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    I work hard to make money so I can enjoy life (like most people}, but when I get to much of life, I veg out in a game and go into a different world, I can be kind, or I can be the biggest prick you have ever met, that all depends on what I am reacting too. BUT..I DO NOT enjoy moonlit walks on the beach :)) sorry just goofing, I don't think anyone cares to read these things anyways

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  1. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Ok thank you for letting me know
  2. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    HAHA, glad you are enjoying
  3. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Hmm, I cannot think of anything else, just a standard trigger box, still at work but hopefully can test some this weekend
  4. -Caden-


    Love it , the self proclaim "tit fiend" ! Very impressive work
  5. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Yes TesV will show that if it's the Female PC version because of me changing the player NPC to female, do not clean the Female version it's a false error
  6. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Oh never thought of that, thanks for letting me know, will see if I can fix that this week
  7. -Caden-

    Clone Conjuration

    your very welcome and thank you Is all good
  8. -Caden-

    Clone Conjuration

    When I get home today I will upload a longer timer, it is set for 1 minute, like all other conjure spells, until you get the perk for thrall
  9. I learned a lot when CK was released, and as Blackbird Wanderer said the Bethesda Tutorials are a great place to start. Some advice from my own experience is once you made something that is working, always save a copy of it somewhere before making additions and testing, so if something doesnt work you can drop the back up into your data folder and start again instead of chasing bugs that might have been created Scripting can be fun and can make a lot of amazing things but always keep in mind that less script is better, always make sure there is not a way to do it without scripts first. I wish you the best of luck and your on the right site if you want to learn to do something many good people here willing to help
  10. Another mod I think it overlooked and very underrated is it doesn't change how sexlab performs, but it adds immersion with conversations with npcs that approach you
  11. -Caden-

    Doppelganger Follower

    haha, that would be cool if your doppelganger got pregnant as you did, I do not see why not, I havent got much time this week do too work but I will look into it, and thank you I am glad your enjoying
  12. -Caden-

    Clone Conjuration

    Thank you , the clone should be the look like what you like at the time, and as you change, the npc will stay the same for a bit, but I think on reloading a save it changes, I actually havent had time to play in game with these much, but from what people said, if you want to make a custom follower with your PC saves, familiar faces was a mod mentioned that did that, but scripted Thank you again for your kind words
  13. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    I started working on a couple things you talked about, got more to do, but also found on the ambush triggers can add a level global that doesnt make it active until your at a certain level. As far as home assassination attempts, thier are only 2 now, will consider removing the others but many are liking it I did add doppelganger enemies weaker but can clone themselves 2 or 3 times in a fight which can make it 4 on 1 I did use some health offset and some 1v1 on some npcs and will continue to tweak as I build
  14. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    that is actually a fantastic thought, let me know if it works
  15. -Caden-

    Clone Conjuration

    Version 2.0.0


    Clone ConjurationWorks with LE and SE Description 2.0 Adds a spell called Conjure ????, this spell is fun but a gamble, when you cast you might conjure a giant, or a rabbit, goat, horse, ect, but you also might get Ulfric, a greybeard or a mudcrab :)) It chooses from over 30 different NPCs/creatures when cast and still NO scripts A simple mod with NO Scripts that allows you to conjure a clone of your PC. Court Wizards have it for sale on occasion, bandit mages will sometimes drop it, or if your impatient it is on the table in Dragonreach with all the food, in the room with the cooking spit (both Spells are found here)No this does not clone your armor, your clone will be using your spells and shouts, also has a Dawnbreaker sword clone for backup ( no It will not break quest)InstallationUnpack and drop into your data folder or use mod manager of your choiceChoose Male PC version if you play as a Male and vise versa (2 esp's is for male/female voice, nothing else, is better than using a unneeded script)INCOMPATIBLE WITH HDT HAIRNO OTHER INCOMPATIBILITIESIs in my mod Skyrim Unhinged, but is still compatible, this is here for those that are having a hard time to get it in Skyrim Unhinged, or those who are just Impatient