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  1. Wow, that's great! And thanks very much for taking the time to explain, I'll try and integrate that when I'm next free to work on the mod
  2. Good tip, thanks - I'll have a look when time allows I've not come across this myself, but my first guess would be dialogue interface mod maybe? I use Extended Dialogue interface, i think it is more compatible than XDI with some mods, but I'm not an expert.
  3. Thanks for the feedback - just a note though, she is not a companion, and you move her to your settlement with the move option in the mod menu and she will sandbox in that area. Either way thanks for trying and good luck.
  4. With Creation Kit, yes. change the keycode to one that works for you in the main script - sources should be included. Other than that It will have to wait until I can work out how to use MCM, sorry.
  5. that's the correct button, yeah. Does Mistress Atomica show up at the sanctuary red rocket OK? I'm not sure what would cause the issue, but to be safe maybe avoid my mod for now, go back to a clean save, and try again when I have managed to set up MCM integration so you can use a key of your choice?
  6. I'm not sure, the script registers for the keypress event so I would have thought that even if something else used that key it would open the menu. to be clear i mean the '-' key on the numpad on the right hand end of the keyboard?
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll add it to the list of possibilities
  8. Sadly, not at the moment, its on my list but I've never used MCM before in a mod - need to learn.
  9. Apologies if this has been answered before but I didn't see. does anyone know if there a limit/recommended limit to script length for a quest script in terms of characters/lines? Thanks!
  10. Some interesting ideas - one more mod dependency can't hurt... you might need to google this one, but I think it might be something to with the face textures for your chosen body are at a different resolution than the bodies, both need to be the same I think? but i might be wrong. this option is RP only at the moment - any option under "do you need anything" is basically RP, and it resets the event system in case of issues. this one is enforced (or should be) and anything that has the "clothingdress" keyword i think - so any vanilla dress should work. yeah, idles are hard to control, i have found that if you skip player dialogue in a conversation the player moves in the scene, and it changes to a standing animation. if this happens just flip the switch in the menu to go back to standing. As for walking away, i guess she's in charge 😛 just use the menu to get up and follow! Yeah, this could work, I'll have a look into it yeah - give this one a shot TBH, that mod is a better version of what I wanted my mod to be when i first started it, before I gave up and redesigned it! I could never get the dialogue for my mod to stop interfering with the default stuff. Originally you could assign any companion as the domme, but it kept breaking. Sadly, 50% of how I built the mod was to avoid bugs in MO2 and Creation kit that seem to have been fixed since then...
  11. Hi, thanks for giving the mod a go! I'll add that to the next version once I test it- in the meantime this link might help you make her essential via Console: https://steamcommunity.com/app/377160/discussions/0/1696040635916899670/
  12. Hi, this was a quick fix so I've uploaded v0.1.2 with an added dialogue action that allows you to manage her equipment like a follower/settler. LMK if any issues.
  13. Good idea, I'll add that. thanks. I'll look into changing her outfit - I'm not sure about making her a follower though. The current idea is that you move her to player home/settlement and that is where she works. I find it hard to balance a follower for gameplay but also not have these events interrupting or causing bugs with other mods/quests. But I will think about it. Thanks for giving it a go! If you have suggestions to improve the AAF bits I'm happy to try them out, but limited by my knowledge. I'm not sure if the un-equipping issue is because sometimes script fragments don't run during dialogue, or I have messed up the conditional logic on some functions... Edit: I have made this change in my 'AAFsettings.ini' that might help with some scenes: "walk_timeout = 3"
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