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  1. There's three bodies total. I think there's a piece of machinery with a powder ganger corpse in front of it. There's usually some Deathclaws around there too. I think the body you're missing is a bit to the right of the machinery (facing the machinery with Sloan at your back). Hope that helps (and even better manages to be accurate XD )
  2. Getting an infinite black screen trying to load into old mormon fort. possibly tied to dr. wolfe for some reason? all i know is the game also freaks out and freezes when I try to move dr wolfe to my character anywhere else. Load order:
  3. Yay! The new .esp works splendidly. Can't wait to get to poking around the new contents. Thank you muchly! ^_^
  4. Whatever is causing the issue, it seems to be with Breeder. When I have breeder deactivated the game starts up perfectly fine. when I have only breeder (and its requirements) active it freezes up/crashes with no start menu. btw this makes a very sad bunny indeed. breeder is one of my fave mods.
  5. Having a similar problem but I don't see any breeder data file listed with the other files. Is it hiding somewhere or am I just blind (a possibility i'm open too XD )
  6. AkiKay: try adding a spore through the console command. xx026c41 (xx being the load order of Sexout Offspring I think?) This should let the dialogue fire with lily when she comes in. Goatse: I think Mathias is supposed to start a speech (if I'm thinking of the right quest). try the following console commands. (xx being the load order of fertile breeder-captured) setobjectivecompleted xx007384 120 1 setobjectivedisplayed xx007384 130 1 setstage xx007384 130 then select Mathias with the console command open and use EVP Hopefully that will get his speech to fire and progress the quest.
  7. squeeee!!!!! zermehgerd I am so happy right now. thanks for the awesome update neutron!
  8. I don't think there's a way of getting the big horner mutation. I don't even recall seeing it in the GECK.
  9. if that doesn't work to get paula back to you try this, it seems to be effective when a simple moveto player doesn't seem to work.: Prid xx00526e Disable Enable Kill Resurrect Moveto Player EVP *credit to Neutron_rus for pointing this out in another thread
  10. thank you neutron that worked perfectly! and never tried CASM but have it loaded up now. Thanks for the tip hopefully it will save me some headaches.
  11. Deathclaw stuff seems to be working pretty well. Though Miranda did do a disappearing act after the Riverside part was completed. Couldn't move to her or move her to me with commands just went to inside the sherrif's house with no miranda in sight when I tried player.moveto.
  12. On the down side Lucan is not launching into his dialogue after you have happy fun times with the deathclaw. I poked around in geck but didn't see any likely candidates for the startconversation command.
  13. I used the hot fix listed on page 13 and was able to progress through Garden of Babylon normally. The opening dialogue fired off just as it should have. I had to use the console command to add a spore pod for first turn in, cause I didn't get preggers during the blackout scene. And also for some reason at the endpoint of GoB quest Basil just turned into a green glowing version of himself so I had to use the console and hit him with the disable command.
  14. enjoyed the story for the caville episode. I did manage to finish it up (the non-ncr path cause) with the help of some heavy console wizardry. The idea behind the episode was extremely up my alley. That being said I do look forward to it getting cleaned up. I would love getting to play through this episode as intended without the console hijinx.
  15. I seem to be stuck in the caville episode.
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