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  1. van_gelis

    The next stage: The Witcher 3

    Yeap this is a console port and yes keyboard and mouse control makes you wish you are an octopus or a six (long) fingers guy. With two 770 gtx (4mb) sli runs on 60fps(1680x1050) 45fps(1920x1440) all settings high-not ultra-(nvidia same on you the one click optimization thing sets everything to medium) except hair and depth of field 'cpu 3770k 8mb ddr3 256ssd. With only one 760 gtx -my other rig- with the cpu (2600k)as a physx processor constant 30 fps everithing medium,hmm someone was exaggerating about specs. I really hope for mods lots of them also,plus please god make a moder i am reading code please. P.S i am in love with Yennefer those eyes.
  2. van_gelis

    The Witcher 3 pre install!

    Hi everybody too many words too much flame here well who cares just play the game if you are interested or if you dont you can wait for Fallout 4. If you don't give a shit either way just keep it to your self.No pun intended for bjornk or anyone. oh and please if you will dear moderators lock-again- this thread if you will please thank you.
  3. van_gelis

    The next stage: The Witcher 3

    You can always post pictures from the w3, or even write a series of articles like a playthrough diary something. And don't worry you can write it in dutch I haven’t got a problem with that.... all the others can use google translation
  4. van_gelis

    The Witcher 3

    That may be the case, but not a valid reason why the kid should be exempt from death. He very well could be the son of a bandit who will eventually grow up to replace his father, and maybe just like his father, he enjoys sending people into a death trap then loot their corpses. Also, if you think that a child shouldn't be killed because he may be "innocent", what makes you think that animals or monsters you kill in the game aren't "innocent"? Geralt, or the witchers in general are nothing but mercenaries trained to kill monsters for money, most players would also turn him into a thief and a looter. Do you think Geralt have any right to judge people in order to decide whether or not they deserve death if they are not "innocent"? Hardly. Not to mention he is a professional monster killer, a "monster" in the eyes of monsters. In the imaginary world of The Witcher, you are lead to believe that monsters are evil and must be exterminated. In the real world, us, humans are probably the only monsters, who'd kill for profit or simply for fun, what would you make of your own kind? In the real world, a human child is practically a baby monster. I also would like to remind you that being incapable of having empathy for anything that you're not familiar with in real life is a dangerous thing, and may potentially lead to xenophobia, among other things. Hope you don't have some xenophobic tendencies as being a "better person". Censoring violence in movies or in video games in order to prevent real world violence is the dumbest idea. The world was a lot more violent place before the Internet, before video games or movies, or even before books. Violence has always been in human nature, all you can do about it is to help people develop empathy, so that they'll know why it's bad. Censoring violence is basically creating a sterile environment. People who were raised in such an environment will never know why violence is bad because they didn't take the necessary vaccination. You'll end up with a nation of people with underdeveloped empathy, which is basically a bomb waiting to explode. You are right and wrong at the same time, yes is dumm but on the other hand … I can only hypothesize since I am not a psychologist or an analyst of human behavior-the only thing I know well is pumps - with what I have given by the internet, books, friends and of course me. For example pedophiles of course there were a lot before the net, but now they can share thought ideas find what ever they're evil sick heart desires and unite to fulfill they're unnatural needs. Yes “Violence has always been in human nature”, but so there was the tendency to overcome our nature and became simply better. Now about sterille enviroment I never said that, as you can see my fellow forumite I play-only-extremely violent games and promote others to do so. Plus “empathy” the word has a different meaning I my half greek brain maybe apathy is a better word for this. A “nation of people with underdeveloped empathy” interesting theory' Nations are formed under a melting pot of interests and same characteristics like language, religion, currency etc. Sadly people this version anyway are aggressive by they’re nature so it is impossible,maybe if we isolate them hmm....... Anyway back to topic I like you send me a pm with your GoG account name so I can add you as friend there (sadly I haven't got any I've lost my witcher forums account during the transaction and had to re-register).
  5. van_gelis

    The Witcher 3

    You can't hurt a children(or any kind of cute creature) in today’s games,cause some mtf (people(sic)) will always trying to ice-skate uphill (blade1)and from the graphical representation of violence, in a game will jump in to reality. So in pretty much any recent game and also because of the political correctness of today. The developers are being cautious not to provoke the public or find themselves fined with a huge amount of money or even worst find they’re game sold in local sex stores for 4.99$. And that is about all there is to it.
  6. van_gelis

    What music do you listen to?

