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  1. Our family members noticed broken relationship between my Fran and us and dad Boss asked us what happened. My Prince and my Fran didn’t want to talk about it. I told him. He too was surprised by Fran’s reaction on e.b. meeting. Among many other things, he told him: - Did my son (Prince) ever do something that jeopardized Hotel integrity, prosperity and existence? Fran: No, sir, he didn’t. Dad Boss: Was he ever mistaken or failed in judgement? Fran: No, sir, he wasn’t. Dad Boss: Eva said that he checked Hotel’s financial reports and that he brought up his idea after seeing that helping Hotel workers won’t jeopardize its financial structure and stability. Why did you oppose him then? My Fran bent his head and was red in the face. He whispered: - I …. I don’t know, sir. I think I was afraid we’ll bankrupt …… I realize now that I was wrong. I’m sorry and I apologize. Dad Boss: Thank you, Fran, but you owe an apology to my son, not to me ….. And Fran, please have more trust in him next time. My Fran apologized to my Prince. Of course, my Prince accepted his apology because he is such person although it was too late to make changes. He apologized to me too with the tears in his eyes. I told him that I love him, that all is forgiven and that he should listen to my Prince in the future. He promised he will. Anyway, the government brought up new law, the compensation law for restaurants, bars and hotels that had to close their business. We gonna receive exactly the same sum of money that we gave to our fired workers plus we will receive estimated sum of money for lost income from our restaurants and bars that we could earn if we stayed open. My Prince had two bodyguard jobs for the major and my Ivy had one for a son of local businessman who was hitting on her on his birthday party in their pub. Although she broke agency rule my Prince and I had a good laugh when she told us what happened. Namely, since his friends had high class prostitutes in their company he tried his luck with my Ivy. When he ignored her warnings to stop hitting on her and when he tried to put his hand on her leg, she grabbed him for the hand, twisted in ankle and pressed him hard against the seat with one hand she pressed her gun on his balls with another hand saying that if he say one more word she will blast his balls. She told us that he was wet in few seconds because he got scared. After that he left her alone. She thought he will complain to Antonio and that he will never hire anyone from his agency. She was ready to apologize. But, he didn’t. He was thrilled with her and he said that she is dangerous as she is beautiful and he wants only her as his bodyguard in the future. I teased her that she should accept his seduction for she could have group sex that she miss a lot since she is a slut. My Prince died laughing while she restrained me and started to fuck me. My god, it was marvelous. My Prince joined us very soon and ….. it will take a lot of time and space to write what we did. Just imagine. Precious’ first word was mama and she addressed it to me. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when she stretched her arms toward me and called me ‘mama’. I showered her with kisses. She also called my Ivy ‘mama’, but I was the first one she called like that. She learned to crawl and to stand holding our finger or some firm object. When we applaud her saying “Bravoooo” she smiles having her mouth widely open. Whatever she does she looks at me first to see my reaction. Yes, I’m her favorite parent and I’m very proud on it. Mikey can’t wait her sister to learn walking for he wants to hold her hand and run around the house together. He still try to “force” his will when he wants something and when we don’t let him but he colds very fast when he hears his daddy’s voice: “Mikey!” Antonio and Sillvano got sick. No, it isn’t Corona. They got ordinary flu. My mom nurtures them and cooking for them and my dad drives her to both places. We smiled when she called them her children saying that they are so helpless and cute sneezing and coughing thanking her for taking care for them. Antonio never needed help in the past, but now he is older and he needs someone to take care for him when he is ill. Silvano’s parents are alive but they are afraid of Corona virus and they didn’t come to visit him. Last night the three of us had wonderful sex with multiple orgasms (My Ivy and I had two vaginal and two anal orgasms). I started to enjoy in anal sex more than ever before. My Prince is best pussy and ass eater and he makes me cum now whenever he fucks my ass. He simply is naturally gifted. Yes, he and my Ivy are naturally born lovers. I’m lucky that I have them. See you soon folks!
