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    I work hard to make money so I can enjoy life (like most people}, but when I get to much of life, I veg out in a game and go into a different world, I can be kind, or I can be the biggest prick you have ever met, that all depends on what I am reacting too. BUT..I DO NOT enjoy moonlit walks on the beach :)) sorry just goofing, I don't think anyone cares to read these things anyways

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  1. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Thanks, I am glad you enjoy it, wish I had time to expand it right now, but my work has taking me to northern Maine, and most the time I do not even have internet or time So to throw this out there, anyone who wants to try and expand this or any other mod I have been working on is more than welcome to take them over, this job here is going to take me into 2019 so anyone who wants these mods to continue please feel free to take them over
  2. -Caden-

    Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    hey everyone, I am not ignoring you, work is just crazy and got put on a big job last minute, so time is limited, just giving you a heads up, talk to you when I am able
  3. Hey everyone, jumped into a big job in RL so I haven been able to do any modding, hope you are all well, not sure when this job will end

    1. donttouchmethere


      How can I be well?

      - I have to run a lot thx to Run Dragonborn RUN

      - My clone is a devious follower

      - In every home some assassin waits for me

      - some oversized werewolfs like to stalk busy Ponygirls

      - some witches want to light my fire in a painful way

      - some bandits are always late for the dungeon party


      ...at least you have a good job now! 😋

    2. Skippe


      Good :) grats caden. I do some substitute jobs time to time so having Big long time job is jackpot in my book. Have fun laugh and remember relax time to time :) 

  4. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Ok thank you for letting me know
  5. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    HAHA, glad you are enjoying
  6. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Hmm, I cannot think of anything else, just a standard trigger box, still at work but hopefully can test some this weekend
  7. -Caden-


    Love it , the self proclaim "tit fiend" ? ! Very impressive work
  8. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Yes TesV will show that if it's the Female PC version because of me changing the player NPC to female, do not clean the Female version it's a false error
  9. -Caden-

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Oh never thought of that, thanks for letting me know, will see if I can fix that this week
  10. -Caden-

    Clone Conjuration

    your very welcome and thank you Is all good
  11. -Caden-

    Clone Conjuration

    When I get home today I will upload a longer timer, it is set for 1 minute, like all other conjure spells, until you get the perk for thrall
  12. I learned a lot when CK was released, and as Blackbird Wanderer said the Bethesda Tutorials are a great place to start. Some advice from my own experience is once you made something that is working, always save a copy of it somewhere before making additions and testing, so if something doesnt work you can drop the back up into your data folder and start again instead of chasing bugs that might have been created Scripting can be fun and can make a lot of amazing things but always keep in mind that less script is better, always make sure there is not a way to do it without scripts first. I wish you the best of luck and your on the right site if you want to learn to do something many good people here willing to help
  13. Another mod I think it overlooked and very underrated is it doesn't change how sexlab performs, but it adds immersion with conversations with npcs that approach you
  14. -Caden-

    Doppelganger Follower

    haha, that would be cool if your doppelganger got pregnant as you did, I do not see why not, I havent got much time this week do too work but I will look into it, and thank you I am glad your enjoying
  15. -Caden-

    Clone Conjuration

    Thank you , the clone should be the look like what you like at the time, and as you change, the npc will stay the same for a bit, but I think on reloading a save it changes, I actually havent had time to play in game with these much, but from what people said, if you want to make a custom follower with your PC saves, familiar faces was a mod mentioned that did that, but scripted Thank you again for your kind words