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    I like to download Mods from here and upload sexy Screenshots. Sometimes I upload Custom Sims.

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  1. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Thanks! I'm always happy when I know people like her since she's definetely my favorite self-created Sim! I recently found a mod that extends the cas sliders for Breasts and Butt, and haven't found a good setting for all of my characters yet You can download a more... basic version of her in the Custom Sims link in my signature @R-Lo Talking about favorite Sims, I think these two blondes (of which I am sorry I don't remember the names) and this Brunette girl named Dani(...I think?) are my favorites of yours @Juliette Tango Sorry to answer so late, I didn't see your question because you didn't quote or pin me. As you may have found out by now if you've played with her, she's only been in a recent encounter. I only noticed that a while after I've uploaded her, but since this can be dealt with via a single shower, I thought this wasn't much of a deal
  2. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Part 2 of Gina's Teenage Slut Origin Story Over at the House where Don Lothario lives... Drusilla: "You love me, do you, Don?" Don: "Yes, of course." Drusilla: "Only me and the redhead, right?" Don: "You got it, sweetheart!" Don wasn't at school today... Gina thought Seems I'm gonna have to pay him a visit by myself... I just hope his douchebag friends aren't around... Don: "You two are a true treasure, without all the jealousy, you know...." Miss Caliente: "Oh, you are Don's friend... Gina, right? Are you looking for him?" Gina: "Yeah, I... have to talk to him..." Friend? Does Don rape all of his 'Friends'? Why do I care? We will probably break up in a few minutes anyway... The Girls are too busy with Don to see Gina, but he looks at her, smiling and saying "Hey, Sugar! Mind to join?" Drusilla: "Leave that bitch alone, Donnie. She's too much of a slut that she could share anyway." Gina: "Wait... WHAT? Did you just...?" Drusilla: "Damn right, you russian whore! I know that you tried to seduce Don on Saturday in the Club! And that you couldn't get enough of his dick, so you asked him to call his friends for your cum addiction!" Gina: "Oh, and you are...?" Drusilla: "Drusilla, his girlfriend. Now go and suck another dick, this one here is Lockheart property!" Gina: "Fine! If that's your version of the story, so be it. But I'm just gonna say it once: He and his friends raped me in the Club!" Drusilla: "Oh, please. Don't be ridiculous. No man would be willing to touch or even look at these Tits. Which is sad, considering you have spent money on them in such a young age! I, Drusilla Lockheart, have already conquered and broken the Hearts of countless men, with all of my body being natural!" # Gina: "They are not... Oh, now you've done it, you little....!" Gina: "Never mess with a Kyron, Bitch. Never." Angry as she was never before, she went home, not having spoken a single word to Don. But she guessed that the fronts were clear anyway now, if not before her visit... "So... People think of me as a slut... People expect of me to be a whore.... Well...." "....I always thought disappointing as few people as possible was a noble and quite common goal..." And on the way to school next day, she listened to this song, on repeat and full volume... Sociology Class with Mr. Benali... Mr. Benali: "Well, Gina. Apparently your classmates decided to pay Netflix and Fortnite more attention than Sociology..." Gina: "Mr. Benali... Do you think I'm pretty?" Mr. Benali: "Oh, Gina, y... I-I think I'm not in... Remember the lesson about social roles? I think I'm not in the social role to answer this que-" Gina: "Then, pretend you're in a different social role... Like, maybe... my boyfriend?" Without any words, but a quite uncomfortable facial expression, Mr. Benali walks up to Gina and kisses her in the lips... Mr. Benali: "You know, despite your good looks, you still need proper education, young lady!" The first break, after Sociology class... This ginger creep right there? That's Jerome Cletus. Ugliest and least attractive weirdo on the Marcus Aurelius High School, one of Drusilla's admirers, and... ...until in a few minutes, a virgin! Gina: "Hey, Jerome." Jerome: "Oh, h-h-hey, Gina...Y-You look-" Gina doesn't let him finish his sentence, but straight up kisses his lips Gina: "And what do we have here, hmm?" Jerome: "O-Oh... I... I don't know if Drusilla would like this...." Gina: "And I doubt that Drusilla would ever do this with you... Unlike me, Cutie!" Jerome: "O-o-ok... Can... Can I lick your belly?" Oh, right. He's a creep... Gina: "If that's what you want, cutie, go on!" This feeling of complete exposure still feels quite uncomfortable, but the Erotics feel fucking good! Maybe we should retreat a little bit... Gina: "Jerome, do you like Disney Songs? My favorite is 'I'll make a man out of you'..." Not that Drusilla is actually thinking about fucking her admirers... But I wanna see her reaction once she realises that the most desperate Nerd in school doesn't want her anymore!
  3. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Pay attention, Gina Fans (which I could probably count on half a hand), because this here is part of the story on how she became a slut in her teenage years... It started as a casual date in the local club J: "Oh, this is her, Don? *wheezes* Sure has a nice butt..." Joaquin: "Let me touch her too!" Gina: "D-Don... Who are these people?" Don: "Just friends, Gina. Don't worry. Just kneel down and relax... Right... just like this... Mouth open!" Gina: "I think I do- *retches*" J: "Strip her off, I want to see these huge tiddies!" After the Climax, all three left her alone wordless, but laughing. That alone is rude, but she couldn't find her clothes anymore! ...so she ran completely naked and covered in cum. Through the nightlife district. Past midnight... A Man came up to her and stood in her way "Hey, hey, little Princess. Lost your way, so late in the night?" Gina: "Sorry, I really have to go h-" "Go home? No, you don't have to go home now. You have to jerk me off like a little, desparate hooker..." "Wasn't that fun, little Cum Princess? Now fuck off, before anyone of my friends see me here..." "What a horrible night..." she thought "Monday in School, I will openly expose Don and his friends as rapists!"
  4. Le_Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Glad to see you're back with this! I've been collecting some stuff over the time, but nothing too deep. I thought about how Gina's youth as a teenager would look like Gina with her parents (I know her mother on the right looks very similar to her, but she was actually randomized) As you can see, no sexy clothing at all. Teenage Gina has been a kinda shy introvert. So, when visiting the local club, she just sits alone in the corner while everyone else is dancing. Oh my god she thought Is that Don Lothario? Is he coming towards me? Does he want to dance with me? "You're Gina, right? I'm Don. Wanna dance?" Naturally, it became something little more than just dancing. Although Don didn't go home with her, or vice versa, that didn't prevent her from imagining it On the weekend, Don agreed to go out on a date with Gina "Don't you... want to play it a little naughty here?" "Don, I really don't know if I like this..." They didn't talk about that... accident later. However, on the next weekend, Don finally visited Gina at her parents home.
  5. Le_Hentaiface