  2. We, Hotel management received official announcement from government in Monday about new measures that ministry of health will bring up this Friday. Namely, since the number of infected people daily increasing and because many do not follow the rules and regulations we have to shut down more of our capacities (restaurant and few more rooms). That means to fire more people. Before having the meeting with workers, e.b. met and discussed current problem yesterday morning. We decided which rooms we will lock and what shall we do with restaurant stuff. My Prince checked our financial status. He saw that we can “improvise” and he proposed we should help them financially at least for three months since governmental budged is overburdened and they won’t receive any money till spring. His proposition was fine and we, me, my Ivy, Ivy and Lidija accept it. Unfortunately, my Fran didn’t. Since we have to be unanimous about decisions like this my Prince’s plan failed. He and my Fran argued very hard. Fran said that he sympathize with our fired workers but we are risking financial catastrophe and our wages are on the stake too. We all took my Prince’s side but my Fran was very stubborn. Then my Prince said to him very angrily: - You know, Fran, right now I think I do not know you. You behave like heartless jerk. You know all of them and you are familiar with their situation; most of them will have nothing to eat …… Fran: I know, but it’s not our problem. They are government’s problem …. Prince: If you wouldn’t be a family, I will punch you in the face now ….. Damn you!!! … Here is what I will do: I give my three wages to most needed workers ….. My Ivy said: Me too! Fran: That’s stupid, you have bills and … Prince: I will work for Antonio and I will find some side jobs. We’ll survive! My Ivy: Me too! I said that I will reduce my wage for another 25%. Lidija said she will do it too. So, the four of us signed a new contract for next three months. I was disappointed in my Fran. I talked to him after e.b. meeting in private and he firmly defended his stand view. At the end I told him that I still love him but he bit me in the heart. You see, our parents wouldn’t let us starve and be financially broken, but my Prince is not a kind of person who will ask for help as long as he can provide by working hard. My Ivy and I are very proud at him. We had meeting with our workers yesterday afternoon. We named the people whom we have to fire but we promised we’ll help them as much as we can. My Prince held very inspirational and motivational speech in which he appealed on the workers who kept their jobs to renounce 10% of their wage in behalf of their colleagues. Most of them did it. So, we covered three months wages of fired workers. When my loves called Antonio and explained our situation, he immediately started to find bodyguard jobs for them. So far he arranged few jobs and more are coming in following days. My Prince was very content and happy that we helped our workers. I wasn’t surprised for my Ivy’s reaction at all because she blindly follows him in everything and support his every decision. My Fran? *sigh* We distanced a little bit. We talk, but we aren’t intimately close. I really hope that he didn’t start to change on worse. So we have relationship crises in the family. My god, I so fucking hate Corona and what it does to some people!!
  3. My Fran and Stipe wanted to go out last Sunday and they asked my Prince and Ivy to be their bodyguards. My Prince wasn’t willing to go out at all but to stay with us and our children. He recommended Silvano. They insisted on my luvs to go with them. Ivy and I joined Fran’s “team” and we were very persistent. I told him: “Please, my love, go with them for they are family”. So he finally accept it but he told them that they have to sustain from kissing and cuddling in public for he doesn’t want to fight unnecessarily. They promised they wouldn’t. I was happy to stay with our children in my mom’s and dad’s company. My Prince hardly separated from Mikey and Precious. When Mikey wrapped his hands around his neck and kissed him saying: *”Olim te puuuuuuuno, tata”, my Prince’s eyes filled with tears in the split of the second. He hugged him firmly and shower his face with kisses. (*Volim te puno, tata = I love you very much daddy. Mikey can’t pronounce “V” yet). Mikey also did the same to my Ivy who smiled, pet his hair and said she loves him too. Yes, my Prince is very emotional when it comes to our children. Anyway, they went and this is what my Ivy told me what happened: - We went to very nice place (bar) that Stipe use to go. You would love it, Princess. The place is very neat and expensive. The place was half full. We sat at the table that Stipe reserved and we ordered our drinks. We talked about various things especially about their relationship. Prince wasn’t involved in our conversation; he was mostly on the phone answering important calls and watching our children on the web cam. He wasn’t impolite. He apologized and said he can’t be involved in our conversion because he is not in the mood, he is mind absent and he has certain obligations to do. Can you believe that he and I even didn’t kiss at all?! Then I spotted a couple sitting at the bar who occasionally looked at us. They looked like twins; a brother and sister. I was very curious and I asked Prince, Fran and Stipe if we may invite them to our table. Prince said that he isn’t interested to meet them but he is fine if we want to. He will sit at the nearest table, be on the guard and do some business calls. Fran and Stipe agreed. So, I walked to the couple, introduced myself and invited them to join us. They gladly did it. I asked them why did they looked at us and they said they thought Prince and I are brother and sister because we are both blond, tall, sporty and have same hairstyle (The witcher). They felt they should get to know us. Before I was able to say anything, Fran winked to me and told them that Prince and I are brother and sister. He was in the mood to have fun. Well, I accept it. They were interesting at the beginning but by the time they couldn’t stop talking mostly about their achievements and successes. They fucking talked and talked and talked until I got enough and I asked them: - Do you want to see something interesting? They said they want. I showed them Precious on my phone saying that she is Prince’s and my daughter. They were stunned. They couldn’t believe what they heard. They pardoned and they left our table while Fran and Stipe died laughing. Right after that I stood on my feet told Fran and Stipe to behave and I grabbed Prince for arm and walked to him to the ladies saying: - You didn’t kiss me all evening! You behaved like I do not exist! I have enough of it. You gonna fuck me now soooo good that all in the bar would know we fucked. Me: Was he? Ivy: O, yeaaaa. When I came, I screamed so loud that everyone could hear me. When we walked out everyone looked at us. We hold hands. I smiled while he bent his head and was red in the face. I had lough seeing brother’s and sister’s faces. They left the bar saying: “Disgusting!” I started to laugh kissing her and calling her dirty slut. Fran said that he had a great time especially when he had opportunity to have fun on my Prince’s account. I said to my Ivy that she shouldn’t worry why Prince didn’t kiss her at all. We made mistake for forcing him to do something although we knew he hates it and when he desperately wanted to be with us and our children. She agreed with me and we both apologize to him for that. Do you know what he did? While we talked he ordered big bougets of flowers and our favorite chocolate with message: “I love you very much, my crazy witches.”
