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  1. Awful Edsel (or Awful Ford) Feel free to take your pick
  2. Ford Edsel (both are, and aren't, proper names)
  3. Peking Tooting! (China's second language)
  4. I'm sure that's absolutely true! And your efforts on this, and those which I am sure that are being made behind the scenes on others' mods, are really very much appreciated I do hope that I didn't sound unduly ungrateful. That certainly wasn't my intent at all. It's the beast in the engine that I want to eat alive 😀
  5. Peace Bell (been there, rung that)
  6. Oral Prophylactic Well, if @Kimy 's DCL's full chastity option is installed
  7. Gulf War (... to be concise 😛 ) (That's Rubbish, isn't it? ) 🤣 Saddam's War
  8. I want to cry ..... or laugh ... or both I'll settle for 🤣 🤣 More seriously, I hate to think how many hours I have actually spent trying to make those work properly ..... The chains actually did work, rather well too, at one point when this mod was in its early incarnations, and I have no certain idea why that changed. I still think that there is probably something in my usual load order, and inherent in some follower mods, that screws them up - the Heretic's Havok test cell seems to be bugged too, even with his ersatz test subjects. There is something deep in the bowels of the game that can prevent the target being properly 'paralysed' on, or before. the Heretical scripts kick in, often creating the same sort of weird effects NPCs demonstrate when alchemical effects are used on them - you can find examples all over the web, floating dead bodies, 'mid air comatose moonwalking' etc - something which no one has ever really sussed out properly, and fixed If I ever do work out what it is, I'll let you know EDIT. Nearly forgot my manners. Thank you very much for looking. and replying!
  9. Thanks I agree about the thin air etc stuff. I have never used magic in a playthrough yet - other than for adding light sources and what might be called 'spell introduced physical weapons/equivalents' - and ban its use by all followers LOL
  10. It would be interesting to see. I have the original, as first shown on Youtube, but it needed fixed as it never seemed to work more than once I'd still put my money on Pama tho' 😀 @Pamatronic Apols if I may be a little late on this one, but is your version intended to have a chopping block that spawns where the play is, like that original version did, or will it need to be placed in game separately, like the gallows etc?
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