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    I like to download Mods from here and upload sexy Screenshots. Sometimes I upload Custom Sims.

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  1. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Steve Kovsky, local Nerd and Virgin needs the help of Charlie and Petra. He's testing a new personality module on his robot girlfriend, AphrodiBot V1.2. The Module is based on several psychological factors and theories and wouldn't work if AphrodiBot would constantly stay at home. So Steve asked if Charlie and Petra could spend some time with her for some days so she learns human behaviour. Petra: "Don't worry, we'll take care of her." Charlie: "Yeah, that'll be fun." Steve: "Okay... But... if you don't mind... I would want to 'say goodbye' to her now... in *cough* *nervous laughter* the special way..." Petra: "Oh. Oh, okay. Come on, Charlie, let's go for a walk..." Charlie: "But I wanted to cook now!" Petra: "Come on now!" Steve left, and after a while, Charlie and Petra came back. Conversations with AphrodiBot were weird... How are you supposed to talk to someone with no emotions? After some time, Petra had an idea Petra: "AphrodiBot.... can you cook us something?" AphrodiBot: "The Creator did install a cooking module for me, yes." (Moments of weird silence) Petra: "And.... Could you please do that for us now?" AphrodiBot: "It is possible for me to cook for you now, yes." Charlie: "Wait, let me try that.... AphrodiBot; Cook us something, now!" AphrodiBot: "Yes, Mistress." Charlie: "Uhhh... I like the sound of that!" Petra: "That food was delicious, AphrodiBot... Now, time to get you dressed up, sweetie!" Charlie: "Oh, and we should probably.... you know.... 'stares at her vagina' wash her before that..." Petra: "There you go, looking good!" AphrodiBot: "I don't understand this. The Efficiency of my primary function has been lowered by this." Petra: "Humans get nervous and uncomfortable when they see people naked in the public." Charlie: "Unless you're in a stripclub!" Petra: "Yeah, any-..." Charlie: "Or a brothel." Petra: "ANYWAY, I have to go to work. Can you take care of her alone?" Charlie: "Of course. Shouldn't be hard." Charlie: "Got you a bed from the cellar. It would make me uncomfortable seeing you standing in some corner while we're sleeping. So.... Tell me, what are your functions?" AphrodiBot: "Listing Modules installed: Sex Module, Cuddling Module, Cooking Module, Cleaning Module, Strength Module, Personality Module." Charlie: "And what does the Sex Module include?" AphrodiBot: "The Creator has given the individual functions of the Sex Module the following names: Vaginal, Anal, Blowjob, Footjob, Body Fluids, Penis." Charlie: *laughing* "Did you just say 'Penis'?" AphrodiBot: "That is correct." Charlie: "Can I use that Sex-Penis-Module of yours?" AphrodiBot: "The Creator has given you and the person named Petra the Rights to do what you want with me unless you're causing physical damage." Charlie: "Oh, yes. I forgot. Umm.... AphrodiBot; Use your Sex Module on me via the Penis function!" AphrodiBot: "Yes, Mistress." Charlie: "Let's see... That's a good Penis Module you have there... Thick and long, how I like it...." Charlie: "Wait.... was that cum?!" AphrodiBot: "I have mentioned it, I have a small body fluids module. The Fluids are synthetic and incapable of Impregnation." Charlie: "You can't make kids? You're just for fun?" AphrodiBot: "The Creator keeps thinking about installing a Pregnancy Module, but he thinks that this would be a tough task to do."
  2. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    The cat looks like it wants to say "Fuck off, what are you doing on the bed anyway when you're not even sleeping?!"
