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  1. the murder mod was already created! sims can shoot and stab check out: http://sims4studio.com/thread/7833/studio-drama?page=1&scrollTo=70439
  2. okay we definitely need these
  3. Does anyone think they could make an animation of a female sitting on a male's face like at the side of the couch. like kind of like teasing? like the man is trying to get his tongue on the girl's pussy, but she lowers it slowly than rises back up and eventually for like a climax she starts to ride his face real quick with added facial expressions of her face going into bliss, eyes rolled back and maybe another one that's like this but rimming?
  4. Not sure if it is just me, but is anyone else having an issue where during the sex there's like a gap between their bodies, like a hollow space even though they are both naked and stuff Not sure if it is just me, but is anyone else having an issue where during the sex there's like a gap between their bodies, like a hollow space even though they are both naked and stuff
  5. Hey, Mike when ever you have the chance, will you be adding Nonconsensual animations if it's ever a feature on TurboDriver's wickedwoohoo?
  6. Hey! Since you'll be adding more features for WW, would you support objects in your mOd? Like dildos?
  7. Since you're making masturbation ones, could we get one where the sim is fucking herself with a dildo? Or or one where a male sim is fucking himself with a dildo? That would be sooo HOT
  8. try delete WickedWoohooMod save in your sims 4 folder Use another browser like firefox or chrome and try again it is not necessary, but thank you very much Next time spanking for naughty simsettes I NEVER WANTED TO CRY SO MUCH! YES YES SPANKS PLSSSS
  9. I saw this animation by Leito86 and it was AMAZING http://www.loverslab.com/uploads/monthly_05_2015/blogentry-126630-0-03459100-1432001801.gif
  10. Since you've already started this thread and it seems like the ball's rolling here, maybe you should rename the title to something like "The Sims 4 Animation Request Thread" or something similar. Also I like the idea of actually posting a gif or video clip as an example. of what you'd like animated. (I see some people have already started doing that here.) I'm sure the modders will appreciate any kind of references they can look at. That was a perfect idea! Thank you, love <3
  11. Did you even read the topic? Just take a look and you will know what to do. Hello dear userThis will be covered with future releases, please read the List of Suggestions. OH! I See the suggestions now
  12. We need a spanking feature! Like putting the sim over the other sim's lap.
  13. Hii, it's me again! I heard you were adding new features to the wickedwoohoo? Are we allowed to make suggestions of features?
  14. So, I've seen a lot of talented Modders making nsfw animations for the S4 and I was thinking since we are getting them, We, simmers, can make list of suggestions, maybe? And if the Modders want to, they could drop by here and see what we had in mind
  15. Would we be allowed to suggest anything like Nonconsensual animations? For those dark storylines
  16. Can we get some Nonconsensual mods? I saw skyrim had a bunch of them. And I thought it would be quite interesting for like dark storylines.
  17. If we can suggest, could you pretty please make some aggressive animations? Like the sim pinning down the other one or the male sim giving oral to the female sim?
  18. THE ANIMATIONS WORK PERFECTLY! THESE ARE THE BEST! oh and also, since we can give suggestions: Could you make rough sex animations?
  19. Yeah my issue was that I installed everything the way you asked however the script just does not show up in the game. Is it possible that it conflicts with other mods? I really wanted to try wicked woohoo and I tried all day to fix it, but it still would not work
  20. For some reason it doesn't appear in my game at all when I did everything you asked for!
  21. After I downloaded the mod and placed it in my mod's folder, I tried opening my game but then I got an error saying "Corrupted File" from the animation . is there a way to fix it?
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