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  1. A Mazing Virgin? What next ..... ? 🙄 Straight OTTOMH Assuming you either get ppl to do the main quest first, or 'stop' and 'restart' it after yours 1 : Nightcaller Temple - once the purple people eaters have been spat out from their miasma and gobbled up https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Nightcaller_Temple 2 : Broken Tower Redoubt https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Broken_Tower_Redoubt And if you want something to peer into in the hope of gaining further inspiration ..... https://srmap.uesp.net/ That's a quick tuppenceworth from the edge of consciousness, eyelids propped open with sticks as I make my weary descent towards The Land of No ,,,,,,,,,
  2. Fine. Thanks for the reply. I didn't really want to impinge on kimy's thread 🙂, but given the co-incidental linkage here, I wondered if anyone else had any idea too. As far as my levitating corpse is concerned, maybe it was floating to start with, and just rose further as I removed the DDs - there's a laugh every minute in this game Interestingly, I think that what you talk about is what HSH does, ie applies changes (adds chains to NPC) while the NPC is ragdolled. I couldn't write the code, but the source is there and shows enough to indicate the logic of how it works Strangely, tho, I had earlier games - from some time ago, and unfortunately all long gone - where it all worked perfectly Might have been better to reply by DM, on reflection. If you do see anything useful anywhere that I could try out, please feel free to DM me, unless you feel like it merits a thread on its own. Warning, I'm just a connection making punter, not a techie LOL
  3. Flying NPCs I appreciate that this is possibly tangential, but I find the moonwalking / flying NPC one of the most irritating piece of unsolved weirdness in Skyrim's mechanics, and it's interesting you have it. It seems to be related to ragdolls and I can see it on NPC deaths, and application paralysis. Oddly a game will run for ages with no problems, but after the first appearance, it seems to then re-occur. It seems to be a vanilla game issue but it's interesting to see it occur in SL modded games Forgive me if I'm just STBO, but on death, some NPCs will die, and rise up to mid air on death. Some will zoom up, do a sharp turn and hover. If you haven't tried it, run FRAPS and when its happened, then start taking a video and, assuming you have the game running at 60fps and FRAPS about half that, you can watch the NPC float back down to earth as your game framerate decreases from 60fps to the 25 or 30fps you set in FRAPS. LOL Changing the video card settings doesn't seem to really cure the problem either On paralysis - say you're using PAHE HSH and you hit an NPC indoors with a low damage weapon poisoned with paralysis effect, they can go rock hard, rise to the ceiling and moonwalk while on a horizontal plane LOL. You get weirdness when trying to use the Havoc chains in HSH, use of which is dependent on the NPC being ragdolled. They can sort of be made to work, but not quite as they're supposed to In case it helps at all, - in my current game, I removed DD4.1 from an NPC lying dead at the side of the path the other day, and they then started to float/moonwalk. First I have seen it this game Pics attached show active effects etc - I killed another in Slaverun Reloaded not long afterwards and he started to float too. Pics attached show active effects etc If you have any idea what causes this/there's any connecting factor that immediately meets the eye/have any clue as to how to fix those, some of us would be very glad to know what that might be 🙂
  4. fuel dismay ( I had really really really thought someone would go for Preparation H !)
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