  4. > So true. I'm still stilling my time for LL when my loves aren't around. Just like now when I'm in my office. But have to go for my Prince doesn't like when I do that.
  5. > Hey, hey, don't say that! Please! You are NOT LOOSER! 😡 You are brilliant story teller and maker and we love your work. > MY Prince adores Cass and Stranger series you made. I'm sure that he'll watch it again when will find a time. > As for you, many hugs and kisses
  6. >There is a name for „vaccine“ that my Prince received but I don't know it in English since there are several different injections for immunology that those who suffer from AIDS and various tumors use it. It boost and recover their immunity system. > Thank you for kind words. I'm becoming true mother. Am I not?
  7. > I agree with you a 100% my friend
  8. EvalovesEP

    Well-p, heh.

    Sorry to hear that, crw. That thing happened to my Prince several times. Glad to see you'll continue to work. Many hugs.
  9. My Prince had to receive so called extra immunity vaccine because he had Corona virus and to make his body more immune on Corona’s second attack. Our family doctor supposed to come to our house to vaccinate him, but he couldn’t make it because of the traffic. He, therefore, came to our Hotel to vaccinate my Prince in his office. But, seeing the needle my Prince got scared and he refused to receive it. Can you believe it? Man that is built of 92 kg of pure hard as rock muscles; the man who fights 2-3 men at once and who isn’t afraid of blades, knifes, any cold and fire weapon is afraid of 6 cm long tiny needle. We knew he had this problem from before. He was always afraid of the doctors and needles, but we thought he overcame this fear since he received anti sweating injections twice in last two years. Well, whenever he saw doctors and needle in the movie(s), he covered his eyes or turned the head on the other side. My Ivy and I tried to convince him to take vaccine. Unsuccessfully. My Fran laughed behind his back in Lidija’s company. Lidija? She didn’t laugh. Than he started to tease my Prince saying that he is a coward that hides behind his muscles and that he is a shame to his son Mikey who probably have more courage than his father. My Prince blushed, bent his head down and silently left his office. Fran’s saying was very insulting to me and Lidija and we gave him very sharp look. But my Ivy punished him. She approached to him, grabbed his head firmly and stuck her tongue into his mouth rimming it firmly. She knew he hates and that he is disgusted of any type of female sexual contact especially body fluids. So, when she let him go, he “yeeeked”, coughed and rushed toward men’s restroom to wash his mouth. When he returned back my Ivy told him: - Why are you such an asshole?! You didn’t tease him, but mocked him! When my husband did mocked you?! Wasn’t he always on your side protecting you, fighting bullies for you, and avenging you?! If you ever mock my husband again I will do much worse thing to you! I love my Fran, but my Ivy was right. My Prince never mocked anybody especially if someone is feared of something. My Fran was like him before he joined our family. Then he became very relaxed and my Prince and Ivy are his targets for joking, especially my Prince. Anyway, he apologized to my Prince later. The doctor didn’t resent my Prince for leaving the office. He said he understand and that he’ll come to our house later to vaccinate him. So he did it and you know why my Prince accepted vaccination? It was because Mikey was watching him. He heard from his moms that his daddy is very brave and that vaccination isn’t dangerous and painful. Yes, my Ivy and I used a small trick that helped both, our son and our husband to overcome the fear from needles. Although we aren’t fully booked and working only with 50% of human resources we are still busy in the Hotel. We are doing everything to keep it open and run the business, because if we don’t, Hotel will be closed and everyone will lose their jobs. We don’t want that. We will not have Christmas party in the Hotel because of Corona virus, but we will gift our workers and their families with Christmas bonuses and gifts for their children. As a family, we surely will celebrate Christmas. My Ivy and I are very excited because all family will gather. Lidija, my Fran and Stipe are in charge of buying the gifts from our lists. And again, my Prince is excluded. That makes me sad, but you should see him glowing when three of us spoke about buying the gifts to our children (and other family members). He smiled like a little child. You could see he was very happy. Yes, he still lives according to his moto: “True happiness comes from giving, not receiving.” Speaking about our children. My god, I became Princelike. In agreement with our parents we decided that every weekend Mikey will sleep over at my parents and Precious will stay at Zdenka and dad Boss over the night (next weekend children switching places) so that we would have a time for ourselves. (Of course, that means having our kinky sex games). Sooooo, last Saturday when we did all obligations (jogging, exercising, martial arts training, we took a shower and my Ivy and I dressed in veeeery erotic outfits. Seeing us, my Prince was very horny and we started to have very kinky sex. But, something wasn’t right. During the sex I started to think about our children and how much I miss them. If they were at our house, in their room, I wouldn’t have that feeling, but, since they weren’t I terribly missed them. My Prince had exactly the same feeling. So we stopped