    Something for the summer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLXHdteZ6QU
  7. van_gelis

    The Witcher 3

    The only way to develop a game despite all the “breakthroughs” in game development technology is the good old method of "stroking keys on a board". But now really they developed the game as a cross-platform from the beginning. Apart from that I believe they're main concern was the lucrative pc market (no fees to anyone, GoG delivery, advertising Nvidia etc). Now for the open world there was a lot of debate about this in witcher forums couple of years back. They even had a poll about this, most of the people there vote in favor for an open or even close to a perfect sandbox world (I remember that cause I did so )_ anyway the game is close to release so let's wait (actually I cant cause I haven’t got anymore finger nails to chow on), but if the game is anything close to DA:I I will invade Poland alone(well maybe with a few million? angry Joe's and Jane's with me) and I will make them develop a W4 . After all games are for fun right.
  8. van_gelis

    The Witcher 3

    True beauty comes from within, but the majority it is such "outside Hui (Nice), inside Pfui" (Ugh) For a superficial person like me this game rocks
  9. van_gelis

    Sexout Soliciting

    I have a crazy almost silly suggestion also you can implement (or force) V.A.T (Vault Anomalies Taxes) with variations in percentage let's say 9% for oral sex to 17 % for handjobs etc. Then you can add new or old npc as tax collectors. Yes I am joking. Take your time do what you will we appreciate all the time and effort you put on your mods. Thank You Odessa !!!
  10. van_gelis

    Breeder Content Expanded

    "Ethnocentrism" that's greek to me, we the earthlings have a new moto for our affection towards the alien races we call ourselves -also a greek word go figure-THE CERBERUS GROUP. Anyway back to the topic the reason I asked was that I have some ideas that would give much more freedom to the modder 'like forced breeding/lactation, branding, per-quest start entrapment, and so on.I think that enforcing “things” on the Pc it is much more enjoyable, for the immersion and the lore of course.
  11. van_gelis

    Breeder Content Expanded

    WoW Alien that is ..................BRILLIANT back to topic is there a way to combine zaz "restrictions" with animal sex ?
  12. van_gelis

    SexoutSlavery v1.4.11 (1/23/2013)

    We don’t have ESP? I thought that was a per-requirement and an instant brain installment upon joining this forum. Now seriously Sexout went and still is going on a reform a tide up if you like, just give the modders some time. I believe that in the near future they will compensate us with greatness. Yes I know that sounds- a bit or bite -like sucking up but I Lurk here for some time so I have high hopes ,that a day will come-soon?- when I can play through ang through a TTW/Sexout(Full modded) installation with out worrying -too much- about crashes and saves and patches or even mods.
  13. van_gelis

    The Witcher 3

    Please guys let's not turn this into another Pc Vs. Consoles war you are both right and wrong at the same time. Although with all do respect console gaming-not games- sucks. Please fellow members forgive me for this "trolling" post. Please fellow members forgive me for this "trolling" post. Please fellow members forgive me for this "trolling" post. Please fellow members forgive me for this "trolling" post. Please fellow members forgive me for this "trolling" post.
  14. van_gelis


    Vaiagra,Cyanooze,Spunker,Great Balls of Blue,Rocketeer,Santa Lopez,Blue Sandy Lopez(B.S.L),Magna Sum,Rita Volume,Wood Day Long,Hyper Volume,Volumeizer,Inflationer, i could go on for eve....r
  15. van_gelis

    Sexout Spunk

    Ok i am not even in a position to give a technical advise' but did you try a clean save and maybe change the load order a little bit like having lust before spunk and place Mcm at the end plus do that bashed patch just an as is opinion i am probably wrong but it won't hurt your game.