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  1. EvalovesEP

    Sex in the front of the children?

    Read my first post, please. I said I want to, quote: "My question is: what do you think?"
  2. EvalovesEP

    Sex in the front of the children?

    it is very sad that those teachers abused their profession. They have no excuse and they should be locked out; in prison. But, I have to disagree with you about forbidding sexual and religious education. You see, those subjects aren't evil in their essence, but they can be if they they are abused and used on wrong way. Let me explain: We had catechism in high school. It was a mandatory subject and still is in elementary schools. I had to listen various priests and nouns every week. But, it didn't turn me into believer. Most of us didn't become Christians. So being educated about religion is not wrong, but if it is forced and used as "You must", then it is wrong. Same goes for sexual education. Let me tell you; my mom and dad never watched porn, I never saw them having sex, my mom even hates sexual jokes, but I turned to be sex addict in the time when we DIDN'T have sexual education. My parents taught me well, but I turned to bad. My Prince's father taught him well, his mother forced to become believer, but he stayed good and didn't accept religion. You see what I'm talking about? Proper education and uprising is not guarantee you will turn to right person. prince's father grew up in orphanage, was molested, rejected, beaten, despised most of his life and he turned on good. Nothing can guarantee us that we will remain on right path and that will will not astray. It's the matter of choice. I could write more about it but I'm handicapped with knowing of English and the time. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
  3. EvalovesEP

    Sex in the front of the children?

    Winny, that's not "that" type of education. The teachers do not recommend sex especially with multiple partners, but if teens decide it to have it, they teach them how to have safe sex. They do not teach them what poses to take and how to practice oral sex.
  4. My Prince was very surprised seeing romantic dinner nicely decorated table and served meals with lightened candles in Saturday evening. My Ivy and I also wore his favorite sexy outfits. He made us laugh hard when he said: - All right, witches, what have you done? This is unnecessary for you know I forgive you whatever it is. We showered him with kisses saying that we have done nothing bad and that we only want to express our love for him. My Ivy let the music play and three of us danced embraced and kissing each other. After few dances we sat at the table and we ate the salad we prepared from each other’s mouth. When we brought grapes, pilled bananas and honey, you know what that means: food sex. Oh, my, it was delicious and fantastic. My Prince’s cum makes excellent addition to the fruit we ate from each other’s asses. Then we took the shower and laid on the air mattress on the balcony cuddling and “love youing” each other until we slept. My Prince couldn’t wait to jump in the sea in the morning. His wound healed and he enjoyed in diving and jumping from the rock. After that we exercised and he and Ivy had martial arts training. Oh, my, they missed their “animal sex” very much. They didn’t let me to join them until they had their thing. They were very wild, very loud and she made several deep bloody scratches on his back and ass. On my surprise, he didn’t react. I guess his lust and the need for wild rough sex with her “ignored” the pain. They let me join them after long loud orgasm. Anyway, when we had a morning coffee, he and Ivy talked about new training that will involve having all enemies in the sight and not letting anyone to come behind their backs. They “strategized” for a while until my Ivy straddled him and looking him into his eyes said: - I would die if something horrible happens to you. I would kill all motherfuckers but before I do that, I will make them suffer terrible pain. She deep kissed him while the tears flew down her cheeks. Then my Prince hugged me and kissed me. He sat on the one arm chair and looking at us he said: - Princess, Ivy ……. I want you to promise me something …….. If I ever get hurt so badly that I end up in the wheelchair or in the bed with no possibility to ever recover or to walk again or to us my hands again …… If I suffer endless pain and misery …… I want you to euthanize me. Would you do it for me? My Ivy and I couldn’t believe what we were hearing. We both said we won’t do it, at first. Then he explained to us why he wants us to do it. Ivy and I cried saying that we hope that he will never end up in wheel chair on immobile in the bed. Then my Ivy said if it comes to that, she will respect his will and will sign up for his euthanasia. I was divided in my heart. I told him that I want to respect his will and do it, but I love him so much that I would rather have him alive, even tighten to the bed than to have him not at all. My Ivy didn’t receive my words well. She felt offended and she told me very seriously: - Now, wait a fucking minute, Princess! Do you think I love him less than you because I said I would?! You are fucking blind and deluded if you think I do. I will do it because I love him and because I can’t imagine seeing him suffer and in pain or lifeless. That’s no fucking life at all and if he wants me to do it, then I’ll fucking will. She turned to him and said: - Honey, will you do this for me if I will end like you described? Say you will, pleaseee! My Prince hugged her and said he will although it will pain him. He explained to us that seeing us suffering for months or years will kill him. He’ll euthanize us if we ask him to, because he loves us and doesn’t want us to suffer. She deep kissed him and thanked him. I had a feeling that they plotted against me because I said I won’t do it, but I was wrong. My Prince hugged me and said that he understands my feelings and that he respects my attitude. My Ivy apologized to me for harsh words and she kissed me. I said that I’m sorry too and that we misunderstood each other. Indeed, my Ivy and I love my Prince differently. That’s understandable for we are different in nature. Although he influenced very much on our lives, my Ivy became more like him; his clone in female version with few “original” differences. The main one still remained: she is more impulsive and wild, while my Prince kept those characteristics under control. Anyway, when our parents came to have a morning coffee with us we had a great time and we mad the plans for the lunch: my Prince will cook with our moms, my Ivy and I will serve the dish, and dads will wash the dishes and clean the table with Fran. So while they were cooking, my Fran and Ivy went to our beach, dads played cards and watched sport and I spent some time on LL. My Fran made me laugh so hard when he came to the children’s room and told me that Ivy wanted to have sex with him in the sea. Of course, she didn’t. She just teased him, but my Fran is scared of her and he thought it was for real. The lunch was “extra” delicious and we enjoyed in every snack. Our dads didn’t joke saying that the meal is awful, but they complement it. When our parents went home, my Prince went to nap and I asked my Ivy to let me be alone with him. She stayed with Fran on the balcony and they talked. I laid beside him and I cuddled his face and kissed his lips gently while looking him into his eyes. Then I said to him: - Honey ……. I want you to know that I will do my best to make you happy …just as you make happy Ivy and me ……. Listen …… I know you don’t resent me for not fulfilling your wish for euthanasia ……… but, I want you to know that I can’t do it ……. I love you more than myself …… more than you can imagine ……. He stopped me talking deep kissing me and our smooching turned into making passionate love. My Prince loved me the way I don’t know how to express, but I knew he knows what I wanted to say and how I felt. He still wants to be euthanized under the circumstances he told us, but he doesn’t force me to do it. He accepted and respect my will. So, he is in stalemate position since we have to be unanimous until we both agree to do it or not to do it. We also didn't know should we say it to our parents or not, so we left the subject on hiatus. After extraordinary sex, he slept and I joined my Fran and Ivy. I sat in her lap and wrapping my Hands around her neck I kissed her and said: - You know, I love you very much ….. She kissed me back and smiled saying: - I know, Princess, I know. I love you the same. My Fran was very melted and he quietly sobbed. The rest of the day we spent in swimming in the sea, having sex in the sea, our evening routine and we watched “Preacher” first season, newly discovered series on line.
  5. I love my Ivy in any place, any time, every season - always :)



