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  1. Thank you i was trying to change it using normal breast instead of RJW. xD Last question, which bodypart do i need to pick to change the anus size?
  2. How do you change breast size in character editor?
  3. Hey thanks! Worked for me. Still, it takes me ages to open a page but at least it works. Wouldn't have thought of even trying this otherwise. I never used incognito lol
  4. Man this is horrible. They need to do something about it.
  5. There's no buzz because there's no section for Bannerlord and nobody knows there's Bannerlord stuff in here. Maybe there should be one now that Talesworld launched the beta for their mod tools. I'm not even sure where we should be asking for this.
  6. Amazing! Thank you. You should post it on Nexus too it would get alot more downloads lol
  7. Do i need a new savefile or play a male character or something? Because i can't get the hdt to work. I got the physics to work perfectly on female though and i have all the requirement for it to work on males.(i also updated FNIS) I'm not getting crashes or anything but it kindda suck that this is litteraly the only thing i can't get to work. Edit: I just realized it actually work. It only stop when animations start. Is this normal?
  8. Do you plan on ever releasing the experimental version? Why wouldnt you just make the dick part of the costume? By using the option to stop WW from automatically removing sims clothes you could actually make use of the penises without having to make a new rig.
  9. Is there any mod that add animations?
  10. I'm probably an idiot but how do i get my gear back? I got the quest i sneaked into the Town where my gear is supposed to be but i don't see any option anywhere to get it back.
  11. I did the same thing dude but i pushed it a little further. I unninstalled console commands because i'm always tempted to use it. I had to go download it again, reinstall it and then use config_cheat_mode 0 to fix it. This shit was driving me insane. I finally understood what was happening when i accidentaly ended up teleporting across the map using CTRL+LMB. I felt so dumb.
  12. the flirty +2 buff at all time alone make this mod a must have.. nice job!
  13. Wich version did you install? Reinstall and pick something less jiggly.. I had that problem too when i chosed maximum jiggle
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