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    Only in my husband Prince, my wife Ivy, my family and friends.

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  1. Although I didn't have to visit my gynecologist I did it because I want to make sure that all is fine with my baby and my body that is its house. My baby has to have all the comfort I can provide to it. :classic_smile::classic_laugh: And I will go to visit him every ten days. My baby must be safe and enjoy in its comfort before it comes out to ugly reality of the world ;)



  2. EvalovesEP

    Game from the past

    Nice work. I especially compliment you for the last picture. AWESOME
  3. EvalovesEP

    [SUNSAKUKA] Sunday Entry No. #31 Shannon & Nila

    Shannon is divine.
  4. EvalovesEP

    SLAL_Billyy_Human Previews

    Such a wonderful animations. You really a master of animating. I must convince my Prince to install Skyrim again and install your great animations. Thank you for excellent work.
  5. I must boast about perfect weekend I had thanks to my wonderful angels. It all started at Friday night when I had uncontrollable urge to eat avocado and watermelon. I said to them that the baby wants it (the truth is that the baby is still too small to make me feel wanting certain type of food so I made excuse “blaming” it for that urge. LOL) and my luvs went to town to find it for me. The problem was that the most of the stores were closed in that time, but they managed to buy 1 kg of avocado and one 5 kg watermelon. Of course I shared with them but they got only small pieces. Baby and I ate it all. LOL. The “side effect” was going to the toilet too often for I had to pee. Anyway, I rewarded their sacrifice with excellent oral sex. After our morning routine in Saturday and coffee with my parents we went to big grocery shop where my luvs mostly fuck under the vegetable stand and this time my Prince fucked me. It was amazing. Trying to reduce the loudness of my moans I bit his shoulders and when had orgasm her painfully moaned because I bit him very hard. My Ivy told me that people heard his painful moan and she imitated him pretending that she accidentally hit the stand by her feet. Later on, in the nearby café my Prince made me sitting in his lap all the time for he wanted to hold his hand on my tummy excusing he has to cuddle baby’s head. We laughed hard, smooch a lot and enjoyed being together. But, he made up to Ivy. When we came home, I felt tired and I went to take the nap while my luvs put all the groceries into the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets. After that they went to the balcony and had gentle-wild sex after which they cuddled and prattled. When I woke up, I ate like “hungry year” and we took the air matrass to our beach. Oh, my, we had so much fun. We creamed laughing hard when tried to retain the balance on the surface and especially when we try to fuck. We always ended in the sea. So we fucked in the sea later, after we played shark game and *submarine. (* it’s the game in which Prince’s erected cock is the only that is above the surface and my Ivy and I had to catch it with our mouths and try to suck it without using the hands). Very lovely game. You should try it. At the evening, after the exercise, martial arts training and wild sex, my luvs took me out for ice cream. We had wonderful time together holding hands, kissing, grabbing, pinching and slapping Prince’s ass whenever we passed by some couple or a girl. When we arrived home, my luvs worshiped my body with their lips and tongues and although we didn’t have oral sex they made me cum hard. We slept very exhausted. Making the story short, today was also wonderful day. My Prince showed to Ivy and me how much he loves us and worship us as his queens. He made a fruit breakfast and brought it to the bed and we ate it from each other’s mouth. He carried us to the bathroom and soaped us under the shower kissing every single inch of our bodies. He did it so gently and yet sexy that we fucked him hard. Before we went to the family lunch to the villa, we bought the presents for our parents and Fran. The lunch was fantastic and we had excellent time. We laughed a lot especially when my Fran also tried to place his palm on my tummy imitating my Prince who always slapped his hand and removed it saying that he has to make his own baby to some guy and cuddle his tummy. After the lunch my luvs and me washed the dishes, clean the table and before going home, we stopped in our café. My Prince knew we wanted to fuck him in public place so he wanted to make us happy. We didn’t go to lady’s room but we fucked in our spot and we loved it a lot. My Prince loved it less then we, but he was happy for we were happy. Arriving home, we went to the beach, swam in the sea and while my luvs practice martial arts now, I wrote this diary. I hope you had wonderful weekend too. Sorry if you didn’t.
  6. This gif melted me so much that I cried a lot. I soooooo wait to hear those words from my baby one day.

    (My apologies dear friends, but I'm freaking totally into motherhood :)




    1. Jayomms


      OK Eva breathe deep and Freak in. ;)

  7. EvalovesEP

    Character Sheet: Svenja

    Until I see it I am in:
  8. My poor luvs are in the search for avocado and water melon all over the city. My baby wants to eat exotic fruit and make me pee a lot. Damn! :D



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      @winny257> I'm very, very sorry again and I apologize. Thank you for showing understanding because you know how much my Prince means to me. Here, a little gift for you ;)





    3. winny257


      Eva, you do not know how much me animals mean, especially small dogs.
      dogs never disappoint you, for me are Animals the better humans.


      thank you for your gift. :classic_smile:

    4. winny257


      I completely deleted my above post, it was not beautiful anymore, something was missing.

  9. EvalovesEP

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Haha .... I wanted to say that we are talking about same thing looking at it from different sides and using different terminology but in essence we agree
  10. EvalovesEP


    I will talk to him and will tell him about your post and blog entry.
  11. EvalovesEP

    That’s only fair

    < Some people like you and jayomms are great models of the people with extremely high self control. I don't know if you were born with it or not, but my Prince isn't. He has to work hard to win some battles. So far, he won few very heavy ones and I'm very proud at him (Just remember his "Hulk syndrome" and his weakness toward chocolate skin girls). He is an example to Ivy and me because he had very hard life and he always, wounded and half alive, got up and continue to fight.
  12. EvalovesEP


    Where have you been when my Prince needed you and @worik?! (just joking) Not your fault for he had some Skyrim issues that no one could help him to resolve and he quit playing it. I'm saying this because you two posted very good blog entries worth to follow. Maybe a little suggestion: I know it will sound little bit silly because nobody has a time for waste but there are certain issues that many LL members posted under Skyrim technical support thread and nobody ever answered those questions because they were hard to be answered and hard to find solution for. You two, good men and few others are smart and maybe you can do some kind of "research" and try to figure out what is the problem. I'm deeply convinced that people like my Prince and others who never got their problem solved might at least feel easy if they will read: "I tried to replicate your problem, but there is no solution to it .. " or something similar. It will comfort them to know that someone tried to "walk in their shoes". Again, this is not request, just some silly idea that might be of the great help to so called "Unsolved issues". Thanks for this blog entry.
  13. EvalovesEP

    Character Sheet: Svenja

    Maybe yes, maybe no. I don't believe you until I see her.