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    I work hard to make money so I can enjoy life (like most people}, but when I get to much of life, I veg out in a game and go into a different world, I can be kind, or I can be the biggest prick you have ever met, that all depends on what I am reacting too. BUT..I DO NOT enjoy moonlit walks on the beach :)) sorry just goofing, I don't think anyone cares to read these things anyways

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  1. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    That's my bad , really sorry, I haven't touch the orc, jarl, companion quest, again sorry forgot about that one, thanks for letting me know
  2. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    Ok I change the conditions on the main client to "subject getissex male ==1.00" so this should make it so only male npcs call you to their home, just unzip the file and drop it into your Skyrim/data folder and hit yes when asked to overwrite, this is esp only, no need for clean save, just give me a heads up that it is working right MF_RadiantProstitutionMaleOnly.7z
  3. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    Actually there is, give me a second and I will make that happen, All you will have to do Is drop the esp into your data folder and overwrite, I will upload the esp right here for you
  4. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    ok good to know, thank you
  5. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    I agree with the dance feature, now I wonder if Delzaron would want to take RPG and just Implement it into his mod, I would send all the files, I am all about having the best mod for everyone to use, no matter who creates it
  6. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    First off, the quest Idea is fantastic, and as we role thru it, will look into making that a reality, On your comment, no such thing as a dumb question, I might be misunderstanding what you are asking ,I thought you was asking how to get quest stages, there is a area in the radiant prostitution MCM that allows you to reset the quest, All I was saying is if you want to move forward thru some of the quest, once you have the quest using help MF_ in console to get the quest id, then you can find the stages Player.sqs "quest id", this will give you all the stages of whatever quest you are searching, then once you find the stage you want to move to, you type SetStage "quest id" "stage number" This is just if you want to move back to where you already are in the mod This is just a work around for any quest, vanilla or mod, and We will get this mod all fixed and working right, its just finding the time to dedicate, I Already have almost 30 hours into it to make all the dialog, and I love doing it, but just balancing it with my job, we will get there thou
  7. animation pack for futa

    Anub has 1 or 2 animations for futa..cannot remember if it is more then one
  8. An attempt at voicepacks for Sexlab

    Thanks for sharing your work
  9. Run Dragonborn RUUUN!

    So they did change the Templates, but that doesn't matter, load order matters. this below requiem will use the changes in this with requiem on the vanilla templates, but they did make there own templates as well, so this week I will download requim and take a look inside it to see what/if I have to do to make a patch I agree, the game from day one held your hand, and mods like defeat, death alternative, which are some of my favorite mods, become useless later in the game as you level up, now defeat and death alternative will always come into play with mods like this
  10. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    Fantastic Idea, and ?I am starting to develop a list of all your Ideas, and giving credit to them as they come out in the mod love it, I think when we start adding these quest, we need to make a chat, and have all of you in it to get the ideas as we are writing the quest, so them its multiple thoughts and we get the best out of each quest we can you definitely have to be in that chat we make It has oral and Cunnilingus in the script it searches for, sadly more have oral tags then cunnilingus, a mod I recommend , that I use is called SLATE, it lets you retag animations, in game, saves what you have done so on a new start you can just apply, the oral issue is all in the tags of the animations, a lot of the blowjob animations, only have a oral tag as well
  11. Run Dragonborn RUUUN!

    I am just waiting for a answer from Requiem on the templates, and the loot does not scale with the bandits, it starts right out of the gate, in the weapon pool, and bandit you meet at level 1 could have a ebony bow, or glass great sword, I unleveled the weapon pool as well, and If it does work with requiem, I can make those around helgen and riverwood weaker to start and get people on there way The thing is, even if Requiem did change the Templates, if this mod is below Requiem in the load order, it will overwrite the templates requiem changed, and use the templates from this mod, as long as they didn't change the names of the templates
  12. SexLab Expressions

    Thanks for letting me know, much appreciated, I will get them together right when I get up in the morning
  13. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    oK so it tried to start the quest that I disable, called "the bet", no sure why it is still trying to start that quest, just go into your radiant prostitution mcm and press "rest all quest, and go back to the innkeeper, should be fine after that, i will get that fixed in the next update!
  14. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    No you shouldn't have to start a new game, I am just saying you are the only (so far), I will scan thru the files in Ck later to see if I can find anything