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  1. Everything worked fine and according to our plan in Sunday morning: jogging, exercise, martial arts and sex with my Prince under the shower. The only unplanned thing that happened was making new long bloody scratches on his back, chest and ass. We exaggerated again and we hurt him. He told us that he’ll not have a sex with us until our period is over. He was very angry and his body was in pain. He had to take pain killers. We honestly apologized to him and said we are sorry. He forgave us, but he didn’t want to change his mind about sex with us. He said we already promised him twice that we will be careful, but we weren’t for we can’t control ourselves. Sooo, my Ivy and I are forced to use our hands and toys next couple of days. His decision is justified and we didn’t complain. We should restrain our lust and arousal, but we couldn’t. Anyway, we accepted and respect his decision. The good thing is that he will let us suck him and that our period doesn’t last long, 4-5 days. We had a great time with our parents during the morning coffee until my Ivy mentioned Prince’s new gun. My mom and Zdenka were furious and strongly protested against it, while our dads and Ivy and me defended my Prince. He listened our quarrel and then he interrupted us saying: - Moms, dads, everyone …… I want you to be silent for moment … Let me show you something …. He took the contract with Antonio as the external associate of his security agency, the license for carrying pistol, the certificate from the school for body guards, and the contract with our Hotel. Holding it in his hand he stood in the middle and told them: - Moms, these documents certify and authorize me to do the job I’m doing. Each of them empowers me to use and carry pistol. I didn’t want to have pistol until recently and I have my reasons for changing my mind. I also talked to my wives about it although I didn’t have to. This is not a subject for family discussion and your opinion is, no offense, irrelevant for I don’t need your approval. I’m professional body guard and that’s my job. With all respect, I want you to stop this pointless discussion. Before Eva and Ivy explain some things to you, you have my word that I will never come to your house with the pistol if it bothers you, but in my home and my job, I will do as I like. Then he returned his documents into the drawer. Our dads, Ivy and me were stunned with his short speech and demonstration. We admired him for he spoke with authority. When he sat in armchair, my Ivy quickly jumped in his lap and she, wrapping her hands around his neck, showered him with kisses. I explained to our parents about Prince’s decision for having the gun empty or loaded with blanks and about its purpose. When they heard it, they relived and Zdenka said: - Why didn’t you say so, children? Marko; They probably would but you two started to clucking not giving them a chance to explain. Damn babbling goats. Mom and Zdenka approached to my Prince and they apologized for attacking him and they also apologized to us. After that we went to the kitchen and my Prince stayed with dads in the living room. We all laughed hard when we heard our dads protesting loudly because our moms came to the living room and took all sharp drinks from drinks cabinet and brought it to the kitchen. They wanted to prevent old devils to make my Prince drunk. They used to play by the rule: “Lose one, drink one”. So, they played cards, they cheated my Prince but they had a good time calling each other names and “offending” each other laughing hard. Ivy and I helped our moms in the kitchen and we had a good time talking about my Masters’ college and our jobs. They were very proud at my achievements at Master’s college. Anyway, we made the lunch and Prince’s favorite cherry cake. We enjoyed in the lunch and the cake and the coffee afterwards. Our parents helped us with dishes and cleaning the kitchen and they went home. My Ivy and I were extremely horny and we fucked under the shower. We missed my Prince a lot, but we had a great sex. Before we went jogging, I received short video clip from Prince’s cousin Davor. It was a 20 seconds lesbian scene performed by Charlize Teron and Sofia Boutella in “Atomic