  3. Le_Hentaiface

    Little cuttie Maria

    She looks good, I like her
  4. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Remember this "one exact scenario with Charlie and Petra"? Here it is. After having some fun with a stranger while earning some money in the park, Charlotte went home. A rare thought occured in her mind. Enough Sex for today. Time for Emotions... Time for Love... Petra: "How was your day, dear?" Charlie: "Amazing. One guy rocked my butt over at the park. Average looking, but a fuck to remember." This is what they like to do together, when it's not sex. They like to watch porn while playing silly games for it, tell each other which actor they would fuck and which not. Oh, and of course they like to use their fingers sometimes while watching. Petra: "I need to go to bed. Trying to actually work tomorrow." Charlie: "Before you go... There is a reason on why I fucked that guy in the park... he gave me money to buy something...." Petra: "Ok, that's cool, sweet C, but you know I really need my 8 hours of sleep. Can't you show it to me tomo-..." Charlie: "I earned the money... to buy this!" Petra: "W-w-w-what?!" Charlie: "Petra Kralinsky, will you marry me?" Petra: "Of course! Yes! Yes, of course!" Petra: "But we'll do an... 'awesome' wedding party, will we?" Charlie: "You bet we'll do! The Wedding Cake will taste like mint with cream, if you know what I mean!" Some people were invited that Charlotte already knew through former adventures. Where their presence would be jealousy-triggering on other marriages, it was vital on this one. After the weding ceremony, it became slowly clear what was meant with the "Mint Cream Wedding Cake" Petra: "Are you ready, Mrs. Kralinsky?" Charlie: "Anything you want, Mrs. Kralinsky..." On this day, a saying was born along with the new level of relationship between Charlie and Petra: "It ain't a Kralinsky Party without a Sex Party."
  5. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Usually I do this type of stuff. I just thought that the Garden and showing it off would fit into the setting of Gina wanting to be a Nymph. I would try to create such stories with e.g. Charlotte or another Sim too. The problem is that I don't have many ideas for them. I have exactly one idea for one scenario with Charlotte and Petra, and the rest is mostly intentioned to be characters not overly sexual.
  6. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Sometimes I feel like I'm putting way too much thought capital into some of my posts, who are essentially just lore for porn. This is one of those posts. And it is a long one, hence the big spoiler The 32 year-old Gina (After her presidency, but before her marriage with Kabir) decided to move to a less urban landscape and realize one of her dreams: Bulding a hellenic-looking garden. Very much Ginaposting recently... I think I should try to create some stories of other sims again, should I?
  7. Le_Hentaiface

    Celeb & Pornstars, takeing requests

    I see you're drowning in requests, but can we get MissAlice94?
  8. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    With Luisa moved out, there is one empty room left in the Kyron, formerly Kyron-Basu house. After some thinking and misusing it as a storage room, Gina rented Luisa's old room to a student by the name of Alexander Cyrus Alexander: "Is this the House of a woman called 'Gina Kyron'?" Gina: "Ah, you must be Alexander. Nice to meet you, young man." Alexander: "Yes, exactly. I'm here because of the room you're renting, we wrote via E-Mail. Gina: "Yes, I remember. Please come in." Gina: "So, you said you were interested in the room because you study nearby? What exactly?" Alexander: "I started to study Psychology and Philosophy recently." Gina: "Glad to hear that! Psychology and Philosphy are two of my favorite subjects. One of my favorite thinkers is Jean-Jacques Rousseau, but I am also interested in Sigmund Freud's Theories, especially on the sex drive... How animal the human being can actually act, even if it forgets that it itself is an animal... Not really surprising considering my history, eh?" Alexander: "Yes, quite many people, including me, associate your name with certain adventures... And I have to say, looking at you even now, I can understand your success in these adventures perfectly..." Gina: "My my! Mr. Cyrus, you don't need to lie to get the room! I'm flattered, but it is obvious that I'm not a sex bomb anymore..." Alexander: "If you insist on this quite difficult to understand opinion, so be it. Anyway, let's talk about the rent..." The conversation went on for like one and a half hour. It would have been shorter, but the two couldn't cease to talk about things like human nature, the social contract or the reception of Sigmund Freud. In the end, Alexander got the room and decided to already sleep there tonight. 2 am. Gina can't sleep. Sometimes she has dreams of what she considers nightmares. In these dreams, she has pale skin and lives in a chateau together with her son Valerian. This was one of those nights where she had that dream and it woke her up. So she decided to get some coffee in order to stay awake and paint on the Balcony again. But it wouldn't take long until she found out that she wasn't the only person sleepless that night... Gina: "Alexander? Why are you...?" Alexander: "Gi-... Miss Kyron... I want you..." Gina: "Oh, boy... You really don't want to exchange body fluids with such an old woman..." Alexander: "You're wrong, Miss Kyron. Ever since I saw you back on television in a documentary when I was still Fifteen , in that orgy on the plaza... I wanted to kiss that sweet little skin of yours...Actually, you were the reason for my first boner..." Gina: "Oh, Alexander... If you want to make a retired slut feel good, I will not object..." Being old is awesome! Gina thought...
