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    I like to download Mods from here and upload sexy Screenshots. Sometimes I upload Custom Sims.

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  1. R-lo's Photography Corner

    The next day in Valerian's Dungeon... Valerian: "Good Morning, Mother." Gina: "What do you want now, you perverted brat?" Valerian: "You may have noticed that second door in here... You will follow me through there." Valerian: "Good. Now, dance for me." "If I can somehow seduce him, as disgusting as it sounds, he may become careless and give me a window of opportunity..." Valerian: "Not good enough. Now go on that platform over there." Valerian: "...You are smiling." "Does he take the bait?" Gina didn't notice the camera that he turned off now. Valerian: "You were just recorded for a tape that is going to end up in your husband's hands to ultimately shatter your marriage. Now, go back to your room, we have to talk." Valerian: "You tried to seduce me there, didn't you?!" Valerian: "Tricky little bitch. I know I've said that I probably won't drink from you, but you need a punishment for trying to escape..." Valerian: "I have held myself back for now because of my ultimate goal. Repeat this and I will make you a drooling, nymhomaniac ghoul." Some hours later, someone else visited the Dungeon. It was not Valerian, but the person's face wasn't unfamiliar to Gina. Gina: "Janet? What are you doing here? I thought you had no real business with me." Janet: "Are you out of your mind, you harlot? You wanted to flirt with my husband, your own son!" Gina: "I... I didn't... I just wanted to..." Janet: "Oh, shut the fuck up and take my fist already, slut!" Janet: "Don't you dare try that again, you slut!"
  2. R-lo's Photography Corner

    I really like her, nice clothing and tits. The curlers give her something classic and mature, just like the hair on her last screenshot. And on the other hand, her first two screenshots make her look very young, kind of a "Get you a girl who can do both" type
  3. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Thanks, all of them are looking pretty nice. Gives me inspiration for maybe creating a new Character, you know.
  4. R-lo's Photography Corner

    I love it. Man, I do have a weakness for good tattoos.
  5. R-lo's Photography Corner

    No problem, the Portal doesn't need to work. It just needs to be a prop for someone to go through it, it doesn't need to lead to Sixam.
  6. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Thanks, but the cheat code already worked. It also allowed me to put some more flavor in Valerian's dungeon with these prison bars.
  7. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Yeah I knew that. I was just hoping for something like " bb.enablefreebuild " to make the portal become able to buy without finishing the science career first. ...and while writing this, I've found a solution. The cheatcode "bb.showhiddenobjects" unlocks stuff that you're usually not able to buy, like the portal or a hospital reception.
  8. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Poor Luisa. After dating several guys in her school she just can't seem to get a boyfriend for longer than a week... However, she does remember a certain friend of hers. A friend living in an abandoned place... "Where was this tomb again? Maybe Max can help me..." "Max, are you there?" She has been walking around in the tomb for a while, but hasn't seen the Ghost again. After an hour, she heard a voice... "Luisa..." "Max, are you still here? Can you help me become more attractive?" "I can show you all of my powers... Just go sleep in the Coffin upstairs, and you will wake up as an enlightened person..." Desparate as she is, she did what the ghost voice said... What she didn't know was that the Ghost just needed her body to enter the physical world again. "Ahh, yes. Now I have a body again...For now, until my son gets me a better, more fitting one." So, Max went home to where Luisa lives to take a look in the mirror. "Huh, my wife didn't do really bad with raising a daughter. But I gotta fix this mess of a haircut..." "Way better... Now, time to relax, but not with this... A little magic here and there...é voila!" "Jacking off in the body of the daughter of the wife that killed me in her house... No one has ever felt that good..." After some days, the Kyron-Basu family got a visitor. It was a man with pale skin, a black leather coat and sunglasses he also wore at night. (Much Dialogue incoming again, hence the Spoilers) It was a long, difficult night of scary stories from Gina's youth. Kabir was shocked, but they managed to think about some clues where Gina might be. The next day, Arnborg looked through Gina's books to search for a physical diary. But someone in the house wasn't happy about it... "That annoying rat is still alive?! I need to get rid of that geezer or he might ruin my plan to control the body of my upcoming grandson!" Max thought to himself. Luisa/Max: "Dad never mentioned he had such good-looking friends..." Arnborg: "You must be Luisa. Actually, I'm an old friend of your mother. And I'm not sure if...-" Luisa/Max: "Come on, you wouldn't be the first one I'd secretly allow to touch me... I can take care of secrets, you know..." "Can't believe I have to fuck this puny worm to make sure I can live in a fitting body, but her dad is going to kill him if he finds out!" Kabir: "What the hell is going on here?!?" Luisa/Max: "Daddy! Oh thank god you're here! He...He..He's a monster! A vampire who seduced me!" Arnborg: "What the...- I..." Kabir: "That's it you freaking pervert! I don't know if you're an actual vampire or not, but you're certainly a pervert who sneaked into my house to look after my wife's stuff and fuck my daughter! If I ever see you again around here, I'm going to choke you via pushing garlic down your throat!" Arnborg: "This sure looks like some evil deed, but..." Kabir: "GO!" (Here's only dialogue again) ============== Sorry for the long dialogue parts. I hope they're not too boring. This storyline will maybe have two more posts before it is done for now. After that, I think I will just post some random screenshots from e.g. Regina for a while. Does anyone know how to cheat the portal to the alien world from the Get to Work DLC? I need it as a requsitie for this storyline.
  9. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Thanks for the shiny overlay! I already had the robot tattoos. Maybe I can put it into one of my stories
  10. R-lo's Photography Corner

