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  1. Yes I picked up Ark of Truth's head mesh and it works well. Did the same, that helped a lot thanks
  2. I did that and it didn't seem to change much' date=' it might be possible that i did something wrong with glossing the face but regardless of what I do with the texture it still looks the same, a chromed face.
  3. I made sure both the head mesh and the body mesh had the same 'Glossiness', also that the 'Specular Colour' matched, unfortunetly it did not change the look of the face...
  4. Its Really bugging me but I've got my Elf looking the way I want, its just the glossiness that i'm having problems with, the body looks the way shit should cus i used the Glossmax mod, but with the face, doing it manually i cant get it to match very well. looks like i just chromed her face or something. Any tips on how to get the gloss somewhat even or looking good? I see a few of the pictures of what people have got and their glossiness seems perfect... I've done good so far I will say, but its just that glossiness.
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