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  1. are there recommended settings for this mod? because i think that every slider on 1 does nothing noticeable and i have no clue on where to put those sliders
  2. So i have recently started working with the beloved CK for the Legendary edition. In order To get a basic idea of using the CK i followed the wiki guide + their Video tutorials. I got to the point where they started adding clutter and furniture. That's where my problem occurred: if i try to place any type of furniture with these blue humanoid character indicators my CK immediately crashes to Desktop... even if i double click or rightclick > Edit. No matter what it instantly crashes. Here is a screenshot of the wiki page so you know what i mean by blue humanoids and
  3. HAHA you must be joking.. i am in modding for over 5 years now so in that case i fell deep inside this rabbit hole xD also i have aMidian + Noble and now + Skyrim HD
  4. Thanks for all the answers! Since i have, like some of you, a couple of texture replacers i decided to throw out the DLC and got Skyrim HD instead.
  5. Currently i am always close to my active plugins limit, therefore searching after mods to merge or throw out. Then i stumbled across the High Res DLC sitting there since a couple of years and taking up 3 ESP slots, which of course is way too much. Since there is a mod on the Nexus called Skyrim HD that replaces a ton of textures with an even higher resolution if you decide so and doesn't take a single ESP slot, can i just install this and get rid of the high res texture pack? Skyrim HD: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/607/?tab=description High Res Texture Pack DLC:
  6. I have already searched with the BSA extractor but the problem persists. I dont know where i have to look for whoever the file/s are called The only converter tool i could find doesnt work for me, maybe because it is from 2012 and really outdated. Or i am doing something wrong again
  7. I cant even find something like h2h_walkleft etc. so they must be mixed by some other animations, but which ones?
  8. But i am searching for the movement animations not the attack or power attack animations. Or am i misunderstanding you?
  9. I want to change the turning animation for h2h (Hand to Hand) combat so that it fits my idle. I have been searching for those .hkx files a long time but couldnt find it in the bsaExtractror. Do i have to look somewhere unexpected or does somebody know how it is called?
  10. Ohh i didnt knew this is possible, thanks alot.
  11. Is there a way to temporarily deactivate the Anti-Heavy-Armor thing? The function witch unequips your heavy armor breastpeace if your honkers are too large. It sometimes bothers me because i just want to try on some new armor i newly downloaded without getting milked first. If there is no such option could you @Ed86 implement it?
  12. So are there any news about the Special Edition version?
  13. I think the mod needds another update for SKSE64 v2.0.19
  14. Either through the console if you know the outfits item ID or via a mod called 'Additemmenu' which gives you a lesser power to search through all available items.
  15. you mean these? they are from ZMD https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/101563
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