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  1. EvalovesEP

    Part 11. Jack-in-the-box.

    In that case, you have a big kiss from me and big thanks from my Prince.
  2. Hi, there. Was very happy to see your post on Crw's blog. :)

    Missed you. Being busy. :)

  3. This is how I feel when thinking about my luvs :)



    1. winny257


      who you mean?


      4h5U.gif 😍

    2. winny257


      Elf Prince

      when I think, then it looks like that. 😋


    3. Jayomms
  4. EvalovesEP

    Part 11. Jack-in-the-box.

    Good one. I don't like to be "pressed against the wall" to make decision that are hard to make. But, because I love that blond girl and my Prince is crazy about her, I voted: live!
  5. EvalovesEP

    Skyrim lesson number 30.

    Hahaha > I loved the part when little girl asked him if he heard the "I know what you did last summer" story. Hilarious. I watched the movie, actually all parts and I loved it. great episode, my luv.
  6. EvalovesEP

    Cruel is the world …

    Thank you for your comment. I agree with you about Ivy and gun. Even she agrees. She said she is too dangerous for the gun, but since she will us only wooden bullets, none of us are worried about it. She listens and follows my Prince blindly in everything and she will not go against his will and put the real ones. Yea, Prince also told her that he doesn't blame her for the accident, but Ivy felt very guilty because she knew his is oversensitive on the right side of the body and she still kissed him. My Prince isn't clumsy person but he dropped the knife because it was slippery from various fruits juices.
  7. This is what my Prince told me recently after I made mistake using wrong term and accidentally insulted our common LL friend:




    Indeed, speaking in third language is a big communication trap. I hate when I fall into it.

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    2. Tirloque


      Malicia : « I was talking about the guy on the image, you see ? Not of people who need to see a luckasto doctor, no. :classic_sleepy: »

    3. Elf Prince

      Elf Prince


      Triloque -you are killing me. :D

    4. Resdayn


      You are not insulted me, I'm partly fault for that since in my current state I say lot of thing I would never ever would think normally. 😖 

  8. @Ashal> many compliments for upgrade. Everything works better and faster and you improved blog section. Thank you very much.
  9. EvalovesEP

    Skyrim lesson number 29.

    You had sex with me on the first date and you married me after several months. So, you learned this lesson.
  10. EvalovesEP