  9. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Over at the Regina Vampire Timeline... "Why does she keep me on the distance? It is obvious that she's planning something, and doesn't trust me regarding the details... but what?" "I think it's a good step to get information on how the life of this universe's Gina went on after her transformation... If she is still a vampire, where is my alternate universe counterpart? Did she still push her son away and kill Max?" While Valerian was thinking about the plans of his mistress, she already called him. "Where are we going, Mistress?" "To the house of an old friend..." "This is the Craven Family... Used to help me a lot when I was President years ago... Little Anecdote: I always respected the integrity of this family. Never touched the Mother or the Father, only their teenage son." "And what are we going to do here?" "This will be a feast... You will fuck the Daughter and the Mother, I will take care of the Son and the Father... When you're done, transform them!" Mr. Craven: "It comes as a surprise to us, Gina, that you're willing to candidate again after your... questionable first day after being in office..." Regina: "That's why I need your help, old friend. Shaking Hands and sharing a dollar here and there will sure make some people forget one or another blank piece of skin..." Mrs. Craven: "I will immediately contact my friends at the Parliament. You can be assured of our support, Gina." Regina: "Thank you, dear friend. Would you mind if my... assistant, Valerian and me, would be sleeping here tonight?" Mr. Craven: "Of course not, feel completely at home! You're almost part of the family, after all!" later that day, everyone else is in bathrooms making themselves ready to sleep... Regina: "James... Do you think I'm pretty?" Mr. Craven: "Oh, Gina, this question... Especially after that event at the plaza..." Regina: "Are you blushing, Mr. Craven?" Mr. Craven: "I... I..." Regina: "I knew it! I always felt it! The sexual pressure when you would open the door and look at me a little bit longer than your wife would! Take me, James! Take me here and now!" In the meantime, one particular family member already went to sleep. However, Elena couldn't sleep because she saw what she thought was a moth in the dark of her room when she wanted to undress... Valerian: "Elena, right?" Elena: "W...What? What's happening here?" Valerian: "Do you happen to like Twilight, Elena?" Elena: "I... um... ohhh..." Valerian: "Because you can consider me your Edward, sweetie..." "Oh Gina... I wanted to touch this sweet looking skin of yours since you fucked these people on the plaza..." Adorers, full of passion and love... Regina thinks Oh, how I despise them... It will be a pleasure making you a brainless servant... Shortly after both, Elena and James were turned into Vampires, Valerian met with his mistress... Regina: "Report." Valerian: "The soft, young skin of the daughter was delicious... She will be a good Vampire... Regina: "Excellent. The Father was completely defenseless against me. One problem: I couldn't find the boy. When you're done with the Mother, search him for me, I will wait downstairs." Sleeping tight... I think I can make it feel like it's just a nightmare for her... Regina: "You come downstairs empty-handed..." Valerian: "Mistress, I searched for him... But it seems that he already went to school!" Regina: "Are you serious, you maggot?! The one victim that would have been the easiest and most fun for me escaped?!! Argh, I will have to lure him into the mansion..." Damn it! This won't help her making me trust, but at least I know now that she has been the lover of this Teenager... The same evening, Regina got a very expected visitor... Crawford: "Oh, Gina, you... you look gorgeous! But... different..." Regina: "Yeah, I'm not feeling to well today. Might be a sickness, but I don't think it's contagious..." Crawford: "W-Why are we doing it in a coffin?" Regina: "Why not? It's exciting. I bought it extra for... fun stuff, don't worry. It didn't belong to a corpse..." The sounds make it obvious... She's having sex with him... I just don't know what makes him more qualified for that than me! Crawford: "G...Gina? A-Are you sure this isn't contagious? Because I too don't feel.... so ... well..." Regina: "Sleep tight, my little, cute servant... You will be awake for eternity afterwards..." Crawford woke up shortly after that, and gazed at Gina's arm, wordless... Regina: "Thirsty?" Regina: "Yes, taste it! Take a big sip from your new source of meaning, in life and death! The purpose of serving and loving your new master, Regina!"
