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  1. Every Glass Part is Pink Transparent is this a Issue with my Pc or the Mod? i tryed reinstalling
  2. Do this mod support males?
  3. Simple Sex Animations (FO4)

    i Would Try out this mod but i noticed that the Animations are Gender Locked? Can you please remove it? I Dont really care about fitting of the animations for two males just feel a bit triggerd becurse i cant really use this mod as gay men Would be cool if you can do it Honestly i dont see any Reason why you disable access to the female Animations for Males if dont want be do this edit maybe you can tell me with thing is curseing it I LIke Your Mods But this Is Trigger me abit Sorry no hate i respect your work (I got "you can not use this" message ingame)
  4. Sun's Massive Rack (of clothing)

    Looking good will send you a request tomorrow on nexus becurse LL dont load on my pc atm
  5. Cant unpack 7zip Crash While trying
  6. Boston Breeder

    Will it curse issues when i play the mod as male??
  7. Im Want ask for a Small bit auf Male Support Please (im know low chances becurse like DD Dont work for males becurse no meshes)
  8. Male content for FO4 - links and more

    Im Do Female to Male outfit conversions if someone want stuff like this. You can find my mods here on nexus mods http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/30238270/?tb=mods&pUp=1 Im also talking Requests if someone have a wish
  9. Devious Devices

    Hello! im tryed to convert a corset for my Male Char Here a Few Screenshots Now he know how a Girl feel (my frist Mesh Conversion to male) For Myself Igrone the clipping Hope you like it. Thanks for the mod again
  10. That hasn't been implemented yet. All of this is brand new.......Give it some time oh ok Thank you
  11. How Can i swap roles? i want choose of i be the passive or the aktive part ?
  12. Devious Devices

    Hello, I Want make some Vanillia Cloths Lockable How can i do this? im have not much Experience in modding but im know the baisc of the creationkit i have tryed to make it when i want put it on the message will pop up but when i unequip i can do this without keys. Can Someone explain me how i can make this? Sorry For my Bad English Thanks always for your hard work