blond” movie. Ivy and I replayed the scene for my Prince who became very horny. He still kept his decision to not to have sex with us during our period, but he let us suck him. It was different blowjob then before. He used hand cuffs and he tighten our hands on our back and he sat on the chair. Ivy and I kneeled and suck his cock very good and each of us fought to have it longer in our mouths. We were both horny for we were restrained, especially my Ivy who loves to be submissive and restrained. Then she made second mistake. When she was sucking him she bit his cock and caused the pain. He forbade her to suck him and it made her hornier. She cried and she begged him, but he didn’t change his mind. He fucked my mouth deep and hard until I felt his hot sweet come spraying down my throat. I “mmmmmmed” enjoying in its taste. When Ivy wanted to cum kiss with me afterwards he didn’t let her. My god, she was so horny and in the need for sex. When he uncuffed our hands she, ran toward the closet, took her toys and asked me to fuck her. So I did it. She shook and moaned hard and loud in pleasure while I was double penetrating her; her ass and pussy. She came long and loud and she stayed laying on the bed trying to catch the breath. Then she stood up and deep kissed my Prince thanking him for “punishing” her. We went under the shower and we cleaned her toys and took the shower. Then we went to jog and do our evening routine. Coming to the work today my luvs visited our boss and had a coffee with him. My Prince told him about his new gun. He explained to him why he assigned one from Antonio and the way he’s is going to use it. Boss said that he has the full confidence in his maturity and gun usage. Then my Prince received a phone call from mister Valter to come urgently to his hotel because he has situation. He and Ivy sat in the car and drove to his hotel. This is what they told my boss and me when returned: When they met with mister Valter he told him that he has a problem with French V.I.P. guest. He got drunk last night with his pals and they heavily damaged some very expensive furniture. He wanted to leave the hotel without paying the damaged. He refused the pay for damage and they locked him in his room and placed security guard on watch. Mister Valter wants to avoid police involvement as much as he can for having police in the hotel isn’t good for business. He also didn’t want to press charges against him for it is time and money consuming process. So, he had full trust in my Prince that he will convince him to pay the damage. They went together to Frenchman’s room and mister Valter gave him the last chance to cover the damage. He told him that he invited two professionals who will force him to pay if he refuses to. The Frenchman was little bit in dilemma about what to do, but he refused to pay. Prince said to mister Valter: - Mister Valter. I want you to go into your office and let me and Ivy talk to him. We’ll come to you when we finish. Mister Valter thanked him and left the room. Then my Prince ordered to Frenchman to sit on the chair and he sat opposite of him. He asked him politely to pay the damage. When Frenchman refused, my Prince took his pistol and without the words he just placed it on the table. The Frenchmen was scared a bit now, but he still didn’t want to pay. Then my Prince took off his ty and gave it to Ivy. He told her to tie Frenchmen’s hands on the back of the chair. The Frenchmen didn’t resist for he was scared my Prince will use the gun (which was empty, but he didn’t know it). Then he told her to put the pillow case over his head. This time the Frenchman was really scared for he couldn’t see what is happening. He shouted in fear: “You can’t do this! It’s against the law. I will sue you!” My Prince took his gun for the muzzle and he approached to him. He leaned near his ear, pressed the gun handle on his crouches and he quietly but seriously told him: - I will start with your balls first. When I crush them and turned them into bloody jelly, I will do the same to every single toe on your feet. You can kiss my ass for I will have dozen witnesses that will confirm I was never here, and you have none …… If …. The bluff worked and the French man shouted: - Noooooo! Noooooooo! I will pay the