fucking. I took my smartphone and I called Zdenka saying that I will come and collect Precious in 15 minutes. My Prince called my mom and said he wants to see Mikey on the cam. When he heard his cuddly and at-the-edge-of-crying “taataaa” and saw his face, his eyes filled with tears in a split of the second. He just said: “I’m coming”. I took our Jeep and went to Zdenka’s house, and he sat in Audi and went to my parents’ house. Both of us knew we are not doing the right thing, but we couldn’t have a peace in our hearts without our children being at home. No parents’ arguments helped. We did what we felt we should do. My Ivy? She didn’t like what we did for she thought same as our parents and she made us pay during the sex. She fucked us marvelously good but she delayed or stopped our orgasms few times to “teach us the lesson” as she said. LOL. Anyway, my Prince and I went to children room few times during the night just to see our two angels sleeping contently. Yes, children are our biggest treasure and no (perfect) sex can replace our time with them.
  10. Fran’s and Stipe’s inability to marry in our country inspired me to search more about Christianity and marriage in our culture since 95% of Croats claims they are Roman Catholic Christians. I asked my Prince and Ivy for understanding and patience because it was very important to me. So, I took a Bible that belonged to Prince’s father and I started to read. No, not all Bible, but some important parts related to my research. I also checked some theological books online that speaks about homosexuality, bisexuality, polygamy, incest and marriages. I wasn’t surprised about conclusions, theses and explanations because I expected something like that. OK, I can understand that God is angry on such lifestyle (except polygamy in Old Testament) but I didn’t find ‘hate and hurt gays, lesbians, incestuous and bisexuals’ parole in New Testament. It was the practice of orthodox Jews in Old Testament. (My Prince explained to me what his father taught as theologian; that Christians should live according to New Testament since Old testament was fulfilled in Jesus Christ who gave a new law, but some groups and denominations still live in OT forgetting that Jesus brought a new law, the law of Love). God of the NT hates sinners’ practice, not sinners. Some ignorant and primitive people and so called Christians hate those groups. I never read that somebody attacked bestiality lovers. I’m not saying that they should be hated and attacked. I’m just saying that having sex with animals is more unnatural (for me) than having sex with same gender and yet, bestiality lovers are more accepted than above named people. God hated all those practices in Old Testament and he commanded to Israelites to punish them by stoning them to death. But, in the New Testament, Jesus gave opposite command: love your enemies and do well to them. Do not hate anyone but show your love. So, when Christian fundamentalists and traditional Christians hates and attack us; bisexuals, gays and polygamists, they actually ignore Jesus’s commandments and rather play Old Testament God for they like to hurt and torture. That is the work of evil one, a Satan, says Jesus in Gospel of John. I found very hypocritical that Christians in our country judge and hate homosexual, bisexuals and lesbians, but they are very fast to justify cheating their wives. I’m speaking in general sense. They publicly judge, mistreating and humiliate prostitutes, but they enjoy in their services on regular bases. That’s is what Apostol Paul also said to the Christian Jews in Corinth. I can’t say for sure but I believe that that some of those 4 guys, if not all, who attacked us have a girlfriend but in their absence they didn’t hesitate to cheat on them. If their gfs would do the same, they will beat them and call them whores. This is pure hypocrisy, male’s chauvinism and primitivism of the worst kind. I’m glad I did research on this subjects for I know now that extremely religious people and so called Christians have no tolerance at all toward others while in the same time that do exactly the same what they fight (preach) against. At the end of this paragraph I want to thank to my Prince who helped me a lot explaining to me some theological doctrines, movements and teachings that he learned from his father. Speaking of my Prince, let me share with you our conversation we had couple of days ago when he felt in depression. One night, after sex and the shower, we went to bed. We couldn’t sleep because of him who sneaked out to the children’s room. After some time he came to the living room. He was sitting in the darkness in complete silence. My Ivy and I was worried about him and we joined him in the living room. I curled up in his lap and kissing him gently I asked him what is bugging him. He didn’t answer right away, but after couple of minutes he deeply sighed and said to my Ivy and me: - Princess, Ivy, I am truly sorry if I disappointed you. I deeply apologize. Me: NOOOOooooooOOOOO, my love, you didn’t disappoint me. I miss my romantic husband, but it is far from being disappointed. Ivy deep kissed him and said: - You never been better to us. You are exactly the man I want you to be. I’m sad because you are sad, but I still love you very much. Prince (sighing deeply): I know I’m not the same person I used to be and I think you are not satisfied with me ….. In short time I lost so many dear persons to me ….. All this pain in my soul made me a man I am today ……. Princess, I’m sorry for stop being the man you wanted me to be …… Those