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    I like to download Mods from here and upload sexy Screenshots. Sometimes I upload Custom Sims.

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  1. R-lo's Photography Corner

    "Is something wrong, Malcolm? You didn't seem as concentraded as usual..." "It's kinda complicated, Charlie. You know, you're hot as fuck and I love the sex with you, but.. You know, I have found someone..." "That's totally fine." "We can still meet, but... If I start something with her her brother would probably kill me, that fucking bully." "Don't worry. I can take care of him." "Really?! You would do that?!?" "Yeah, sure. Just tell me his name." "Leave my sister to that Landgraab prick? Are you serious?! He's a loser and a douchebag!" "Trust me, he really wants her." "Wait a second... you're that lover bitch Malcolm keeps talking about, aren't you?" "Well, yeah, but..." "Of course I wouldn't allow a cheater to date my sister, but... Maybe we can reach an agreement..." "Why the sudden change of heart?" "You know, Malcolm has been posing how much sex he's having in front of the guys, and if I get to fuck his bitch, he's not so special anymore. Deal?" ----------------- I'm not sure if this was what Alexandra's boss meant when he said to "treat" the patient... Since it isn't likely that I will be posting until January again, I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!
  2. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Nothing to see here, just a normal family... ...or is it? "Remember which types of fun we had down here before Luisa was born?" "Mind If I join you, dear?" "Thinking about it, we should really get rid of all that funny stuff before Luisa gets bored and goes down here..." Speaking of Luisa, she's trying new clothes in her room... "I wonder if Mom ever did this... Eh, probably not. She has no Sexappeal at all." In that night, Luisa couldn't sleep. It was probably because of this happening one floor above her: This is when she decided to go for a walk and follow that map. She found a strange tree... With an opening in it. Behind that opening, she found a strange building... "An urn... I wonder who's in this... Hmm. It reads 'Max Erhler'" When she touched it, someone suddenly spoke to her. She turned around to see a ghost in the water! "Well, if that isn't a good-looking, young girl. Hello there." "Who are you?" "My name is Max. Max Erhler. What's your's, sweetheart?" "I'm Luisa." "Luisa... I once had a daughter called Luisa. Say, you do not know someone called Gina, do you?" "She's my mother. Why do you ask?" "Oh, we're old friends." (Just a story i'm trying to start. It will probably continue in 2018)
  3. Must-have DLC?

    Okay, I bought it now. Thought twice, there isn't really some other game that I could have wanted. EDIT: Lmao, one of the first stores I entered contained a Drug Dealer as a cashier from the Basemental Drugs Mod
  4. Must-have DLC?

    I've read somewhere on Google that it hasn't been updated for two years
  5. Must-have DLC?

    "Yay, Origin Sale!" I thought when I saw that the Sims 4's DLC Prices are lowered. I thought the "Get to Work" DLC would include the possibility of playing in a school, but when I look at its screenshots, this doesn't seem to be the case. Now I am undecided if I should still buy it. On the other hand, are there other Must-Have DLCs for Sims 4? I already own the Big City and Vampires DLC, so should I buy "Get to Work" or something else?
  6. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Introducing a new Character: Alexandra Tyrone! She's new in town, and although she does like to have fun with her boyfriend, Dancing fits her more... "Enough stupid dancing, you bitch. Now take my cock already!" "Now move your ass upstairs, bitch. I don't want to be watched when I'm going to destroy your puny little ass!"
  7. Me in every Game with LL Mods:




    The reason why I rarely play Skyrim anymore. And why I haven't figured out a nice roleplay for FNV.

  8. What do you do in the Sims 4?

    I'm playing several timelines. The original timeline was created when the game was unmodded. Typical stuff went on, I created myself, created a woman of my dreams for my character, we married, had two children etc. etc. At some point, when I started modding the game, I realized that Timeline 1 became pretty boring. My character and my wife grew pretty old. However, I played an Alien Family in the Neighbourhood, so my characters started to ask them if they could re-wind time to when they were younger. From then on, crazy stuff happened. I've created a timeline where my character is married to an old school love, but is cheating on her with his wife from Timeline 1. This ended in a timeline where my character actually owns a mansion with several female servants in it. Everyone has sex with him, but he still treats his wife from Timeline 1 better than the others. Another timeline would be easily described as "Gender Bender"; Every Male in Timeline 1 is now a female and vice versa. This is also a timeline where female me became a vampire/succubus for some time, fucking people and then drinking their blood. Then I created a fourth timeline which is actually what the characters wanted - a timeline where they are teenagers again! Timeline 5 can't be described easily. My dream girl has a slutty version here (seen in my current profile pic, 12/07/2017) and is living with her best friend in a nice little street. They act like real thots, but are also in love with each other. I even downloaded The Flash Costumes for this timeline stuff. One save is a changed version of Timeline 2, where "Good Guy Me" tries to fix the timeline by manipulating the Alien's technology. He does so because he seduces the Daughter of the Alien Queen who tells him how the Time Machine is working. tl;dr: I like to create entertaining and weird stories that have only slightly better plot than your average porn.
  9. R-lo's Photography Corner