  10. Shit, one fucking day late... I know you would probably be uncomforable with exceptions, but I hope it's no problem to turn in my character now? If that is not the case, I'll sure delete it and try, if there is one, next time. Full Name: Gina Mary Kyron Age: 32 years on these screenshots Height: 1.90m Occupation: Retired Politician Likes: Philosophy, History, Oral Sex Dislikes: Getting tricked, Jealousy, Vampires Favourite Colour: Purple Favourite Movie: Children of Men (2006) Favourite Song: Roxette - She's got the look Overall personality: Educated Lady in the streets, undignified Cumslut in the sheets Aspiration: Become a Bimbo Fuck Doll (Bimbo Aspirations Mod) Traits: Geek, Romantic, Genius Casual wear: Evening wear: Sports clothing: Sleepwear: Party Clothing: Swimwear: Biography: A more simple version of her is linked in my signature.
  11. Since the Gina Dancing Video got lost in the Reset of R-Lo's Thread, here is it again. Didn't want to repost it yet on the new one.

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      Wow that is very nice. Nice mods u have^^

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      Thanks, but it's mainly just Wicked Whims, plus some Custom Content from Thesimsresources

  12. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Been away for a while, like I usually do on the basis of private emotional reasons. Took me some time to upvote everything I've seen since I was gone because of the maximum amount of upvotes per day. Sorry to hear of your problems, @R-Lo, hope it gets better soon. In the meantime, I decided to turn around the whole first storyline a bit because I thought a rebellious Luisa and a single Gina would be too boring for a setting. So I skipped like 5 years forward; Gina feels quite old now, but also happy with her life. She made peace with her daughter, and after a while, she decided to move out. Gina still feels lonely sometimes, but the fact that she has a loving daughter gives her peace of mind. Sometimes she goes to the places of her youth, some bars and strip clubs, but men are rarely interested in wrinkles. This is one of the exceptions. Does this behaviour mean that she's inherently a slut? Who knows? But on the other hand, who cares? Why talk shit about an old woman? She does what she wants and has achieved everything she wanted. She was loved once and secured a legacy with her daughter.
