man ignored him. Namely, one of my ex’s wrote a long post about our sexual encounters, often using horny bitch for me and other insulting names. He named places we did it, when we did it and how we did it. I would ignore it if it was posted in the time when I was a bad girl with bad reputation, for I didn’t care. I even might let it go now but when I read how he saw me with a bastard baby and in company of three other whores recently making funny of us and insulting us, I was deeply hurt. That was a day when my mom, mom Boss and my Ivy took Mikey for first vaccination. The day I fell in love with my Prince and realizing he is the one for me, I deleted all my accounts on every social forum. Facebook was the first. I wanted to be honest and sincere with my Prince, I told him all about mine and Ivy’s bad past and bad reputation. He didn’t care how we lived. He accepted me, respected and loved me as I am. He never mentioned our past to my Ivy and me even when we heavily quarreled. I couldn’t believe why some people won’t let me be. When I buried my past I never seek for revenge to those who hurt me and did me wrong. I just let the past stay in the past. My Prince had many troubles because of us but he endured all, for he loves us. His love moved me to start to change. And I did. A lot. That post made me cry heavily. It wasn't because of the things he said about me, but because of calling my son a bastard and our moms, the whores. My Prince and Ivy came to the bedroom to see what happened. I cried so hard that I couldn’t even say a word. They saw the screen, read the post and they were furious. None of us could let such thing unpunished. They dressed quickly, took only brass knuckles and paid him a visit. They found him at home, forced him to delete the post, write public apology and they took him for a ride. The official version of what happened to him was: “”X” and “X” walked by the beach. They found “X” male person who was running to the beach and stumbled upon the rock. He felt and rolled down the hill. The fractures on his scull, arms, legs, chest and back are caused by the fall.” If the story change his staying in the hospital will extend for couple of more weeks. There is a reason why I use pseudonyms for people in my diaries. After several hacking attempts, stealing my accounts some time ago, this experience made me losing the faith in people again and I decided to hide our true identities even more. And now, now I will destroy anyone who will harm me and my family in any way. If people won’t let me (us) alone, they will suffer heavy consequences. I like my Prince’s saying: ”I don’t give a fuck what you think of me, my family and my friends as long as it stays in your mouth and your mind. The moment you discredit us publicly, you are in trouble.” When my Prince and Ivy returned home, I was with Mikey in his room holding him in my arms, kissing him and telling him how much I love him. Mikey cooed gently touching my face and smiling at me. My Luvs kissed us both and we spent great time together. When Mikey slept, we made love after our evening routine. I have been preparing for return to the work. My Fran update me daily about business and other affairs in the Hotel. We visited Lidija and her *fiancée (Ivan - fake name) yesterday. They have very nice small apartment. My Ivy was naughty (as always); she laid on their bed saying it smells on sex. When she told her that they shouldn’t have sex so often because they will need new bed soon, Lidija blushed as tomato and verbiage “insults” came out of her mouth. My Ivy rolled all over the bed laughing hard while we “Ha-haed” and “Ho-Hoed”. Anyhow, we had great time together. My Ivy is 2 months pregnant. She got a little, hardly visible “bump” on her tummy. Her hormones affects her differently than mine on me. She has bad mood “attacks” but not so often like me. She is more emotional and cuddling. She needs a lot of our attention especially from my Prince. My luvs made me smile hearing them planning what they shall do and where they will go when my Prince goes on maternity leave in nine days. My Ivy is soooo happy they will be together and do things together with Mikey. She still practice martial arts with my Prince although they changed sparring to avoid eventual hurt of her fetus. It is good as it is bad. It is good for my Prince is improving his kick control, but it’s bad because they can’t practice certain punches. Last night they agreed that they will do morning martial arts training together without sparring, but my Prince will do evening sparring with Silvano. My Prince called him last night and asked him if he is willing to start evening martial arts training. Silvano gladly accepted his proposal still calling him “boss” in private life and on the work. Just like Lidija.
  6. Xalter is god damn bastard. He deserve to die painfully and slowly. They should kill him when they had a chance. I hope Coleen would manage to escape. She suffered a lot. Poor girl. I sympathize with her. Great work Collygon.
  7. > We all been there my friend. Many times. I lost the faith in love because guys always wanted something from me and I know you know what they wanted most of the time. My Prince showed and proved me that true love exist loving me as I am and never expecting anything from me. He was tricked and betrayed many times and he failed some people too, not because he wanted, but because he was unable to keep his promise. He learned his lesson on the hard way and he is better man now.
  8. Oh, yeees. Blue skin dark color girl is awesome as your pictures
  9. Yeap, just like me in everything (skin color, bikini, body definition and hairstyle) when going to our beach. You don't need to wonder why my Prince is always horny. ;)



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      Brown skin is already beautiful, but has a small disadvantage, one ages faster.
      look, I'll 62 soon, but my skin is like from a 20 year old.
      I avoid if possible to go in the sun. :classic_wink:

    4. zilvradrow


      Just wow.

      I'm speechless. Respect to you, that you show yourself here. Your Partner/Husband must be very proud. :)

  10. I must open my own harem with all your goddesses and enjoy in them having sex few times a day
  11. > Well, Antonio doesn't know my Prince so much as we know him no matter how many stories he heard about him. If he only asked my Ivy and me about his idea, we'll tell him it won't work. He tried and he knows now that my Prince is not "for sale".
  12. > I hope it will because he deserves it.
  13. > Yeap, Elena behave the same way as prince's sister. She was never jealous at him and she always kissed him and hugged him that she annoyed my Prince sometimes.
  14. > Yea, I guess you've right, but it still hurt me because I love her very much. And I'm sure my Prince won't let them make difference between our children. You see, he was the second born, and his mother never loved him the same, like he was never wanted from her. His father was the one who loved them both equally. Thank you for encouraging words.
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