loses made me afraid that I will lose you too …….. That’s why I have no joy of life and I’m silent too often and deeply worried ….. If I lose any of you, I will die …….. (Starting to sob) My Ivy and I showered his face with kisses and “love yous”. I saw him sad before, but this is something different. He is not afraid of anyone, but he is afraid of Life that was rough on him and that might take us and our children from him. He is a great husband, excellent parent to our children and very loyal friend. My Ivy and I never thought of leaving him. On contrary, we want to spend the rest of our lives together. We, my Ivy and I pledged that we will fight with every crisis that will come in our lives and we’ll never give up from each other. After those and other encouraging words, we moved to our bedroom and enjoyed laying on his sporty chest. After some time of silence suddenly @SpyVsPie came to my mind. (I don’t know how and why). Remembering what he told me about Ivy’s stories and Stranger) I asked my Prince if he and Ivy will continue to play Skyrim and make new stories by the time. Both of them unanimously said: NO! Then I heard my Prince ‘speaking through Ivy’: - Sorry Princess. We value our time too much and we don’t want to lose a single second on unimportant things …. As you can see, Prince doesn’t even log on LL because he knows if he start to visit it, his time with us, our children and family is lost. Right now we are still very busy. That’s why I support his decision …. When the time comes, we will join LL, but making Skyrim stories is history. We can't do both and playing Skyrim and making stories is extremely time consuming process which we can't afford. She deep kissed me and him. I kissed my Prince and after taking our sleeping positions, we slept.
  11. Before I tell you about the title, let me share few flash news with you. My Fran married Stipe in Munich, Germany on Saturday, 31st on Halloween. They went in Friday afternoon and they returned in Sunday night. I received video clip on my tablet and we watched it. The wedding was very simple, but very beautiful. After the wedding at the city hall, they went to church to wed. (Stipe wanted to have church wedding). Stipe’s best man was one guy from Antonio’s agency, while Peter from *“Fantastic 4” was Fran’s best man instead of me. (* For those who doesn’t know: “Fantastic 4” is a group of 2 male and 2 female bisexuals that we had group sex with on regular bases. We stopped to have group sex because of Corona virus). I was little bit sad I wasn’t there, on the wedding, but I couldn’t leave my luvs and our children. Dad Boss paid them a room in one of our partner’s hotel. They heard that Germans might close the borders in Monday, so they returned home in Sunday. I’m so happy they returned home. When they came to our house yesterday morning for family coffee time, we gave them wedding gift, 300 Euros. (We couldn’t give them more since we had to buy 5 new winter tires and aluminum rims for our new Jeep). Everyone gifted them too and congratulated them welcoming Stipe in the family. I was very happy for them, especially for my Fran. I watched him and I saw him glowing being extremely happy. When his and mine looks met, I whispered “I love you very much”. He did the same to me. Later on he shared with me a spicy details of their wedding night. Of course, he had to tease my Prince saying that he should hear it too. We died laughing when he and my Ivy put their finger in the mouths and made puking and disgusting faces. Stipe is a good man and he is not feminized as my Fran. He would never hurt Fran in any way; first because he loves him, and second, if he ever hurt him, Antonio and my Prince would hurt him badly and his carrier will be ruined. They also held hands and kissed few times until my dad protested saying: - Stop doing that you two, please ……. I’m sorry but I have difficulties to accept seeing two man kissing. I hardly accepted my daughter’s kissing with Ivy. It is unnatural. I’m not saying that I never will, but I can’t at present. Kiss as much as you want, but not in the front of me. My Fran and Stipe apologized and they stopped kissing and holding hands. Well, my father was the only one who has deep issues with it, but we didn’t resent him for we know he is very conservative and traditional person. He will accept it by the time. I know he will just as he accepted Ivy’s and my love relationship. We didn’t celebrate Halloween this year because of Corona virus but my Prince and Ivy bought 5 kg of various candies, sweets and 10 kg of fruits and they delivered it to the orphanage. We, members of Hotel management bought candies and sweets for the children of our workers and organized distribution. Precious is gooooorgeous! She learned to roll up and sit. Then she smiles loudly waving her hands. She loves to watch her brother playing in their room and she “comments” with various undefined sounds and screams. I always dress her in dress, comb her beautiful blond hear, put tie in it and love to watch her sitting. She is angelic little princess! I checked my Ivy’s photo album and they looks like identical tweens when she was her age. If she grows on her mother likeness she will be hot and beautiful as hell. Now, about the incident. Since we do not want to neglect our marriage relationships, the three of us are going out at least once a week. We don’t dress provocative or erotic, but normal; jeans, shirt and jacket. We went out in Sunday. On my Prince’s question: ‘where we would like to go’, my Ivy and I had no idea. Then we told him to drive on some