  13. Hello, I was wondering if there is any CC related to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure In particular I'm looking for DIO's clothing from Stardust Crusaders, preferably also wearable by females:
  14. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Thanks! I'm always happy when I know people like her since she's definetely my favorite self-created Sim! I recently found a mod that extends the cas sliders for Breasts and Butt, and haven't found a good setting for all of my characters yet You can download a more... basic version of her in the Custom Sims link in my signature @R-Lo Talking about favorite Sims, I think these two blondes (of which I am sorry I don't remember the names) and this Brunette girl named Dani(...I think?) are my favorites of yours @Juliette Tango Sorry to answer so late, I didn't see your question because you didn't quote or pin me. As you may have found out by now if you've played with her, she's only been in a recent encounter. I only noticed that a while after I've uploaded her, but since this can be dealt with via a single shower, I thought this wasn't much of a deal
  15. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Part 2 of Gina's Teenage Slut Origin Story Over at the House where Don Lothario lives... Drusilla: "You love me, do you, Don?" Don: "Yes, of course." Drusilla: "Only me and the redhead, right?" Don: "You got it, sweetheart!" Don wasn't at school today... Gina thought Seems I'm gonna have to pay him a visit by myself... I just hope his douchebag friends aren't around... Don: "You two are a true treasure, without all the jealousy, you know...." Miss Caliente: "Oh, you are Don's friend... Gina, right? Are you looking for him?" Gina: "Yeah, I... have to talk to him..." Friend? Does Don rape all of his 'Friends'? Why do I care? We will probably break up in a few minutes anyway... The Girls are too busy with Don to see Gina, but he looks at her, smiling and saying "Hey, Sugar! Mind to join?" Drusilla: "Leave that bitch alone, Donnie. She's too much of a slut that she could share anyway." Gina: "Wait... WHAT? Did you just...?" Drusilla: "Damn right, you russian whore! I know that you tried to seduce Don on Saturday in the Club! And that you couldn't get enough of his dick, so you asked him to call his friends for your cum addiction!" Gina: "Oh, and you are...?" Drusilla: "Drusilla, his girlfriend. Now go and suck another dick, this one here is Lockheart property!" Gina: "Fine! If that's your version of the story, so be it. But I'm just gonna say it once: He and his friends raped me in the Club!" Drusilla: "Oh, please. Don't be ridiculous. No man would be willing to touch or even look at these Tits. Which is sad, considering you have spent money on them in such a young age! I, Drusilla Lockheart, have already conquered and broken the Hearts of countless men, with all of my body being natural!" # Gina: "They are not... Oh, now you've done it, you little....!" Gina: "Never mess with a Kyron, Bitch. Never." Angry as she was never before, she went home, not having spoken a single word to Don. But she guessed that the fronts were clear anyway now, if not before her visit... "So... People think of me as a slut... People expect of me to be a whore.... Well...." "....I always thought disappointing as few people as possible was a noble and quite common goal..." And on the way to school next day, she listened to this song, on repeat and full volume... Sociology Class with Mr. Benali... Mr. Benali: "Well, Gina. Apparently your classmates decided to pay Netflix and Fortnite more attention than Sociology..." Gina: "Mr. Benali... Do you think I'm pretty?" Mr. Benali: "Oh, Gina, y... I-I think I'm not in... Remember the lesson about social roles? I think I'm not in the social role to answer this que-" Gina: "Then, pretend you're in a different social role... Like, maybe... my boyfriend?" Without any words, but a quite uncomfortable facial expression, Mr. Benali walks up to Gina and kisses her in the lips... Mr. Benali: "You know, despite your good looks, you still need proper education, young lady!" The first break, after Sociology class... This ginger creep right there? That's Jerome Cletus. Ugliest and least attractive weirdo on the Marcus Aurelius High School, one of Drusilla's admirers, and... ...until in a few minutes, a virgin! Gina: "Hey, Jerome." Jerome: "Oh, h-h-hey, Gina...Y-You look-" Gina doesn't let him finish his sentence, but straight up kisses his lips Gina: "And what do we have here, hmm?" Jerome: "O-Oh... I... I don't know if Drusilla would like this...." Gina: "And I doubt that Drusilla would ever do this with you... Unlike me, Cutie!" Jerome: "O-o-ok... Can... Can I lick your belly?" Oh, right. He's a creep... Gina: "If that's what you want, cutie, go on!" This feeling of complete exposure still feels quite uncomfortable, but the Erotics feel fucking good! Maybe we should retreat a little bit... Gina: "Jerome, do you like Disney Songs? My favorite is 'I'll make a man out of you'..." Not that Drusilla is actually thinking about fucking her admirers... But I wanna see her reaction once she realises that the most desperate Nerd in school doesn't want her anymore!