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      Malicia : « Almost any time, yes...


    3. EvalovesEP


      @Tirloque>LOL. I always love my Prince an Ivy. Always :)

  6. EvalovesEP

    Sex in the front of the children?

    Danke winny. Hugs.
  7. EvalovesEP

    What inspired your chosen nickname?

    My husband, Elf Prince was the LL member before I met him in RL. When I joined to LL I used my pseudonym and added "lovesEP".
  8. EvalovesEP

    Sex in the front of the children?

    LOL. True.
  9. EvalovesEP

    Sex in the front of the children?

    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you and I explained in one of my later post in this thread that sexual education is very important and that in our schools it is mandatory subject. We, as future parents will also educate our children the best we know and certainly won't have a a sex in front of them if they are disturb with it.
  10. EvalovesEP

    Euthanasia - would you do it?

    > Yes, we are married and we are living in love triangle. If anyone is interesting about us, they always can visit my profile and read my "Diaries of love triangle" blog.
  11. EvalovesEP

    Euthanasia - would you do it?

    Although I love my Prince with all my being I disagree with him in this matter. @Tirloque, @Jazzman and few others stressed out very good points. Life is too precious. My Prince is too precious to me so that I will euthanize him. I can't do it.
  12. EvalovesEP

    “What are you looking at …”

    He is a man with big heart, indeed. As any rule has exception I have to say that M.T.'s saying also have exception: my Prince was bitten by dogs whom he fed and patted. Also, before he became allergic to cats and dogs, his parents had a cat. he fed her, pat her and played with her, but she always destroyed only his clothes and stuff. Animal world isn't for him: they simply aren't "compatible"
  13. EvalovesEP

    Butt Shot #10 Maeva

    Very nice legs and ass.
  14. EvalovesEP

    Lost in Translation. I

  15. EvalovesEP

    Lost in Translation. I

    Naughty troll. LOL. I'm very thrilled with this episode especially with lesbain sex scenes. Great work and many compliments for screenshots, story and dialogues. Masterly done.