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  1. meatstroke

    toothpick Lip mesh bug

    Sorry to necro this (again), but has ANYBODY figured out what's causing the face toothpick bug? I keep hearing that it's a certain hair mod. Is it Misc Hairstyles? Commonwealth Cuts? Ponytails?
  2. I'm having the EXACT same problem and it's frankly a little disturbing. I noticed Thorolf or whatever his name is in Dawnstar has the same problem. I think the main issue is that this patch was made for version 3.08 of 3DNPC, and 3DNPC is now on version 3.42. A new version of the patch is probably well overdue.
  3. meatstroke

    Sexlab Submit 01SEP14 1133

    This is gonna sound weird, but I wish I could turn my Stormcloak or Bandit bounties in to Thalmor NPCs. I'm a sadist like that.
  4. meatstroke

    toothpick Lip mesh bug

    Dredging this up because now I'm also getting this bug. Is it for sure Oni causing it? I have no problem removing it, but has anyone found a definitive fix?
  5. meatstroke

    What sex mods do you want to see in FO4?

    Three words: Synth sex slaves. We already know, for example, that at least one Institute scientist is sleeping with synths.
  6. meatstroke

    Sexual Vampire Feeding

    As someone who plays a vampire, this is something I've been waiting for for a LONG time. Thanks! Hope to see more animations soon.
  7. meatstroke

    Sexlab Submit 01SEP14 1133

    I have a problem with the Serana plugin. The dialogue all shows up, but there's no voice, and I'm fairly certain that it's just recycling the generic voice instead of using her unique voice set. Yes, I have Serana Shared Dialogue installed. EDIT: Okay, that's weird. Apparently all I had to do to fix it was to save the game and reload the save with the file active. Problem solved, I guess?