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  1. Not to be rude, but because its his work, and I do not see why he would ever need to explain it to anyone, he wasn't paid to make this mod, he made it for us to enjoy, you can make a conversion for your own game, no distribution but you can make it for your own personal game, Its not petty, what it actually is , is others refusing to take the time to do things for themselves and just wait around bitching for others to do the work for them, its not that hard to do it yourself As far as SSE, I do not know what all the hype is about, I have never left the LE version, no reason too, "SE is li
  2. That mod is interesting, but doesnt work as magical as advertised, do not get me wrong it works, but there is more to it then just finding the dialog
  3. I couldn't get it to fire the initiate again, so what I did was load my save, went to a small cell like Breezehome, then I went to the MCM and the debug part of MCG , clicked uninstall mod, then saved again, left game, open up mod manager, uncheck the mod MCG, loaded save, saved again, then left game, back into mod manager and recheck mod MCG, started game again in the save and it worked once I set up the MCM for MCG
  4. It seems to under certain circumstances, it seems to have stopped working for me after my date was killed when we attacked, I am checking global and spells to see if maybe refusal or something is stopping it from happening, if I finds anything I will let you know, but it could be the PC is stuck in a certain state
  5. I barely have time to even turn my computer on right now, working 15 hour days at the moment, sorry
  6. yea if we are going to have to cut dialog if we voice it, will be gone for a few days but will be back
  7. I like the thought of the Amorous adventures approach, i honestly just do not have the time to do the splicing
  8. I like it, i do not have the time to splice audio, but if you want that, and are able, you can write the dialog and i will set the quest
  9. So hopefully you havent started changing dialog yet, this is the one you want to do it too, i have added the marker, and also added the option the Blow Dravynea to get some gold to stay at the inn BOS StarQuestStart.7z
  10. Yes I plan to add a marker, or description, one or the other, but if you want too, change the dialog up, send me the esp file and I will build on it from there
  11. nice actually I love it, let me know when you have it updated on the dialog, and i will work from that esp, and go with that vibe
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