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  1. The filters weren't being respected because I forgot to put parenthesis around an OR clause, which also happened to be in a spot that has an effect on EVERYTHING. "this and that_1 or that_2" should have been "this and (that_1 or that_2)" Breasting feeding will still always be accepted, it is likely that it wasn't seeing the interaction as breastfeeding (and thus none of the checks were correct) because I accidentally removed adding the tags to it. I don't override the settings users have set because that'd be annoying and users may have a different value than the one I set. Use "dd.clear_mod_data" to clear the settings and change them back to default.
  2. The only tags that do anything right now are AGGRESSIVE, ROUGH, AGGRESSOR, DOM_SUB, DOM, SUB, NON-AGGRESSOR, BREASTFEEDING, BREASTFEEDING_GIVER, and BREASTFEEDING_RECEIVER For the body part ones, I was thinking of them being like, those parts are involved in the animation. Like if a Sim was touching the Thigh of the other Sim with their hand, both the hand of the Touching Sim and the Thigh of the other Sim would be involved. So the Sim would get the HAND Tag and the Other Sim would get the Thigh Tag or something like that.
  3. Normal sex is part of the mod. What do you mean by "assault each other"? Is it the animation that implies assault? or do you get the notification of them being assaulted? Devious Desires doesn't have preferences for animation locations like WW does.
  4. SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim -> Devious Desires -> Customize Animations.
  5. No, just the sex animations. You'd have to change the tuning file for "Attempt To Assault" to use a fight animation, progress bar, etc. I don't use the fight animations because they are glitchy as heck (Especially since Sims really like to sit)
  6. It is autonomous, they also have to meet the Want Threshold. If you aren't seeing NPCs autonomously try to assault, ensure they are meeting the Want To Assault Threshold by doing SHIFT+CLICK on the NPC Sim -> Devious Desires -> Show Want Levels -> Want To Assault. You can drill down into what causes certain values.
  7. I was thinking about that being a feature. Would definitely be useful! It'd be more like a Configure Current Animation instead though.
  8. It starts DD* sex. Not WW sex. Animation Customization allows you to update the animations. If you provide the created "animation_customizations.json" file created within "saves/deviousdesires/.." you'll save everyone else the "pain in the ass". Yeah, that is a known bug that currently occurs for both Ask For Milk and Rough Sex when trying to start it by clicking on a Sim. As a workaround for now, click on an Object or the Ground and the filters will work properly.
  9. Should be obvious, taking a picture of that orange notification literally helps noone but you. We don't have access to your file system, so knowing the location the file does not help us to fix your problem. I appreciate that you uploaded the file though. In regards to the error message, it appears to be an error related to the "put_down_anywhere" interaction being performed on the "object_bookshelf_BookEnd" object. It is probably safe to ignore the message, most likely a bug in vanilla.
  10. No. The way settings are saved is completely different.
  11. AnimationCustomizations v1.0.zip I forgot there were three downloads, one for the previous version of DD (In case you have issues with the current version), one for the current version of DD, and one for the animation customizations.
  12. Enable Testing Cheats: "testingcheats on" SHIFT+CLICK on Sim -> Devious Desires -> Traits -> Add -> Rapist/Victim
  13. Hit the green download button on the description page, there is a second download for Animation Customizations. That sounds similar to the planned Arousal system.
  14. Did you enable testing cheats? Are you shift clicking on your Sim -> Devious Desires -> Traits -> Add -> Zoophiliac?
  15. But did you install the Animation Customizations JSON file from the downloads?
  16. It's cause they want that fruit. You should probably raise your accept sex threshold if you constantly have all Sims from everywhere wanting to join in.
  17. Have you installed the Animation Customizations files from the download page? It configures animations to be used with Milkfarm. Without that, no animations are currently available.
  18. Those are two different mods, try removing one of them and seeing if the issue persists rather than assuming it is both of them, since they are unrelated to each other.
  19. Do the Sims have consent for Rough Sex? That hasn't changed. With one Sim active, SHIFT+CLICK on the other Sim -> Devious Desires -> Show Want Levels -> Want to have Rough Sex as Dom/Sub It should show you their want levels in that dialog.
  20. That's because there are no Milkfarm configuration settings yet, the menu is just a placeholder for now.
  21. It was taking too much space on the front page, so I moved it to be here: https://github.com/ColonolNutty/SimSnatcher/wiki/Planned-Features Once I figure out how Custom Objects work, I was planning to add a "spawn pad" so when you load into a lot with a "spawn pad" it'll put Sims onto them. Maybe even designate specific spawn pads to specific Sims, kind of like how you designate beds to specific Sims. The only issue right now with the "Allowances" is that not every vanilla or custom interaction specifies appropriateness (allowance) tags, which are what is used to determine what the Sims can or can't do. Interactions without appropriateness tags will always be doable right now unfortunately.
  22. Oh, didn't have all the context. I thought about it some more and you don't need to add a custom tongue CAS Part or nothing. If an invisible CAS Part exists already you could use it instead, it doesn't matter whether it is a hat, gloves, shoes, etc. The only thing that matters is if you get the Snippet Tuning correct and that the invisible CAS Part is available in your game.
  23. Devious Desires Settings -> Feature Settings -> Enable Milk Farm
  24. Configure Allowances in the settings when you open them by clicking on a Slave or Captive
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