local road until we see a place we might like. Well, since my Ivy and I smooched and cuddled on the back seat, that idea didn’t work until my Prince saw a nice tavern in Istria. We parked the car, put our masks on and entered the tavern. It wasn’t crowded. Four guys at the bar and two girls at separate table. We took the table in the opposite corner and the waiter told us that we can take of the masks because it is safe. So, after he brought us drinks (juices and mineral water) we talked about recent events kissing in between. Well, four guys at the bar constantly looked at us. Very soon they started to talk loudly what they will do to my Ivy and me. We didn’t react until they started to call us whores and cunts who needs (their) good fuck challenging each other who will ask my Prince for the price for they thought he was our pimp. Bravest among them approached to us and he said to my Prince: - Say, man, how much you will charge me and my friends to have few hours of fun with your whores? My Ivy wanted to react, but my Prince squeezed her hand saying to the guy: - You are very mistaken, pal! They are not whores! They are my wives. Now, leave us be! The guy obviously didn’t take my Prince seriously. He turned his head and looked at his companions who encouraged him to continue “negotiations”. He said: - Common man …… don’t be such asshole. We’ll pay you well. My Prince turned to my Ivy and said: - He is all yours, honey! She just waited to hear those words and what followed next was seen in the movies. She stood up slowly and when she approached to the guy, she wrapped her hands around his neck drawing him closer to her pretending that she wants to kiss him. His companions cheered loudly. But, in a split of the second she quickly pushed his head down and kick him in the face with her knee. His nose immediately started to bleed. But she didn’t stop kicking him and punching him swearing him and calling him names. When his pals saw what happened they reacted but my Prince quickly jumped on his feet fast and pulled the gun. Pointing it at them he sharply said: - Back off, motherfuckers or I will shoot you in the face! They returned to their sits at the bar. The girls wanted to record the fight on their cellphone but my Prince ordered them to put their phones in the purses and give them to the waiter who will return them when we leave. Now, he had stop Ivy. She ignored his first “That’s enough, honey!”, but she stopped on his loud “IVY!!!”. When she was forbidden to do the same to the three others she went to the ladies room to wash the blood of her hands and face. My Prince told me to call Antonio and tell him what happened while he kept his eyes on three jerks. When I did, Antonio said he will contact local police. My Prince told the guys that the police is on the way and that in the meantime, while we waiting for them, he will talk to them on their language in order to teach them a lesson: - You know, your mothers are ugly horny stinking cunts, bitches and whores that nobody wants to fuck. They desperately need a cock. Being unfortunate to find a man, they fucked pigs. (Seeing how furious they are hearing those words but afraid to attack him for he held the gun, he told them); Well, well, well, look at you! You don’t like me talking to you like you talked to my wives. What makes your mothers better than my wives?! …… I’ll tell you what: nothing for your mothers are pig’s bitches and my wives aren’t!!! …… When my Ivy returned from ladies room she sat next to me kissing me passionately. Prince (to the guys) I think you owe my wives an apology. I will lead you in proper apology and you will repeat after me. If you don’t I will shoot you in the balls! Repeat after me: Ladies, we apologize …. (the guys repeated) ….. for being stupid and ignorant stinking fucks …… (the guys repeated) …. We didn’t know better because we are only pig’s bitch’s sons (the guys repeated with long pauses). We humbly ask for your forgiveness (the guys repeated). Prince: Now, did you learn your lesson? They were silent until my Prince sharply repeated the question. Then they say they did. He asked them: - What was the lesson? One of them: How the fuck we may know? Prince: Watch your tongue or I will make you swallow it ...... I will help you: the first lesson is: Show respect and do not to label people. Do you agree? Guys: Yes. Prince: Annnnnd the second is: Don’t treat the others the way you don’t want to be treated. Right? Guys: Yes! We and the girls in the corner applauded him. Then the policeman arrived. He knew those four guys and he started to write the report in which guys admitted they were provoking us and that Ivy defended herself. The policeman told the guys that they messed with wrong people for my Prince and Ivy are professional bodyguards with very strong and powerful connections. He asked us if we wants to press charges against them. My Prince said no and that we got our satisfaction. Then we left the tavern and my Ivy asked me to drive since she wanted to fuck our husband on the back seat for she was very horny. So I did it. Anyway, I cannot justify how men usually react in our country seeing two bisexual girls in love in and without man’s presence. You can’t see many people like us smooching in public in our country. But, still, they had no right to treat us the way they did. Nevertheless, my Prince taught them excellent lesson. The rest of the evening we spent with our children, and when they slept, we jogged, exercised and my luvs practiced martial arts. Did we have sex afterwards? Of course! It is “must be”. LOL.
