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  1. So how the game works is when it calls on a voice file , it is looking for a certain voice id. this ID has to match the voice type. The ID I have circled in the image below: So if it finds this ID along with the matching voice type, NORD, DARKELF, ect, then the voice file will play. If it doesnt find it, the mod Fuz Ro Duh will kick in and take over, adding a temp voice file so your able to read the dialogue. This actually has nothing to do with the CK besides creating the voice ID that you need, if you had all the dialogue lines and IDs in a notepad (Which
  2. Of course, give me a few minutes and I will take a Screen shot in the CK so you can see what I am saying. I will post it here as well so others understand
  3. I made a quick YouTube tutorial to help learn how to add voice to your mod.
  4. Yes, the esp is not actually linked to them, you can add voice files to any mod as long as you know the ID for the voice files, I add a lot of voice without the creation kit even open, the CK will look for the ID in the voice file folder, if its not there it will divert to FUZ RO DUH mod
  5. The easiest way to do this once the voice files re added, its go into Data/Sound'Voices and remove the folder "SkyrimsShroudedSecret.esp" folder and have Fuz Ro Duh installed and that will give you the ability to use it without the voice files
  6. Yes but am going to go both routes with it, so this, when its done will be a Male PC with woman and Female PC with men, there will still be the cuckold/cuckoldress aspect of it if its desired, but will all be a choice. Alot of this is more the dialogue based, with the voice file added of course, also adding a dating system in the final stages, a cheating system for example, if your away from your spouse too long, you may come home to find them fucking someone else. In a nutshell though, this is to make a "straight" PC playthrough for the female and male PC
  7. lol Glad your enjoying it, I have alot of big plans for the future of this, especially with adding the voice to all the dialogue really makes it much batter
  8. Alot of it, some of the old content is removed, but I voiced all the sex dialogue with 22 different voices, have added alot of voiced stuff also voiced all the sexlab scene dialogue
  9. Yes its a condition error, it would only show up as "..." was supposed to be a force greet, is already fixed in the up coming update, Setstage SSS_MavensQuest 40 will by-pass it
  10. You ask a question and I answer, so I will answer again YES THEY ARE COMPATIBLE! Do you just ask a fucking question to argue, If you don't like it then don't use the other fucking mod! Don't use either of them, I don't care! Better yet, make your own, if you don't like what others make, then make your own, FYI futa have cunts! Make sure you know what your talking about before posting.
  11. I added subtitles in a couple of my mods during sexual animations but it has to be done on the dialogue window in the CK, checking the force subtitle box, as Monoman says I think if its just certain vanilla dialogue it is shut off.
  12. I just saw that I hadn't put the conditions up for them, I will look into it later, I am not home and don't even have this in my LO at the moment but I will find out and post it
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