damage, damn you! Prince: Are you sure? Don’t play with me, motherfucker! Frenchman: YES! I will pay it right away! Just release me! My Ivy released him and Frenchmen took his golden card and they returned to mister Valter’s office. My Prince made him to apologize to Mister Valter and when he paid for all the damage he was allowed to leave the hotel. When he left, mister Valter asked my Prince if he harmed him. He smiled and said: - Of course I didn’t harm him. I’m not a gangster or bully. I just played some bluffing game with him and it worked. Mister Valter: Glad to hear it. What would you do if your bluff didn’t work, mister Prince? Prince: I always have extra card in my sleeve, Mister Valter. Mister Valter hugged him and thanked him. Do you know how much this intervention cost? I’ll tell you. A 1000 Euros. (the following part they didn’t say to our boss, but me when we were alone) - My Ivy was very horny after this that he begged him to fuck her promising she won’t use her hands on him. So since she had period, my Prince fucked her in the ass from behind in lady’s restroom and she had very strong orgasm. She bit her hand to reduce the sound of her pleasure moans. Our boss giggled listening the story. Then he hugged my Prince and said: - You are very talented for this job, my son. I’m glad I accepted your proposition for your new job. Let me treat Ivy and you with drink. Oh, and Eva, of course. Then we had a e.b. meeting and we were informed that we are 70% booked for Easter holidays. Entertaining team is ready with their program for guests and the party for our workers. After e.b. meeting my Prince and Ivy gathered with Fran and Tina. They complained to him about the problematic worker who openly discredited them, insulted them, called them names when they confronted him about his mistake. Fran didn’t want to fire him for he is a good worker, but he misbehaved. He wanted my Prince to talk to him. So they met in Prince’s office. The problematic worker didn’t feel well seeing my Prince. That implied he is in a big trouble. He was sweating. When Fran and Tina said again what happened and how he reacted, my Prince asked him if it’s true. He confirmed and my Prince told him: - You will apologize to Fran and Tina and ask them for forgiveness. You will promise that you will not oppose them any more. Fran will take 30% of your next wage as a disciplinary measurement. If I hear one more complain about you, especially that you insulted them and called them names, I will fire you immediately, but I will beat the crap out of you first. You better have very good health insurance. The rebellious worker got scared and he apologized to Fran and Tina and he promised he will behave from now on. When he left, Fran and Tina thanked my Prince for intervention and help. Tina was very impressed with Prince’s reaction that she hugged him firmly and asked him to let her treat Ivy and him with the drink in the Hotel bar before my luvs met with me in his office. After the good sex I had with Ivy, my luvs went home. My boss had to go home earlier today and he gave me few small tasks to do. I did them all and before I continue to study I wrote this diary. My dear readers ….. I apologize for long diary but I had to write about my admiration of my Prince. If someone thinks he's life and job is a fairy tale I assure you it's not. It's very stressful and hard but he is doing great. He is the man with multiple talents. He is not a man for deep and heavy intellectual conversations and discussions, but he found himself in other interrelationship and communicational “waters” in which he is extremely effective. His strong emphasis on order and discipline, being very good in martial arts, having strong body configuration, living according to his principles makes him more than competent for this type of jobs. Fragile, too sensitive and easily hurt emotional Prince whom I met almost two years ago doesn’t exist any more. He is completely different person. The only thing that didn’t change is his love for Ivy and me. He loves us the same: devotedly, unconditionally, crazily and with whole his being. I’m sure that this part of his being will never change for he is loved the same by his crazy witches: my Ivy and me.
  2. Character sheet: Arilith