    I like your robot girls, where can I buy one for my house? I un-slutted my granddaughter that I have already shown some time ago. Now she isn't running around 24/7 in underwear that looks like it's made for someone way younger anymore... ...anyway, here are some screenshots of her having sex after a date with her new boyfriend... She likes it crazy, acrobatic and kinda experimental... You know, it's one of those sentences you can only say in relation to Sims 4... "I uploaded pictures of my granddaughter having sex to the internet"
  11. R-lo's Photography Corner

    After that night with Valerian, Gina didn't really have anything to remember after that... She went to the Bathroom, and the rest was as if she was sleeping.... Slowly, she woke up to this image... "Where am I?" She found out that she couldn't move when she tried to step forward. After a few seconds she found it out - She has been imprisoned! For hours, she was unable to move, until someone came down the stairs... "Hello?! Is someone there? Valerian? Help me, please!" Valerian: "Oh, yes, it is me, my dear Gina..." Gina: "Oh, Thank God! Can you please release me from here?" Valerian: "Yeah, about that..." (A lot of lore-important dialogue is following this screenshot, so it's in Spoilers) Gina: "You're getting an ass full of house arrest if I manage to get out of here, kid!" Valerian: *laughs* "Amusing, really. Now, don't freak out, but I'm going to release you from this to get you to the pillory over there. Try something funny and my teeth are in your neck immediately. I advise you not to provocate this, since... Well, without proper training - Thanks to you again - I accidentally turn most of my victims into vampires... Besides that, this would make you sleep, and I would become really angry if I had to quit here and come back in three or two hours... I guess it's self-explainatory that you would like me even less when I'm angry..." Valerian: "Ahh, that was good, wasn't it?" Gina: "You're not seriously expecting an answer, are you?" Valerian: "Now back to the cross... You know the deal. At least I hope so, because I'm too lazy to explain it to you twice." Valerian: "Now, thinking about it... Let's spin this around..." Gina: "...Really?" Valerian: "The look of your tired body upside down is surprisingly erotic. I think I'm going to pleasure myself to this view... After all, you probably don't even have a problem with this..."
  12. R-lo's Photography Corner

    That's fucking beautiful, thanks! Saved this one, just in case I might do something like that again, which I don't plan at the moment.
  13. R-lo's Photography Corner

    JJBA was the first Anime that I actually loved You'd have to start with Part 1 "Phantom Blood" though, Diamond is Unbreakable is Part 4 I thought about starting to watch Youjo Senki in the next time
  14. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Nah, I'm sorry. Remember, it's about his looks only. Final hint: Gina should watch out for her hands if she is going to spend more time with him. Resolution of the Puzzle is in the Spoilers
  15. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Would it help you giving the hint that the original character "just wants to live a quiet life"? He also has something for cats, but I doubt he'd get along with Fifi. His pets have a more ... bizarre style