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  1. Sure, they come from the Rodeo: XPS Conversion Set by Modella at #205
  2. I finally did another story! It's pretty much long this time. Pics: 83 ⚠️⚠️⚠️
  3. Yes they are; maybe i could share them further on.
  4. @mrrakkonn Thank u 😊 to be honest i didn't expect all of these good feedback and i'm very pleased for that!
  5. I've tried to create poses for the first time and here's the result! They're not so perfect but they're also not so terrible i guess.
  6. Yes i use your same CC, in particular for skin details and cleavage overlays... that's because i've tried to learn how to create sims inspired by yours to make something with a similar style for myself, cuz i really love your sims (i've downloaded all of them), i love their aesthetical traits etc.. so i have got the same cc. But i never use genetics from your sims, either i take them and then i modify them to create my own sims (i swear), cuz i really dont want to copy your sims, or make a "copy & past" let's say. I use to choose an irl person to start with something in my mind, then i cre
  7. A spa day with Eleanor (gallery) Pics: 25 ⚠️
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