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  1. You won't see Occult: 2208, you have to create it. The instructions are just a few posts above, read carefully and follow them exactly .
  2. I'd love some prostate massage anims, MM and/or MF. Like, a BJ, handjob, or sex while putting a finger up there at the same time. Another thing, I wish more animators would do a quick google search on the mechanics of the female orgasm. A couple strong thrusts may work for a male climax animation, but it doesn't make as much sense for females. During orgasm, the vagina contracts involuntarily at a fairly rapid pace, these contractions can last anywhere from 10 seconds, to a whole minute, probably more for some people. This extended, rapid pulsing makes the "two strong thrusts and d
  3. Supported! Not only does this look like a breakthrough in adult mods, but also for non-adult purposes. The storytelling/machinima community is going to lose their shit (in a good way!) at the possibilities your mod presents. SO looking forward to this, thanks for all your hard work!
  4. I actually finally got it working. I just put it one sub-folder deep within my WickedWhims folder, that seemed to make it sit on top, so-to-speak. However, I'm getting another kind of error. Pregnant sims now look like this when nude: example
  5. So I can see it when my sim is wearing a clothing bottom that uses the nude mesh, but when I tell her to take off her clothes, it goes back to the default. Wearing underwear with nude mesh Wearing nothing I've done the showernude batch, and I've searched all over my mods folder for any files that could be interfering with the mesh. Haven't found anything.
  6. I'm getting the same thing as joshcrop, and I did set body selector to the override option. Nothing happened.
  7. It turns out it was just a weird bootup of the game. The next time I played, the sequence worked just fine. I'm not sure what happened exactly ? Thanks for your response anyway, though!
  8. Having problems with your female masturbation set. She pops into the middle of the bed, but then doesn't do anything. So far, this is the only set I'm having this problem with.
  9. I know I'm jumping in here at random, I largely just lurk, but man, you gotta work on your ability to take pride in your talents. I know you won't believe anyone who tells you this, but your animations are objectively good. I would use the hell out of them in my game lol! Have you considered how discouraging it might be for a newer animator to see someone of higher ability shit on their own work? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just saying because I also used to constantly deny my own talents when I was much younger, I've been there. I had my reasons for engaging in that behaviour,
  10. I wish we had more "realistic" fingering animations. I've seen a number of "stabbing" and "vertical hands" (for lack of a better term, it's where the guy's hand is literally vertical as he's fingering her) and imo it's so jarring. Sure, rough and painful animations have their place, but right now it feels like animations that actually look pleasurable are hard to come by lol! So I agree with the people saying more attention to the girls, please.
  11. Awesome, thank you for the fix, and the info! Will test all the animations I've been missing out on right away <3
  12. Thanks for responding! The animations that are working for me are 'surprise kiss' for floor and 'kiss stage 2' for sofa.
  13. Hey, I'm wondering if it's just me, but I only seem to have 2 of your animations. My game is updated, and I'm pretty certain I don't have an older version of your file lying around somewhere. I must be missing something obvious, but this is what I see when I load up the Animations Disabler.
  14. Aside from custom vocals, it would be kinda cool to be able to import custom Foley that would better fit animations, as Kodenu suggested. Like slapping, sucking, rubbing, slick sounds. Sometimes the sound effects from the game work pretty well, other times not so much, so it would be nice to have a wider choice of sound effects.
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