    Finally character according to my like. Good. I hope we'll see her more in "improving" her sex skill.
  3. Gray Cowl of Nocturnal kind of.

    - Well my Prince has a pistol, not sword. We like when he fires from it.
  4. I received this video by Prince's cousin, Davor. He said that when he and Sandra watched that movie and saw this scene, they immediately thought of me and Ivy. Let me see you now: Who are those two actresses and what's the name of the movie? ;)



  5. Gray Cowl of Nocturnal kind of.

    Somebody is very obsessed with swords. Is there something you want to confess to us, Triloque?
  6. Gray Cowl of Nocturnal kind of.

    Indeed, but his head isn't chained and mouth isn't gagged. And I'm expert in making guys do what I want them to do. Ask my Prince.
  7. The man with the gun

    > maybe swords are better then guns, but pistols can fire multiple times and swords: none.
  8. Part 5. Better the devil you know...

    Excellent episode. The lesson: don't make any deals with the devil and if you must do, try to outsmarted him.
  9. Eyes: D or G Hair: F or K Ears: B Body: A or B freckles: yes, but hardly visible. This options are also my Prince's desire.
  10. We all made the lunch for us in Friday after I posted my diary. Nothing special: various vegetable salad and fruit mix. We (I mean my Prince) couldn’t resist not to have anal fruit games after the lunch that ended with very good sex on the kitchen table. After cleaning the table and the kitchen, we took the shower and enjoyed in cuddling under the shower while soaping each other. Then my luvs went to appointed meeting and do security job. They weren’t absent long time, less than three hours, but I missed them a lot. My parents came in visit on their way to Marko and Zdenka and they spent some time with me. My luvs returned home and I heard Ivy’s loud laughter from the outside while they were entering the house. I was very curios what happened. When they entered into the house they kissed me and hugged me and Ivy, my devilish crazy luv laughed all the time hugging him and kissing him while my Prince was serious but not angry. I couldn’t wait to hear what happened and I forced her to sit on the sofa and I sat in her lap “demanding” to tell me what happened. My Prince deeply sighed and he went under the shower after he changed his clothes. Ivy (laughing): Ooohhh, Princess ….. you wouldn’t believe what happened. Me: Ivy, stop laughing and tell me. Ivy: Well, we met with our employer at the reception desk and then we talked about possible trouble makers. The meeting went very well and without incident. The employer escorted us to the car and thanked us for coming. For some reason I got horny and when he started to drive I cuddled his crouches and very soon his cock was in my mouth. I sucked him good and deep and he came in my throat. I enjoyed in his hot sweet cum. I drained his balls to the last drop. (laughter) Me: I envy you, my luv, but ….. why is he serious then? Ivy: Well, honey ….. hahaahaha … when I was getting up I deep kissed him. Then we saw stunned face of the woman driver that was sitting in the car aligned with us waiting for the green light. She saw me sucking him. He blushed very strong and he turned his head on the other side, I sent her the kiss. She said something and turned her head on the other side. Hahahaha. Oh, my poor Prince. I can imagine how he felt. Ivy and I always laugh in situations like this, but my Prince feels completely embarrassed. Well, we love to suck him while he drives and he knows about the risk to be seen. He accepts it. Anyway, when he came out of the bathroom we both hugged him and kissed him. He wasn’t serious anymore and he ask us to sit and plan for tomorrow’s lunch. We agreed that Ivy and I will go in the grocery shopping after the morning coffee with our parents and we all cook together afterwards. The rest of the day/evening we spent in our routine activities and a good rough sex afterwards. Yesterday morning was crappy like all days in last two weeks: mostly raining. Ideal weather for my Prince, but not for Ivy and me. We love the sun and hot. Then we can be more exposed and naked and enjoy in swimming. Can’t wait fucking summer. After the morning routine and a coffee with our parents Ivy and I went shopping and my Prince stayed at home. Our moms and dads helped my Prince in house cleaning and they went home afterwards. Ivy and I had a great time after the shopping. We had a cappuccino in nearest café and we enjoyed in smooching and cuddling. We had no incident although few guys starred at us all the time. But, we were horny. We rushed home and went to the bedroom and she and I fucked veeeeery goooood. After quick shower we joined my Prince in the kitchen and we cooked together. We had a lot of fun and kissing, ass slapping, dancing and eating various vegetables and creams from each other’s mouth. Then we set the table for our guests and we waited for them. Fran and Tibor arrived first and few minutes later, Lidija and her boyfriend arrived too. They all brought