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  1. oh das ist einfacher als gedacht hätte ich mir auch denken können danke
  2. i already have it but i its a great mod you did great work just about furture update
  3. How to remove masters? short tut?
  4. understood dont worry still useing my console way but please dont add any masters to the .esp
  5. You Dont need any mod the .esp atm only need fallout 4 the animations just made for some mod items
  6. Workaround For guys Like me who Dont Wanna use AAF You Can use still the old "playidle <idlename>" way with the console of course you will not have sound and need to do placement via console with modpos (X/Y/Z) (Number) and Modangle If The AAF Is need as Master please remove it or offer a Version without it of master it would break the mod for use who still use the console dont want install a mod that i dont need If you have a genderlock aktvie please remove it too for the gay people like me Idlelist Expend the Spoiler i have spend over a hour for that list (exemple: playidle FM-Bed01-01Handjob-F1)
  7. Every Glass Part is Pink Transparent is this a Issue with my Pc or the Mod? i tryed reinstalling
  8. YuseiZockt

    Sun's Massive Rack (of clothing)

    Looking good will send you a request tomorrow on nexus becurse LL dont load on my pc atm
  9. Cant unpack 7zip Crash While trying
  10. YuseiZockt

    Boston Breeder

    Will it curse issues when i play the mod as male??
  11. Im Want ask for a Small bit auf Male Support Please (im know low chances becurse like DD Dont work for males becurse no meshes)
  12. YuseiZockt

    Male content for FO4 - links and more

    Im Do Female to Male outfit conversions if someone want stuff like this. You can find my mods here on nexus mods http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/30238270/?tb=mods&pUp=1 Im also talking Requests if someone have a wish
  13. YuseiZockt

    Devious Devices

    Hello! im tryed to convert a corset for my Male Char Here a Few Screenshots Now he know how a Girl feel (my frist Mesh Conversion to male) For Myself Igrone the clipping Hope you like it. Thanks for the mod again