    what's your sim storyline?

    I have several stories for my sims, but my favorite one is definetely Gina Kyron, which is supposed to be a female Turboslut version of myself. And, well, she's switching in life between being a slut and searching for actual love. Before I started uploading stuff, she was already about to marry her boyfriend, but the Marriage was cancelled after she fucked his brother on the Wedding. She was also the President of her (fictional) Country and to maintain her slutty lifestyle, she once was forced to marry a vampire who, in return, turned her into a Vampire aswell so she can make her Vampire Form an Alter Ego to slut around. The Vampire's daughter eventually killed him and made a potion for Gina to turn back into normal, but that caused some amnesia from the time where she was a Vampire, so she didn't remember that she gave birth to a son. Gina seducing the neighbour's boy Gina leaving her office as a President... While making sure she's remembered Eventually, she marries a guy and gives birth to a daughter named Luisa, after a Girl she once wanted to marry After that, stuff evolves to become funny and kinda fantastic: She joins a Women's Club where everyone is having affairs outside of their Marriage. Turns out she was tricked and the leader of that Club was the Wife of the Son she gave birth to when she was married with that Vampire. He holds her hostage and plans to revive his father while blaming his death on her. Eventually, she gets rescued by an old friend of the Vampire's Daughter, but the whole incident ruins her marriage because she didn't tell her husband that she was already married once. Her son escapes to an alternate dimension where she never got cured of vampirism and becomes her apprentice. There, she treats him like shit and basically acts like a domina, makes him lick her feet and stuff like that. The most mean thing she did to him was when he was watching porn, she teleported inside the room, naked, and started masturbating, all while one simple rule of the house is that he is not allowed to kiss or fuck her.
  6. That's it, I'm quitting Loverslab stuff and everything similar to it now. I am fully focusing on finally starting to work on a local movement for celibacy, anti-masturbation and anti-pornography. This also leaves some free time to grow and take care of my Octopus-Hamster-Hybrids. I have already teached them to quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "Faust, der Tragödie erster Teil" in crimean gothic.



    1. R-Lo


      Woah! Where's this coming from??

      You're joining a convent? With a genetic research facility??


      Jokes aside, I hope that you're ok, whatever the motivation for your decision,

      Wish you all the best and hope you pop back in someday,

      Will miss the stories! x

    2. Le_Hentaiface


      Don't worry :smiley: It's just April Fools, everything is alright. Just haven't been posting lately because I've kinda run out of ideas. I also have to think about how to end Gina's storyline (for now) while still keeping some sexual content in the post

    3. R-Lo


      Oho! You got me!:banana: :classic_blush:glad to hear it!

      Looking forward to that! :classic_biggrin:

  7. Le_Hentaiface

    Skyrim Lassy 2

    Nevermind, I have already found something that looks like this
  8. Le_Hentaiface

    Skyrim Lassy 2

    That shiny skin looks absolutely beautful, where did you get it?
  9. I agree on this. In the rest of the game, the Sims language might sound funny and creative, but when a Girl gets pounded in her ass, "Chuuuub, Chuuuub" doesn't sound exactly sound erotic.
  10. Le_Hentaiface

    The Sims 4 Mod Request Thread

    I would like to see a mod, let's call it "Dirty Deeds" or something like that, to leave stains of cum on furniture or the ground whenever you're climaxing. If it works with the Sims' Bodies it shouldn't be too far fetched to do the same on e.g. Ottomans, Beds or the Floor.
  11. WOW! That's a fucking gold mine for skimpy clothing! Thank you!
  12. As I like to browse through The Sims Resources, I'm regularly looking for new Clothing for my Characters. Recently I've asked myself if there are any Clothing Mods that contain an exposed Sideboob. Does anyone have a link for something that looks like this, for example?
  13. Le_Hentaiface

    Demonstration Project

    If that's the case, everything I can say is... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67h8GyNgEmA
  14. Le_Hentaiface

    Demonstration Project

    Looks like a good concept with astonishing looks. A little more customization (e.g. other Hair) could be nice, but I really hope this will become a "full" game in the future. Do you intend to give it a story or just make it a sandbox playground?
  15. Le_Hentaiface

    Le_Hentaiface's (kinda) regular Sims 4 Sexy Screens

    Ah, nevermind. It was another mod, to be precise this. It adds a new item to buy, just look for the "custom" filter in the furniture menu. Be aware that it hasn't been updated for a while and probably still has bugs. Just look for the instructions on the mod's site to install it with the least possible problems. Hope I could help you.