some gifts for us; coffee, whiskey, flowers and chocolate candies. My Ivy made us laugh all when she, during welcoming, wrapped her hands around Lidija’s hips and she pretended she want to deep kiss her. Lidija was soooo red in the face and she had “Help me!” look on her face when looking at my Prince and me and resisting to Ivy by pressing her elbows against her chest and covering her mouth with her palms. My Prince and I were thrilled seeing Lidija happy and in love with “our guy”. Everything showed they are in love: the look, talk, touches … Fran and Tibor’s relationship is also stable and they love each other very much too. After the lunch, we moved to the living room and my Prince and Ivy served cookies, cakes and beverages. During the cake and coffee time Ivy said to “our guy”: - Prince’s is bigger and more beautiful than yours. They were all shocked hearing it and he blushed. Then he said: - Pardon me, Ivy. I don’t know what you are talking about. You never saw mine. Ivy: Yes, I did. Lidija looked at her boyfriend and she was shocked. Ivy (to Prince): Show him, honey. He and I were the only ones who knew what she meant. So he stood up and Lidija, thinking that he will show his cock blushed and stuttered: - Boss, you wouldn’t….. My Prince smiled and said: Sorry, Lidija, but I must. She covered her eyes with both hands, “our guy” looked at me very shocked and Fran and Tibor couldn’t believe my Prince will show his tool. But, he walked to the drawer and took the rug with his pistol in it. Everyone laughed hard except Lidija who felt embarrassed. She said: - I should of know better. My apologies, boss. Anyway, “our guy” admitted that Princes’ pistol is bigger and nicer than his and he said he heard from Antonio and Lidija that we are crazy but he didn’t know we are “that” crazy. Fran looked at Ivy begging her with his look to not to repeat the scene from the office and she apologized to him again for making him scared and uncomfortable in the office. We had a great time talking about various things and during the conversation, I got period. I apologized and I went to the bathroom and “fixed” the problem. My Ivy got it later, at night. Anyway, our guests were thrilled with our cooking and after complimenting excellent dinner, cookies and hospitality, they left. We cleaned the kitchen, washed the dishes and took a nap before we went jogging and do other stuff we always do. Ivy was happy that she didn’t get period before wild sex with my Prince after martial arts training. But, he had to fuck me afterwards under the shower for I was extremely horny. I always am when having period. None of us could sleep long. The crappy weather with lot of moisture and low pressure influenced on all of us. Our morning started with Ivy’s and mine sex under the shower for we needed our “dose”. We “saved” my Prince for later, the second round after our morning routine and before our parents come for morning coffee. They will stay with us for the lunch. This time we want to cook with our moms while my Prince will play cards with dads who will try to make him drunk. They will cheat him on cards as always. It’s their tradition. But knowing my mom, she will keep her eye on them. We will stay at home the whole day. I will study for my next exam, Ivy and my Prince will do their stuff and she and I will try to stay away from him when being bitchy because of the periods. Damn mother nature. LOL.
  11. Gray Cowl of Nocturnal kind of.

    Well, that explains all. I would do the same thing. but I will also make him capable to eat my pussy and ass.
  12. The man with the gun

    Oh, my dear, don't make me think that I have to teach you about sex expressions and games. Having empty gun in the rug on the belt was only decoration to Prince's perfect body. It turned my Ivy on just seeing him. They didn't use the gun in practical sex. LOL. I like when I have a chance like this to oppose you and to tease you. I have no doubt about your sexual experience (although I have no knowledge at all) but I think I can teach you a lesson or two. (Big HUUUUG)
  13. These girls are crazy just like Ivy and me when going out and having fun. :smile:



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      You see the second picture? That's what we did (and much more) when having cappuccino after shopping. ;)

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  14. Gray Cowl of Nocturnal kind of.

    Good work. Now, after he got the blow job, it's her turn to get ass licked
  15. The man with the gun

    I have no doubt in my Prince and his responsible and mature approach to using the gun that will be dangerless since he will not use real bullets. I also agree with you and him about pranking others threatening with empty gun. It's not him and he'll never do that. My Ivy was just childish and it was a moment. She will not do it again. Aaaaaand, if my luvs like to have sex with him carrying empty gun, I have no problem with it. It's just a sex game. You, my dear, older brother, have to expand your sex imagination and fantasy.