  12. We couldn’t believe our ears what we have heard last Friday from dad Boss and Zdenka during our family morning coffee! Dad Boss: my precious family ………. I received a phone call from one of my business partners and friends from Monte Carlo, yesterday ……. You know that we sent notice and our wedding pictures to all friends of ours. Well, this friend of mine invited Zdenka and me to live in Monte Carlo. He and his friends will help us to buy a house near the sea …. We saw it on the pics he sent and we like it …….. Ahem …….. Zdenka and I talked a lot and we decided to move to France as soon as we set all documentation and papers in both places, here and there ……. Zdenka: Livio and Nada, our dear children ……. We love you with all our hearts and we surely will miss you, but we believe we should do this …… Ahem …… Livio and Nada, I will transfer all my business in villa on you …… You can keep all the profit and don’t worry ……… you don’t have to work at all for everything is settled with the contractors …… (watching our children she started to sob) ……I will miss Mikey and Precious a lot….. She couldn’t finish her sentence because my mom and dad verbally attacked them saying that they behaving irrational and immature, we started to beg them to stay, and Antonio was telling them that it is insane. Only Lidija, Ivan and my Fran didn’t participate in this chaos. Our family coffee union turned into very loud verbal fight. But they didn’t change their minds. They said they will call us every day and stay in touch with us. It didn’t comfort us. The heat in the air was so hot that we forgot on our children who started to cry hearing all that angry noise. Lidija and my Fran took them to their room. Since Mikey is very attached to his father, my Prince had to go there to calm him. When he did it, he returned to us. My dad was angry as hell. He left our house swearing very loudly. My Prince went after him to calm him. He was very sad too and he also tried to make them change their mind, but when he saw that it was pointless since they determined to leave Croatia for good, he was sitting being silent and with the tears in his eyes he helplessly looked at us and them. He also had to appease my Ivy few times for she started to be very aggressive toward her mother, Zdenka. Damn it!!! I started to think: is our family breaking apart. At the end, we, females, all cried. It was very dramatic morning. I was also late to the work. None of us was concentrated on the work enough. The three of us cried few time imagining our lives without Zdenka and dad Boss. When we came home after the work, our parents prepared very nice lunch. We weren’t hungry especially after thinking that it was farewell lunch. But they smiled and insisted to sit at the table. When we did, dad Boss took Mikey in his lap and after kissing his head he started: - Children, I believe I have very good news for you ….. Ahem ……. After you left we stayed at your home trying to comfort Nada and talk to Livio about ours and yours future …… When we finished I took Mikey in my lap and I started to explain to him that his grandma and grandpa are leaving soon but we love him and his sister very much ….. He didn’t say a word all the time. At the end he looked at me with his big black eyes and said: - Nono tu! Ja olim nonu I nona! Vi, tu!!! (Translation: Grandpa stay! I love grandpa and grandma! You, stay!) Dad Boss: Than he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. In that moment I simply realized: we must stay because nothing can replace your love for us, especially our grandchildren’s love and our love for you. I looked at Zdenka who confirmed: we should stay. With the eyes full of tears she took Mikey into her arms and kissing him she told him: “Of course we’ll stay, my love. Of course!” So, my beloved, we will stay because family is all that matters. We were sooooo happy that we jumped on them and showered them with kisses and hugs. My Ivy apologized to her mom for harsh words. We had wonderful fellowship during the lunch and unlike that morning, this time laughter echoed in our house. Here is one another good and happy news (at least for us). My Fran and his boyfriend, (I will call him Stipe) will go to Germany this Friday to get married since it is legal in that country. They know we can’t go although my Prince said I should go because I love my Fran as my own brother and he loves me the same. My Fran begged me to go with them. I thought about it but after very deep thinking I decided to stay for two reasons; first, I was two weeks separated from my luvs when they were in self-isolation. Although I saw them every day I still suffered being separated from them. I can’t and I don’t want to be without them even for one fucking day! Also, I’m afraid that the borders might close since Corona virus rampaging through the Europe again. If I will stuck in Germany I will die without my Prince and Ivy, Mikey and Precious. Anyway, we support them. Our family will expand with one more member: Stipe. Well, that is all for now my dear friends. See you soon again.