    So, some while ago, Gina found a new "Friend"... And she grew a little bit attached to him. She started to call him a little more often than her other "Friends". And some day, they began talking. Not about sex, but about some other things; Politics, Movies, Interests. Stuff that you normally don't talk about with a fuckfriend... ...However, one thing led to another... On the Wedding Night, Gina pleased her new Husband when she invited an old friend of hers... See that climax? ...Yeah, as I said. One thing led to another... So... PSA: Gina's a Milf now
  10. R-lo's Photography Corner

    Nice Scenes, I like your Character! Kinda reminds me of my celeb crush Zooey Deschanel
  11. Aborting, actor is invalid, code: 1

    @Neutron_rus Ok, good news and bad news, Good news is the animations are starting now after I've kicked everything that looks slightly like "nvse" out of the Game folder and reinstalled the most recent version. Bad news is - My character's body is just hands and a head when the scene starts. This mod is slowly draining my sanity, I can feel it... EDIT: Forget that, it's working now. For some godforsaken reason the Game forgot that I've installed manual male bodies, and Sexout Bodies fixed the issue. Sorry for wasting your time.
  12. Aborting, actor is invalid, code: 1

    @Neutron_rus Didn't work both Seems like Fallout New Vegas has seen what I've done to Skyrim and Sims 4 and doesn't want to be modded But thanks for trying to help
  13. Aborting, actor is invalid, code: 1

    @Neutron_rus Oh, I'm sorry. Must've automatically ignored them. This time it worked. Here's the content of the .txt-File: SetConsoleOutputFilename >> 'Debug.txt' Debug mode enabled You should see this debug message Sexout Legacy Begin (2015-11-23): Started for Reed Collins (00000014) Converting SexoutNG Quest Call SexoutActRunFull (v2016-02-13) Called by: 0B0C1A3D ** Dumping Array #9 ** Refs: 2 Owner 0B: Sexout.esm [ actorA ] : Reed Collins (00000014) [ actorB ] : Receptionist (00127954) [ CBDialogB ] : SexMvFAfterAnalGet (180024DE) [ isAnal ] : 1.000000 SexoutActRunFull: Aborting, Reed Collins is not the the uGrid! SexoutActRunFull: Aborting, actor is invalid, code: 1 Not different at all to what I've written before. But to care about that position thing, here's how we were standing before I started talking to her. As you can see, they are standing pretty close to each other and are probably on the same height. ScreenShot0.bmp And here's the Debug.txt itself, maybe you can read more in it than I could... Debug.txt
  14. Aborting, actor is invalid, code: 1

    @Neutron_rus Huh, weird. Seems like the game fails to create a debug.txt file. This is what I've found in the ingame console right after I typed SCOF Debug.txt: SCOF Debug.txt SCRIPTS: Script 'SysWindowCompileAndRun', line 1: Syntax Error. Reference not allowed in this context. SCRIPTS: Script 'SysWindowCompileAndRun', line 1: Missing parameter String. Compiled script not saved! And this is what happened when I enabled the Debug option in Sexout Settings: Debug mode enabled You should see this debug message And what happened when I tried to talk the Gomorrha Receptionist into Sex (via Sexout Tryout I think): GetVATSValue 6,15 -> 0.00 GetVATSValue 6,15 -> 0.00 Sexout Legacy Begin (2015-11-23): Started for Reed Collins (My Character's name) (00000014) Converting SexoutNG Quest Call SexoutActRunFull (v2016-02-13) Called by: 0B0C1A3D ** Dumping Array #6 ** Refs: 2 Owner 0B: Sexout.esm [ actorA ] : Reed Collins (00000014) [ actorB ] : Receptionist (00127954) [ CBDialogB ] : SexMvFAfterAnalGet (180024DE) [ isAnal ] : 1.000000 SexoutActRunFull: Aborting, Reed Collins is not the the Ugrid! SexoutActRunFull: Aborting, actor is invalid, code: 1 Does something of this help you to help me?