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  1. Thanks! Nice to see you keep moving this one forward. Makes a load of difference. You reckon that this version is still OK for SSE? TIA etc ....
  2. Haven't had time in last couple of days to do further testing or more than pop in to see if anyone wanted help, but firing up my last SSE save with both esps, 5.3.6 and the 1.4 patch, that's working fine. Note that all are 'ENABLED' by default, which I think might be a change from the older versions
  3. Banned for being a creepy psycophant
  4. Banned for pretending you're me, Grumpy, when clearly you're on a different part of the planet. Morning was broken ages ago
  5. Banned for smoking out little avatar changes
  6. FWIW, I'm sure I read here once that it is not possible to get to Level 5. You might want to search the thread for that?
  7. Banned for being a bit premature
  8. Banned for both pretending you just don't have a lot of Soft Money
  9. @AndrewLRG I'm still trying out Bane's new version and so far it's looking good Took time out to have a go with your patch, as converted by @Herowynne to SSE, on basic 5.3.5 SSE So far it's looking OK, PC against a gang of baddies - the bandit camp just off the road out of Helgen Cave - and DDs get applied at the end of the Defeat event. Note that this test has been limited just to addition, and not (removal, add back, + anything else added). One point is that on defeat by creatures, eg the wolves at Riverwood, they seem to be very talented in that they too will add DD restraints to the PC. In the case in point, they managed to add Pony Boots, a chastity belt and plugs, no less. I assume that you can insert some check to avoid that ...🙂 ? As far as going into battle with followers is concerned - tested at the little cave below Dragonsreach - things seem to go a bit squiff at points. The PC has a habit of dying in the middle of the Sexlab Event set up. I couldn't work out why the PC and camera both froze - the assailant starting the business OK, but with the animation well askew - until I saw the entries in the log that said that the PC was by that point 'dead'. Meantime, the Followers would seem get on with business, being jumped on when first down and then recovering to slaughter the bad ppl. But as the camera was stuffed, I could never quite see what they were really doing, eg were they experiencing repeat knockdowns, assaults, and recoveries? Attached is a log, covering a number of encounters, (EDIT: All encounters are for Combat WITH Followers), the name of which points to the relevant lines for just one of the death events. I haven't had time to look at the rest in any detail I think that @Bane Master found some glitch in Defeats follower component, so if he sees anything similar here to that, he might want to chip in Whateever, hope this helps Papyrus.0 - Copy (6) 2518 knockdown 2578 player dead.log
  10. Thanks for the prompt reply! When I do get to a point to try that out, if no-one else has already got back to you by then, I'll let you know what happens
  11. Banned for not realising that the balloon detached itself a long time ago, and you are merely following it in the general direction in which Psalam's farts are blowing it
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