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    Harvest Lord 2020

    Surora for she remids me on my Ivy
  14. The day I was able to come to LL was early in the morning. Precious couldn’t sleep, she was cranky and she needed attention. Since my luvs had very busy day ahead of them and I love to be with her, I took her into my arms and calmed her talking gently to her and kissing her face. She slept in my arms. During my time with her I logged in LL, answered on my mails and managed to see few blog entries. My god, how much I miss LL! We still have no time to visit it, especially my luvs. They work a lot and when they finish their things after the work they spend the time with our children, with me and our family before we jog, exercise and their martial arts training. Even after those activities we are busy. Our private life and how we organize it is very important to us. We don’t want to neglect our children and each other and we certainly don’t want to put our jobs and obligations before the family thanks to my Prince who also try that we have what-such social life. Whenever we can, we are going out to the places my Ivy or me pick with our children or without them. It depends about how much they need us. No matter how much we love our children, we also need a time for ourselves as love triangle. Oh, yes, I almost forgot to say this: starting from past week, when we are at the work and as soon as our parents watch our children, they take them to their friends’ house who have cats or/and puppies so that Mikey can pet them and play with them. My Prince let him enjoy in playing with pets but he gave strict order to our parents: only puppies, no dogs are allowed and Mikey have to be under constant supervision. We agreed. So far, nothing happened and Mikey likes cats more than puppies. He doesn’t like when they lick his face. Our parents had to stop him from kissing cats, they are teaching him that cat’s tail isn’t rope for pulling and they always bath him before he meets his daddy who is allergic to animal fur and hair. Anyway, the point of telling you this is that you may know: although my Prince doesn’t like animals, he is not forbidding our children to love them. It is interesting that among grandparents, Mikey likes to be with my dad who always pranks him when my mom doesn’t watch. Than my dad laughs and kisses him saying how much he loves him. He always makes jokes and he is goofing. Mikey likes it and he laughs too. My dad calls him *Cigo (*Gipsy) because he is dark skin like me. Once he told him that he wants him to be like him, a true man, and not like his father who is good in heart but soft like a sponge. I reacted immediately and we started to quarrel. He doesn’t understand that his saying is destroying Mikey’s image about his father although he is still a toddler. Mikey loves his daddy the most among all of us. Nobody can comfort him and make him feeling safe, loved and protected as my Prince can. It is true because whenever he is afraid or needs love and comfort, someone to play with and similar, he always calls his dad only or comes to him. As for my dad, he is known as stubborn and hard man and I had to tell him that if he says such things again, I will report it to my mom. (She has some degree of authority over him and he is “afraid” of her in those areas). So far I haven’t heard him discrediting my Prince. My Prince and Antonio had very important talk. Since Antonio is his supervisor, my Prince wanted to know how far Antonio’s jurisdiction goes when it comes to our family so that he won’t make the same mistake like in the case of Lidija and Ivan. Antonio told him that he admires him and respect him as a family protector, but if he sees or estimate that Prince can jeopardize his life and family integrity, getting killed or ending in the jail (Antonio is very powerful but he is not almighty), he will forbid him to avenge or be involved in “hunting”. Antonio is a family now too and he wants to protect us from losing our husband and our children’s father. My Ivy and I agreed. None of us wants to see our Prince behind the bars or in the coffin. Me? Well, when I look back to last several months, I was going from mistake to mistake. And those mistakes were almost fatal for our marriage existence. I don’t know why I behaved the way. Thank heavens for my luvs’ maturity and love. By confronting me, my Ivy helped me to see that my old personality, which was possessiveness, egoism and narcissism among many others, took control over me. How it happened, I honestly have no idea, but I started to work on its elimination and I’m doing pretty well. Beside everyday sex, I also enjoy a lot in our once-a-week incestuous sex game that provides me countless orgasms. So, my Ivy has wild and rough sex with my Prince and I have my incestuous game with him. Prince? He doesn’t complain. He likes it both. LOL. Two more blitz news and I will finish this diary. Dad Boss moved to Zdenka’s house and he announced renting his house in several newspapers. He was lucky and he rent it to one Italian middle age couple for very good money. He and Zdenka working a lot in preparing the villa against Corona so that they can rent it during the winter. Second news is that Ivan feels well and he suffers no consequences except occasional headaches. When our parents weren’t near, my Ivy teased Lidija saying that she feels sorry for her for Ivan can’t lick her pussy yet. She said that she should ask my Prince who is excellent pussy licker if he will do it as her best man. She only need to sit on his face. Lidija was very red in the face and she yelled at her calling her names while we all died laughing. Ivan too. That’s all for now. See you again.
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