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  1. nope! fixed it though it was my load order too. funny someone had the same issue as me
  2. whenever i have it set to male and i select Breton it instantly crashes, though if i select female and do Breton it's fine
  3. Where are the Apachii and KS Hairdo patches? And the Immersive Armors patch? Are they gone now or being updated?
  4. I've used it in many playthrough's but it doesn't compare to the Lupine race for FO4. AFAIK it's very well possible just needs rerigging and a little bit of work here and there. Here's hoping maybe someday someone will take it up for consideration!
  5. Anyone think they could port over https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/50529 ? I think it'd be an amazing addition. It's one of the best beast races I've seen.
  6. so when using this it only plays one animation each creature and it never varies. how would one go about switching between animations? pgup / pgdn doesnt do anything edit: nvm got it working
  7. now we just need a male zinogre fdsfsd
  8. any nude mods for kevin's beast form? or any of these even
  9. Hoping there'll eventually be a Deadly Mutilation patch someday.
  10. I'm really excited for this mod! I hope it goes well, I love tentacles. Edit: Question, will you be adding an option for male player characters?
  11. thanks for the reply! i already have this installed, wonderful mod
  12. hehe, no problem! sometimes that's how it be! glad to give you a mood boost lol
  13. edit: someone sent me what i needed, thank you!
  14. Anyone think they could lend a hand? I tried with both extra mods and just YA5 and a few others but everytime within 10 minutes or so Skyrim just stops utilizing my CPU at all (0%-4% and goes up and down within there) and freezes, unable to do anything with it or alt f4, so I have to go into task manager and end it. Here's both my load orders for my main and my test profile https://modwat.ch/u/exorcist13/modlist https://modwat.ch/u/exorcist13 2/plugins (both with and without BadDogSchlongCore.esm)
  15. Loving the mod, but I've been trying to get Joy of Perspective working, through all kinds of means, like NifSkope for example. However nothing worked. If you could at Joy of Perspective support (so the balls aren't trying to escape your groin) that'd be great!
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