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  1. Oh, my I almost died laughing. Starting with the little troll with his thumb in his ass in your banner and continuing blond's naive questions. My dear, you are MASTER of art and I admire you. Thank you.
  2. EvalovesEP


    Very nice entry. I'm gonna tell my Prince that he is missing to see hot sporty girls in your blog entry. Oh, my if that will rush him to join LL again.
  3. I said this to my Prince and he was glad to hear that some else is sharing his opinion.
  4. So true. So very true. You see, Antonio would surely realize his threat if my Prince didn't react. He never hated me but he didn't like me either. He tolerated me because of my Ivy in whom he is still love in. he isn't afraid of my prince, but he doesn't want to hurt my Ivy. He never truly knew how much she loves me and that's why he threatened me. Also, he truly loves our children especially Precious and he knows now if he hurt me in any way, he will be cast out from family and he'll never see our children again. he doesn't want to take that risk. But, on the other hand he sees
  5. Thanks for compassion and wonderful words in PM. ❤️
  6. 😂😁😘 Thank you for nice wish 💋
  7. Thank you. It wouldn't be so if my Prince wouldn't love us so much. he can't let things go unsolved.
  8. Before I tell you about our three big events, let me shortly say about what happened few days after Antonio’s conversation with me in the Hotel. My Fran and Lidija saw my swollen eyes from crying and they helped me to fix my makeup. They asked me numerous times what happened but I didn’t want to tell them. They both said to my Prince and Ivy that I came tearful in the office after conversation with Antonio. My luvs also wanted me to tell them what has happened. I didn’t tell them because I was afraid of Antonio. They also asked Antonio what he did to me but he didn’t want to tell them either.
  9. This month is remarkable by three big events for us: Valentine, our 5th anniversary and Precious’s first birthday. We were extremely busy. I will tell you about it later, in my next diary after Precious’ birthday. In this diary I will tell you about how I almost screwed up everything. I hurt my Ivy badly and saddened my Prince. I want to tell you about it so you won’t do same mistake. Two days before Valentine something got into me and I was jealous at my luvs. I wasn’t completely myself and I forgot what my Prince told to my Ivy and me about his love for us few days earlier. Their affin
  10. Last night, before we put our children to sleep my Ivy and I were in the living room with Precious while my Prince was playing with Mikey in children’s room. We talked about everything. When we came to the subject of love in our love triangle I openly asked her: - Honey, what would you do if you are in situation that you can save only one person? Whom would you save, me or Prince? Taking my hands in hers and kissing my lips gently, she said: - I love you with all my being, Princess, but … Me (interrupting her smilingly): Although I want you to choose me, I know you will
  11. Thank heavens, we had relatively peaceful period of time - no incidents. Regardless of being “in red”, my luvs equally and zealously train martial arts with Silvano. My Ivy loves sparring the most because she loves to fight. Although she is tall and slim and one can easily fall in trap to underestimate her for she is very quick and strong and she can fight any man and woman. She is on Silvano’s level but both of them are slower than my Prince. He beats them in individual fighting and in 2 vs 1 fight. My Prince is motivated to practice martial arts to protect us, his family and friends. My Ivy?
  12. Maybe some of you heard (read) about earthquakes in South-Central part of our country (Banija) and that cities; Petrinja, Sisak and Glina were almost devastated and in which 7 people lost their lives. Well, all Croatians rose up to help them in every way: collecting money, food, furniture, camp houses, heaters and blankets and doing any job that was needed. Unfortunately, usurers, profiteers and mobs rose along with them trying to cheat naïve and uninformed people and to get rich on poor people’s misfortune. Damn scum! (Yes, I became Princelike too in this matter. Such things didn’t bothered m
  13. > Thank you. Please, read my latest diary. It will answer some of your doubts and questions
  14. Racketeered father and his tortured daughter were very pleased with my Prince’s work. Beside praises, he also hired two bodyguards (one for him and one for his daughter) on long term and he wanted to give some extra money to the agency for excellent service. Antonio didn’t want to take that money saying that he is happy when his clients are satisfied. But, the “Racketeers case” didn’t go well for my Prince and Ivy. Four racketeers ended in the hospital in very bad shape. When the doctor called a police (it’s his duty), they asked them who and why did it, they said: “a sporty tall blond couple
  15. Although I wrote about excellent holidays we had (what was entirely true) it wasn’t everything perfect in between my last diary, Christmas and New Year. My Fran gave to my luvs a “permanent” nickname: savages. Since I lacked time and space in my previous diary I promised to you that I will write about it. So, here we go. As you already know, my Prince and Ivy are doing bodyguard side jobs for Antonio. They did several jobs and they almost covered their three months wages they gave in behalf of our fired restaurant workers. They needed one more very well paid job to come to financ
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