    Cruel is the world …

    Last three days were very interesting. Lot of various happenings and two small incidents. More about it later. Although our Hotel isn’t fully booked yet because most of the guests are coming in July and August (that are booked already), we are occupied and busy. The business proposition that my Prince had on the last executive meeting (VR equipment) showed as a good investment. Nenad had to quite the position as the person in charge for he has a music team and rehearsals to do and he has no time to be in the entertaining room overseeing and helping customers with the equipment usage and games. All five gears are fully booked for days and we had to hire two “outsiders”, experts for such equipment and maintenance. My boss complimented Prince’s suggestion on Monday’s morning executive board meeting. Fran and Tina collected the lists of “needs” from our chiefs’ of departments; the things that has to be replaced or fixed or were broken and missing. And, again, my Prince checked the lists and approved 80% of requests. He has a good eye for things and he reads people very well. He proved some of them that the certain equipment, tools and items are still very usable. He saved some amount of money from unnecessary expenses. Let me tell you something about money saving: my Prince isn’t cheap! His hard life and being poor helped him to maximally use what he has and his father taught him to be satisfied with what he has and appreciate it. Therefore, he is trying to teach our workers to value the tools and means they have and treat them as their own. Although he can afford to have very strong and powerful PC, very expensive smartphone, top quality gadgets, faster Internet and so on and so on now, he doesn’t even think about it. He argues: “If I would need expensive PC and things that will improve the quality of my work I would buy them, but since I don't need them, I don't want them.” That’s why he was mad at me when we were dating and when I bought him expensive smart phone. He said it’s the waste of money. He argued: “Cell phone serves me only for texting and calls. I have no need for tones of other shit that I do not use.” Ivy and me never bought anything cheap, but HQ and trendy stuff until we marry him. We are new persons thanks to him. He never told us to stop buying expensive things, but we followed his example. The money we are saving buying cheaper things or on the sale, we give to the others, ones who has less than us and struggle with buying the food and paying the bills and at present, we are saving the money for the baby and for Ivy’s body guard training. Speaking about her training: Antonio visited us in Monday afternoon and he brought studying materials for my Ivy because he managed to “squeezed” her in in speeded program for body guard, the one my Prince finished. He was very proud at Ivy. Antonio said that getting the body guard license and permit to carry the gun is only additional benefit to her. He told us that his agency is very busy lately since the violence, crime and robbery drastically increased last several months. Our country is in economic disaster. The only industry that is still very profitable is tourism and it brings 90% of all income into the government budget. So, we are lucky that we are working in very stable and well paid industry branch. Anyway, my Prince helps Ivy in studying while I’m studying for my Master’s college. I had written exam this morning. They are so cute and they melt my heart whenever I see them studying. She is sitting in his lap and she read from the book aloud while his kisses her hands, arms, neck, face, cuddling her legs and hips and explaining certain terminology and meanings. After every passage they have read and that she understood they kissed loudly prattling “I love you” to each other. My Ivy has a month to study and pass all the theory (4 exams) and practice (martial arts, shooting, fundamental psychology – negotiations and conflict solving and CPR). We also had serious talk about two topics: guns in the house and dealing with the dogs and bullies when the baby/babies will be born. My luvs will keep their guns hidden in our bedroom out of rich of the children and they will never be alone in our bedroom and out of our sight. Second, my Prince had “emotional mixture” of anger, sadness, determination, seriousness when he talked about our self-defense and protecting the baby(ies). He said first to Ivy: - Honey, the world we are living in today is very cruel and you know that. It’s getting worse and worse ….. When you will go out in walk or in park with our baby, I want you to always carry the gun with wooden bullets. If you are attacked by dog, kill it without hesitation and regrets and report its owner to the police! If some bully attack you, show no mercy too! Shot him in the face and then break his legs and arms. If there are more than one, shot them. That will slow them. I want you to always have extra clip. Use that time to run and hide. Call Antonio or me and we’ll come ASAP and they will regret the day they were born. Then he said to me and Ivy: - Princess, when you will birth the baby. If you will go out with the baby, you will always go with Ivy. Never alone. She will protect you. I want you to do the same in the case of attack: run, hide and call me or Antonio ….. (deeply sighing with the tears in his eyes) … I can’t imagine anyone hurting you and our babies. Those motherfuckers are dead …… not literally, but they will wish they are dead after what I will do to them. My Ivy and I showered him with kisses. We know he meant every word he said. We are sure that he will love our children the same he loves us, if not more. He’ll be excellent father for he had excellent father who was model to him and who raised him well. Since it is warm now, even during the night we put our air mattress on the balcony and we slept because my Prince needs air. Some time after the midnight in Tuesday on Wednesday, our neighbor across the street had a party after the party on his parking in the front of his house. Loud music from the car, laughter and shouting woke us up. My Ivy and I were pleasantly surprised seeing my Prince keeping his Hulk syndrome under control. He was angry but under control. He went to the neighbor and he kindly asked him to tone his music down. He did it, but only until they saw him entering the house. They continued with making noise. My Prince called the police and again, he toned the music down until they left. So we didn’t sleep. My Prince took his gun, loaded with wooden bullets and went to him. Standing on the walking board he shot the neighbor in the chest. The neighbor felt on his knees and moaned in pain. His friends were scared. He told them to get in the cars and go. They listened and went. Then he told to the neighbor: - That’s for being a jerk. You woke us up, did want to stop making noise when being asked and now you are punished! If the others are afraid of you and your morons, I’m not. Next time I will fucking break your neck. You better don’t fuck with me, fagget! The neighbor didn’t call the police, but returned to the house. He will surely remember this and will not do the same mistake again. I didn’t approve his act, but I accept it because I looked at the problem from his point of view while my Ivy completely supported his action. Normal person would show understanding and will stop mischief. That’s what my Prince will do. Only those who don’t care for others will do as the neighbor did. When I asked him why he didn’t call Antonio and the Guys, he said: - If I did, motherfucker will get impression that I’m a coward who has no guts to confront him and he’ll be even worse shit. We’ll call Antonio and the Guys only in emergencies; when we have no exit. I believe he’s right. So, what happened yesterday morning? After our morning routine and while our parents were at our house for morning coffee, my Ivy and I were in the need for big fruit breakfast. My Prince, being an angel as always, went to the kitchen to prepare it. While he was making the breakfast for us slicing various fruits, my Ivy sneaked behind his back and she kissed him on the right side of the neck which is very sensitive to touches. He had chills and he dropped the knife that stuck on his left foot. He didn’t felt the pain but the blood was sprinkling from the wound. Ivy was terrified and very sorry for what happened and she yield for help. Our moms arrived and stopped his bleeding laying him on the kitchen table and tightening vital veins. Zdenka called her friendly house doctor who gave him anti tetanus shot and patched his wound with special type of medical patch. He said that he was lucky for the cut wasn’t deep and it didn’t cut the main vein. My Ivy cried for she felt responsible for his accident and she couldn’t stop apologize to him and kissing him. He told her he loves her and that she shouldn’t worry. He is on sick leave again. We went to work and our moms stayed with him. We called him often (boss too) and moms said to us to stop bother him for he needs to rest ant he is in good hands. We rushed home after the work and my Prince glowed. He said that moms were angels, treating him like a king although it bothered him they didn’t let him move at all. When they left home what do you think it happened? My Prince exercised with us doing only exercises he could and he and my Ivy practiced martial arts. My precious restless angel(s). They trained self-defense from struggling and punching in the face laying on the floor. Did we fuck afterwards? OF COURSE! Lol. After kissing my luvs, especially my Prince this morning, I went to the Master’s college and had written exam. I got “B” because I didn’t explain well enough certain topics on the student’s questions. I’m more then satisfied. I came home after the exam and our moms were there taking care for my Prince. Ivy was working. Can’t wait to see her. I kissed my Prince and moms and I rushed to finish this diary. Then I will join my Prince and enjoy in him, but must send moms home first. LOL.
  11. EvalovesEP

    Wood elf or Nord?

    @Elf Prince - as you wife, I "command" you to continue with wood elf. (Oh, my, storm is on the horizon after this statement )
  12. EvalovesEP

    Skyrim lesson number 28.

    This one is gooooood. I had a good laugh. Must agree with @Crw who said that your and Ivy's Skyrim lessons are very practical and from daily life situations. I like it much more then Kinky sisters.
  13. Thank you for the answer, CPU. I have no time now to go through problematic threads, but I appreciate willingness to help.
  14. That's exactly what I'm trying to say. Not everyone has fast internet and good provider. I think we should be fair for those who has weak internet. And certain commands and spoilers are given with the reason.
  15. I know it was said already, but have to stress my frustration with quotes in quotes that contains hundreds of pictures because some people doesn't know how to delete pictures form the quotes and the others simply don't care. Reaching certain posts in certain threads is the pain in the ass. Have to wait the "eternity" until all those quotes opens the pictures. Is this problem really irreparable?